LTL Freight & Its Impact On Your Business

LTL Freight

Ever since the pandemic has affected consumer buying behaviour, more and more consumers are shopping online. As consumer demand increases, the popularity of freight trucking in the global market is also expected to follow the trail.

What is LTL Freight

Do you know the global freight trucking market grew to USD 2.1 trillion in 2020 and is estimated to reach USD 2.7 trillion in 2026? Also, with rising shipping costs, LTL freight has become more relevant than ever.

What Is LTL Freight?

As the name suggests, LTL (Less Than Truckload) freight refers to the transportation of small loads that don’t fill a full truckload on their own. If you want to transport small shipments of weight ranging roughly between 68 kilograms and 68000 kilograms, LTL freight is for you.

Simply put, your shipments share the ride with other shippers’ cargo, and you’re charged only for the space your cargo occupies. Result? Reduced shipping costs!

There are many more advantages that LTL freight brings to your business. Here are a few.

Benefits of LTL Freight Shipping

Benefits of LTL Shipping

Top Benefits of LTL Freight Shipping

While a shipping company delivers your packages in the fastest way to the desired location, this is not really the most cost-effective way of doing it. LTL freight makes shipping cheaper, more manageable, and more eco-friendly than most other shipping options. 

Yes, deliveries could be a tad slower than direct shipping, but one must not ignore the efficiency it brings to the table. In fact, with modern technologies, it can be just as efficient as direct shipping.

Reduced Shipping Cost

One of the main benefits of LTL freight is reduced shipping costs. As multiple small shipping loads are managed together, it reduces the overall shipping cost for each of them.

Not only your fuel costs are reduced but also the number of vehicles necessary to transport your shipments. By merging items together, LTL freight saves your overall costs while providing a service as fast as direct shipping.

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Most businesses today are opting for an eco-friendly mode of transportation. And, when it comes to LTL freight, it is one of the best eco-friendly options. By reducing the amount of fuel necessary for shipping, it allows supply chains to be much greener and more eco-friendly.

Increased Safety

LTL freight also ensures better safety of your shipments. LTL shipments are checked for safety from both physical and environmental harm. Individual loads are usually packed on a secured parcel before they’re put in protective containers. This allows for maximum safety of items during shipment.

Also, there are fewer chances of misplacing packages. You can use modern tracking technology and proper safety measures to ensure that every package is well looked after. In addition, LTL freight routes make fewer stops, ensuring utmost safety during transit.

Better Reliability

Since LTL shipments follow limited routes and take only necessary stops, it becomes easier to organise the shipments. Therefore, LTL freight is ideal for shippers who have regular small shipments that they can group together with others to achieve a greater degree of reliability. 

One can also use automation for optimal route tracking and optimisation. Automation technologies allow real-time tracking of packages and give you live notifications in case of any delays. With LTL freight, you should be able to run your operations in a manageable manner and with a high degree of reliability.

Multiple Shipping Options

LTL freight comes with various shipping options. Some of them are:

Expedient Shipping: This option is for you if you want your goods to be delivered faster than the standard time. It can be a costly option to opt for, but it is quite beneficial to use in case of any urgency.

Liftgate: If your freight load exceeds 45 kilograms, you should opt for Liftgate shipping. It is a good option to consider when you don’t have a clear dock for shipments.

Limited Access: Limited access LTL freight is for areas with limited access due to safety reasons. This is particularly suitable for rural locations, where it would probably be hard to reach.

Custom Delivery Window: For your specific-period shipments, you can opt for custom delivery windows. This type of shipping allows you to handle your transport cheaply as well as efficiently. 

Final Thoughts

LTL freight is definitely something you should know about and can explore. Depending on the type of shipment you select, LTL freight is an efficient and cost-effective option. In order to opt for it, it is important to be aware of how it works, how it can benefit your business, and what steps you should take into your consideration to get the most out of it.

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