How Can Faster Shipping Be Beneficial for Your Business?

faster shipping

We live in a world where customers can get online orders within a few minutes of placing the order. Low prices and quality products are no more the only criteria that attract them to a brand. They want their orders to be delivered faster. The faster shipping option has become one of the most significant decision-making factors. It influences the conversion rate and can also affect your overall business success.

In this article, we shall discuss how faster or expedited shipping benefits your business.

faster shipping

What is Faster Shipping?

Faster shipping is delivering orders on priority. In simple terms, faster or expedited shipping is delivering orders more quickly – guaranteeing customers that their parcel will reach them faster than standard shipping. Some examples of faster shipping are express shipping, same-day delivery, overnight delivery, or two-day delivery.

Importance of Express Shipping

A small business can add value to its business and retain customers by offering them multiple shipping options. Faster shipping is the quickest shipping service, but it varies from one carrier to another. For some carriers, it can be delivering the orders the same day, while for some, it can be two-day shipping. Customers expect a speedier delivery when they make a purchase. Sometimes, they are even ready to pay a premium for it.

Faster Shipping VS Standard Shipping

Every courier company offers standard shipping, which is often the most cost-effective option. Standard shipping usually takes 3-7 days from the date of placing an order. However, some carriers offer a two-day delivery as their standard delivery option. If standard shipping takes more than two days, the company provides faster or expedited delivery options at a premium price. And with the faster shipping option, you can deliver the shipment in one or two days.

Boost Conversion with Faster Shipping

faster shipping

Here are some benefits of investing in faster shipping for your D2C business:

Build Customer Loyalty

Gaining customer loyalty is the first step towards building a successful online business. You need to have a loyal customer base. And you can ensure that by giving your customers the impression that buying products from you comes with the fastest order delivery.

So, whenever your customers need the products, they will come to you again. This will ultimately increase your sales, revenue, and profit.

Higher Search Rankings

As an online seller, you want your potential customers to visit your online store. But how can you ensure that? You can offer what your customers want and rank your product page higher! With faster shipping options, your product pages can rank higher in the search results.

Most online sellers offer faster shipping as a part of a premium customer experience. You can also offer faster shipping options to rank better in the search results. This will help in attracting potential customers and increase conversion rates.

Reduction in Cart Abandonment

Slow shipping and higher shipping costs are the biggest reasons for cart abandonment. Customers add the product to their cart and go to the checkout page but don’t proceed further if the shipping time is high. They also lose interest in a brand that has higher shipping rates.

Fast order delivery will help reduce cart abandonment and boost conversion rate and sales.

Stand Out from the Competitors

Customers are attracted to fast shipping. And it is one of the best ways to stand out from your competitors. You can also get positive reviews for your business. This will eventually help you boost your conversions and build customer loyalty.

Increased Customer Trust

There are millions of online sellers from where customers can purchase. Having a fast checkout and shipping process can help build trust among customers. It will persuade them to make purchases from you. 


Buyers want quality products to be delivered to their doorstep faster. Investing in a faster shipping option offers multiple benefits – like increased conversion rates and customer loyalty. You must check these benefits and choose the best shipping option for your eCommerce business.

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