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Cheapest Courier Services in Delhi for Your eCommerce Business


Mayank Nailwal

Content Marketing Specialist @ Shiprocket

January 9, 2020

6 min read

People of all ages adore shopping online as they find happiness and comfort in making online purchases rather than buying from physical shopping stores. eCommerce is witnessing unprecedented growth all around the globe. India, in particular, has become a hub of eCommerce, leveraging the logistics industry and, likewise, the thousands of shipping service providers.

Cheap Courier Services in Delhi eCommerce

If you’re an eCommerce seller trying to save money on shipping costs, this blog is for you! Discover the top ten affordable courier services in Delhi that ensure timely and safe deliveries for your orders without cutting into your profits. Keep reading to find the best options for your business.

Top 10 Budget-friendly Courier Partners in Delhi


If you want to find the best deals from various affordable courier services in one spot, Shiprocket is the go-to choice. They’ve teamed up with 25+ courier partners, including big names like FedEx and Delhivery. With most top courier services available, you’re guaranteed to discover a trustworthy and reasonably priced courier partner. Shiprocket offers an automated shipping solution for a smooth shipping experience, letting you concentrate on your business. It’s easy to sync orders from all your channels and ship them worldwide using one platform.


The most preferred courier company in Delhi, DTDC, has been in the shipping business since 1990. As an Indian-originated courier company, DTDC has its wings spread across the world. While it is not necessarily an adequate courier partner for every business, it covers a significant chunk of the nation with reliable courier services and comparatively affordable rates. 

Blue Dart

The next big name in Delhi concerning courier services is Blue Dart.  Having its headquarters in Mumbai, Blue Dart is popular amongst the end customers and has a good reputation in shipping and logistics operations. While the customers’ satisfaction rate is pretty extraordinary, the prices may not appeal to every eCommerce seller. There is an option to bargain, but as quality comes at a cost, the services are relatively high-priced.


Next on the list is Delhivery. It is one of the best courier partners in the league that aims at maximum order fulfillment. Its Express delivery assures same-day, next-day, or on-demand deliveries at competitive prices. After starting operations in Delhi and Mumbai, Delhivery has expanded nationwide and international logistics with the notable addition of reverse logistics.


Another top-rated courier partner, FedEx, has robust goodwill among eCommerce sellers in Delhi for their reliable shipping services and reasonably competitive prices. There is nothing particularly negative about FedEx except they do not cover a wide area of delivery in the region. Their services are excellent and comparatively cheap, but for extensive coverage of the pin codes, you may opt for Blue Dart or Shiprocket.

First Flight

While not the most popular or reliable courier partner, First flight Courier has cemented its reputation in Delhi. Suppose you are an eCommerce seller most concerned about prices and want tremendous pin-code coverage, irrespective of the inconsistency in timely-order deliveries. In that case, First Flight may be the right courier partner for you.

Ecom Express

As a newbie in the shipping industry, Ecom Express has shown significant potential in its quality of service and response time. They offer affordable rates for all sections of sellers and are mainly reliable. If you don’t bother choosing a less experienced shipping partner instead of others on the list, Ecom Express is a great option.



Specialising in hyperlocal and last-mile deliveries, Shadowfax is known for its cost-effective solutions. It’s a reliable choice for businesses operating in Delhi, offering affordable and efficient services.



DHL is a well-known name, even if you’re not into eCommerce or logistics. If you’re looking for wide coverage but higher prices, DHL is a top courier choice. However, in Delhi, sellers are more familiar with Blue Dart, DTDC, and Shiprocket. Since Shiprocket is linked with DHL, it brings you reliable courier services in its way.

e acquainted more with Blue Dart, DTDC, and Shiprocket. Considering DHL is associated with Shiprocket, this reliable courier partner provides seamless courier services in one way or another.

India Post Service

Last but not least, India Post Service beats every other courier company due to its mammoth experience and expertise in providing relatively timely order deliveries even in the remotest of the location. If you are a budding eCommerce seller with a limited amount of monthly shipments, India Post Service will get the job done for you.

Final Takeaway!

Choosing the right courier partner is a strategic decision that can significantly impact your business operations. Whether you’re a small business or a growing eCommerce venture, exploring these budget-friendly courier options in Delhi can help you optimise costs while ensuring efficient and reliable deliveries.

Do these courier companies offer discounted rates?

Courier companies have different rates depending on the pickup and delivery pin code and mode of communication. Courier aggregators like Shiprocket offer discounted shipping rates.

Do these courier providers offer express shipping?

Yes. Most of these courier services in Delhi provide express shipping for eCommerce.

Will I be able to send my customers their order tracking details if I ship with these couriers?

Yes. These carriers do offer an order tracking facility.

What can I send using domestic courier services in Delhi?

You can send documents, electronic items, food & beverage, cargo, apparel, medical equipment & other items using domestic courier services in Delhi.

What services will I get from domestic courier services in Delhi?

You can avail of services like same/next day delivery, express shipping, reverse pickups, intercity delivery, interstate delivery, speed post and other services.

How much do domestic courier services in Delhi cost?

The expense of domestic courier service will differ depending on different factors such as the weight of the parcel, the distance and the delivery speed. 

Are there any reliable domestic courier services in Delhi?

Yes, there are various reliable domestic courier services in Delhi. They will take care of your packages and offer lower-cost delivery.

Will domestic courier companies deliver my parcel on time? 

Yes, many domestic courier service providers offer on-time delivery and express delivery options.

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5 thoughts on “Cheapest Courier Services in Delhi for Your eCommerce Business

  1. we are comming up with our new e-commerce portal for women clothing for that we need courier company to associate so please call
    rohit kapur

  2. In this blog, you have learned about many Courier Services companies in Delhi. Good to read the blog, it makes easy for you to hire a transport company! You can also hire Hello Transporters Pvt. Ltd for Logistic Services in Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon…

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