Resolution of Shiprocket Freight Bill Issues

Shiprocket Freight Bill issues

We, at Shiprocket, strive continuously to find solutions of the issues faced by our customers regularly. We wish to improve our processes and introduce new features that aid in the resolution of these shipping dilemmas.

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To End Shipment Weight Issues, Shiprocket Brings In Applied Weight Concept

Shiprocket Brings In Applied Weight Concept

Since the time we have introduced Shiprocket, there have been a lot of shipment weight issues faced by our clients. We have found that many users are unable to upload the accurate weight of their shipments. Due to this, there have been huge discrepancies between the actual weight and the weight applied by the courier companies. This creates issues during the final billing and causes inconvenience to our customers as well as us.

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How To Reduce Shipping Costs With Shiprocket?

With the ever-increasing and unforgiving competition in the e-commerce business, there is certainly a huge tiff among them to provide the best shopping experience to its users. Today, users have a large number of options to choose for a single product. This makes it extremely necessary for any e-commerce business to offer something unique and monetarily beneficial for the users. Among many factors that are responsible for a successful and profitable online business are reduce shipping costs.

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Amazon Sellers: Frequently Asked Questions for KartRocket

FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS for Amazon Sellers on KartRocket

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How Does Shiprocket Work?

Shiprocket, as everyone presumes, is not just a post-order fulfillment management system, it comes into action even before the customer checks out and supports until the order finally gets delivered. Follow our sequence of events that would help understand the functionality and the services of Shiprocket.

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