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Top 2024 eCommerce Events in India

sahil bajaj

Sahil Bajaj

Senior Specialist - Marketing @ Shiprocket

July 4, 2024

9 min read

India’s retail market will hit a whopping USD 2 trillion by 2032 and eCommerce is booming, too. With the rising online shopping trend, the eCommerce industry presents a massive potential and innumerable opportunities. Are you looking to expand your eCommerce knowledge and network? Attending eCommerce events would surely help!

These events are industry-specific gatherings bringing together entrepreneurs, professionals and industry experts from the eCommerce sector. They give you a platform for discussing industry trends, networking with peers and sharing knowledge.

Anyone involved in online retail can gain from these eCommerce events. These conferences mostly feature workshops, keynote presentations, panel discussions and exhibitions. These eCommerce conferences make connecting with eCommerce and marketing professionals easy through tailored networking tools.

But which eCommerce events should you attend? Here’s a list of some top events and why you should attend them.

eCommerce Events in India

Significance of eCommerce Events for Industry Professionals

Ecommerce events are pretty big deals in the digital business world. Imagine a place where you could have all this: 

  • Networking Space: You’ve got everyone from newbies to big shots in one room in such events, swapping ideas and making connections. You might just meet your next business partner or stumble upon your next big idea among the talks, workshops and after-hours mingling, which helps you build relationships to take your business to the next level.
  • Collaboration: You get to collaborate with other businesses by having discussions, participating in collaborative sessions and conducting networking activities. It helps you expand your network, find potential partners and explore joint ventures.
  • Product Showcasing: These events are a perfect platform for businesses to showcase their products to a specific audience. You could set up booths or virtual displays to demonstrate the features and benefits of your offerings, which could get you leads or even sales.
  • Funding Opportunities: You’ll usually find many investors and venture capitalists at such conferences, looking for the next big thing. If you are an eCommerce enthusiast, you can pitch your ideas, business models and products and maybe even score some funding and raise capital for business growth and expansion at eCommerce events.
  • Market Insights: These eCommerce events are like a crystal ball for your business. You see industry gurus spilling the beans on the latest trends in the industry, what makes shoppers tick and the emerging technologies. This kind of insider information could give you a serious edge in the market.
  • Educational Wealth: Attendees often stumble upon educational resources, like workshops, seminars and training sessions at eCommerce events. These events are great for learning. You can pick up new skills, get the scoop on the latest industry best practices and learn about new technological advancements.

Top eCommerce Events in India in 2024 

If you’re wondering about the best eCommerce events in the country to attend, here’s a list:

Shiprocket SHIVIR 2024

Shiprocket SHIVIR 2024 is where you experience transformative learning, meaningful collaborations and breakthrough innovations.

This invite-only eCommerce event has 100+ speakers, 50+ sessions, 2,000+ attendees and 600+ brands aiming to unite small-scale businesses, emerging startups, large enterprises and well-known brands in the eCommerce space.

Why is it a must-attend eCommerce event?

At Shiprocket SHIVIR 2024, you get the opportunity to connect with ambitious entrepreneurs, industry leaders, disruptive innovators and influential policymakers. A few other compelling reasons include: 

  • Discover the latest trends and explore the newest technologies at the live experience centres.
  • Get invaluable insights from industry experts to stay updated and prepare your business for a brighter future.
  • Engage in thought-provoking keynotes, insightful panel discussions, and candid fireside chats.
  • Immerse in exclusive masterclasses to brush up on your skills at extensive workshops displaying next-gen technologies and AI.
  • Discover the future of eCommerce firsthand with cutting-edge technology innovations at our interactive experience centres.
  • Make meaningful connections as you build relationships with driven entrepreneurs and innovative minds.
  • Get a chance to receive recognition and prestigious accolades while you showcase your brand at the highly coveted award ceremony.

Event Date: 26 July 2024

Event Venue: Pullman, Aerocity, New Delhi

Ecommerce and Digital Natives Summit 2024

The eCommerce and Digital Native Conference is where you dive into the future of online shopping. It features cutting-edge tech, game-changing strategies and a room full of industry leaders, entrepreneurs and creative minds shaping the retail world.

This eCommerce event brings together over 150 speakers and 600 delegates for two days of non-stop networking and exchanging ideas.

Why join this eCommerce event?

  • Dynamic Networking: Two days of strategic networking opportunities
  • Hands-on Workshops: Practical skills for immediate implementation
  • Inspiring Keynote Speakers: Renowned speakers to motivate and empower
  • Cutting-edge Insights: Stay ahead with expert insights and trends
  • Extensive Exhibitor Showcase: Latest products and solutions on display
  • Tailored Content Tracks: Diverse sessions covering eCommerce, D2C and more
  • Thought Leadership Recognition: Opportunities to showcase expertise

Event Date: 4-5 September 2024 

Event Venue: Conrad, Bengaluru

Franchise India Signature Edition

Meet over 500 franchisors from diverse industries, network with over 40,000 verified buyers and get insights from the startup community. Whether you’re looking to buy into a franchise or you’re a brand hunting for new partners, this eCommerce event has it all.

This 2024 event mainly focuses on getting top brands and business investors to collaborate, build advanced business relationships and gain new business insights.

Why attend this eCommerce event? 

  • You get access to the thought leadership of over 300 Indian and 100 global brands
  • 250 speakers will share their insights and knowledge
  • Meet well-known exhibitors like VLCC, Siyaram’s and more

Event Date: 30 Nov-1 Dec 2024

Event Venue: Jio Convention Centre, Mumbai

InfoComm India

InfoComm India has been a hot spot for tech-savvy businesses since 2013. It’s an eCommerce event for anyone looking for pro-AV solutions to jazz up their operations.

It reported over 12,000 visitors checking out cutting-edge technology from more than 190 companies last year.

Why attend this eCommerce event?

  • You get to view the latest AV and Integrated Experience solutions
  • Global experts share their knowledge about challenges and solutions

Event Date: 3-5 September 2024

Event Venue: JIO World Convention Centre, Mumbai 

India Omnichannel Forum (IOF)

Listen to wise words from over 200 speakers, thought leaders and industry experts as they share their opinions and insights at this eCommerce event.

Co-located with MAPIC India, India Innovation Forum is the premier annual eCommerce event to showcase the future of retail Digitech solutions to a diversified audience.

With IOF 2024, the dynamic event now has its 7th edition coming up. It draws in several powerful buyers and solution providers. 

Why go to the IOF 2024?

  • Get masterclasses with team huddle sessions and live case studies 
  • 30 back-to-back sessions chaired by 200+ speakers, including retail visionaries, await you at this event.

Event Date: 18-19 Sept 2024 

Event Venue: JIO World Convention Centre, Mumbai 

DigiMarcon India 

DigiMarcon is the world’s largest Digital Marketing, Media and Advertising Conference Series, with 40 annual events across 18 countries.

Mark your calendars for one of the popular eCommerce events that brings you a 2-day in-person or online event focusing on digital marketing best practices, practical solutions, latest trends, strategy and networking. 

You can also check out the next-gen technology and innovation; Internet, AdTech, Mobile, MarTech and SaaS Technology. Participate in DigiMarCon India 2024 to discover ways to thrive and succeed as a marketer in the digital world.  

Why attend it?

  • Experience top keynotes, strategy sessions, case studies, networking and more.
  • Hear from highly influential and thought-provoking speakers in the media, digital marketing and advertising industry.
  • Leave with insights covering emerging strategies, new innovative technologies and best practices for your business’s growth.
  • Network, build sound relationships and collaborate with thought leaders and peers.

Event Date: 25-26 Sept 2024 

Event Venue: The Westin Gurgaon New Delhi Hotel

Inc42’s D2C and Modern Retail Conclave

This D2C Summit is India’s premier conference working to shape India’s D2C and Modern Retail revolution in India.

After four successful editions, the D2C Summit 2024 now goes physical, focusing on Decoding The Playbook to form a 1000 Cr. Modern Retail Brand in our country. 

Over the years, the D2C Summit brought in some of the biggest names in the industry, like Aman Gupta (cofounder of boAt), Ankit Nagori (founder of Curefoods) and Nandita Sinha (CEO of Myntra). 

Why choose to go here?

  • This 2024 eCommerce event has over 30 D2C and retail leaders spanning 12 high-impact sessions.
  • 300+ attendees will benefit from strategic discussions and expert-driven sessions. 
  • At this eCommerce event, insights meet real-world applications, helping you transform challenges into opportunities. 
  • Join hands with an elite group of innovators, founders and industry pioneers at this Summit. 
  • Build valuable partnerships and get tools to lead India’s eCommerce revolution.

Event Date: 8 August 2024

Event Venue: Delhi, NCR

Internet Commerce Summit (ICS)

ICS is India’s most impactful, versatile yearly gathering for eCommerce and related businesses. This shindig is where you get to see what’s next, get ahead of the game and maybe become the next big thing in digital shopping. 

For five years running, this shindig has been bringing together the rockstars of tech, the artists of digital innovation and the geniuses of online commerce. This year, ICS is all about how eCommerce is turbocharging India’s growth and shaking up the digital scene.

Why attend it?

  • Top Notch Industry Speakers
  • The event has the most exceptional speakers and content, crafting an atmosphere for inspiration, ideation, strategic planning and practical execution. 
  • Topic Specific Networking
  • Accelerated Learning and Networking
  • Master scalability, adaptability and funding strategy at ICS 2024 through collaboration, mentorship and market intelligence. 

Event Date: 27-28 August 2024

Event Venue: The Westin Powai, Mumbai

IREC 2024

The IREC has been conducting these eCommerce events and conferences since 2014, featuring the top players in the eCommerce and retail industry. 

The IREC 2024 brings together prominent visionaries and entrepreneurs, like CEOs, CXOs, CMOs and thought leaders, to exchange insights, tackle challenges and provide growth strategies.

Why attend it?

  • Experience IREC X LABELS 2024, Asia-Pacific region’s distinguished gathering of influential figures from different industries, coming together for two days and sharing invaluable insights and experiences.
  • Meet and network with Asia’s top entrepreneurs, investors, C-suite executives and VC funds at this event.
  • At the IReC X LABELS 2024 Awards, you can celebrate and honour outstanding industry leaders who excel in their fields and create growth opportunities for their peers.

Event Date: 29-30 November 2024 

Event Venue: Jio World Convention Centre, BKC, Mumbai


So, these eCommerce events can be real game-changers, whether you’re there to network, learn, or drum up some business. It’s all about making connections and staying on top of your game in the fast-paced world of online retail.

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