Kartrocket Is Now Shiprocket 360: See What’s Changed

Introducing Shiprocket 360 – The new and more powerful avatar of your trusted Kartrocket platform!

What is Shiprocket 360?

Shiprocket 360 is an end to end commerce enablement solution which helps offline and online retailers build their omnichannel solution. We help create a seamless journey for your customers across all your sales channels based on their interest, reaction, and past interactions.

So, what’s the big change?

It’s not a change, it’s an addition. With Shiprocket 360, you have the ability to create bespoke experiences for your customers and plug into some of the most advanced technology for logistics, CRM, marketing and inventory management. Our goal is to provide a solution which ultimately leads to better conversions and engagement from your customers.

The future of retail is omnichannel and to truly achieve this, it’s important that retailers unify their data across systems to have a single view of the customer.

How this will affect me?

Your store will continue to function as it does – no change here. Our new omnichannel features will give you the ability to grow your business by syncing your online and offline sales channels. This will help improve customer experience, logistics performance and inventory management for your business.

Read more about our solutions if you’re interested in any of these services:

  1. Omni-channel Retailing
  2. Hyperlocal Marketplace Services
  3. E-commerce Website Building
  4. Wholesale Business Management
  5. Online Marketplace Creation

You can also check out our partner network and our capabilities with the newly evolved platform:

If you want more information, we request you to get in touch with your account manager to walk you through how you can utilize our platform to the fullest extent.

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Puneet Bhalla

Associate Director - Marketing at Shiprocket

7+ years of experience in growth hacking and product marketing. A passionate digital marketer with a great blend of technology. I spend most of my time upskilling and experimenting, for my love of doi ... Read more


  1. Pramod Reply

    Pls call me my Bluetooth device is not working exchange sir

    • Srishti Arora Reply

      Hi Pramod,

      For all exchange and return related queries, you will have to contact the seller from whom you purchased the product. Shiprocket works only to deliver the product. All other concerns ranging from returns, quality, exchanges, etc. are the onus of the seller. We hope this is helpful and you reach a resolution soon.

      Thanks and regards,
      Srishti Arora

  2. Chirag Reply

    I want to return purchased product, so I contact with my seller and they put the request at ship rocket, they give me request no as below
    Request number ACi9862729/2120
    Please guide me, when you are reache and pick up product from here…

    • Srishti Arora Reply

      Hi Chirag,

      We would like to inform you that in the case of returns or exchange, you will need to speak directly with the seller/store. Shiprocket is only responsible for delivering the product from the seller to you. All queries are to be addressed by the seller. Hope this helps.

      Thanks and regards,
      Srishti Arora

  3. K Raja jaganivas Reply

    I received yesrterday the damaged product of star shower laser light from surge ecommerce LLB….I want to return it and refund the amount of 1299.00.
    Order no.2899.

    • Rashmi Sharma Reply

      Hi K Raja,
      We have forwarded your query to the relevant team, you will get the call from our sales team soon.


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