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Product Highlights From June 2022


Malika Sanon

Senior Specialist @ Shiprocket

July 6, 2022

4 min read

The Shiprocket team makes consistent efforts to make improvements and brings regular product updates to enable you to reach your business goals. Yet again, we’ve delivered a handful of new features and enhancements that are important for you. Here are the highlights from June that will help you manage your returns & will also lead to optimizing your courier selection process. 

Manage Your Return Orders Seamlessly By Getting A Complete View Of Failed Pickups 

You can now view return pickup failure reasons from the newly added Reverse NPR (Non-Pickup Reasons) panel. This will help you to determine the cause of each failed pickup. This will include multiple reasons, from failed QC to order cancelled. 

This feature has specifically been added for you to manage their return orders more effectively for better visibility and data access. 

Follow these simple steps to view Reverse NPR Panel-

a) Select Returns from the left menu and then All Returns

b) The Reverse NPR tab is located right next to the Ready for Pickup tab

c) You can filter all of your failed Return Pickups by QC status, NPR reason, shipment status, and more. You can also look up your return order by AWB or by the customer’s email or phone number

Courier Rules: Optimize Courier Selection In Just A Few Steps

You can now customize your courier selection based on several shipment conditions such as Payment Mode, Weight, DG Goods, AWB Assigned Time, and more.

You can add courier rules according to your business requirements by following the steps below:

Step 1: Go to Settings →  Then go to Couriers & click on Courier Rules. 

Step 2: Now click on Add New Rule.

Step 3: Create a courier rule based on your preferred shipment conditions such as Weight, Payment Mode, Dangerous Goods, etc. Next, click on Proceed to continue.

Step 4: You can then drag and drop couriers as per your preference and save to create a new courier rule.  

Note: The courier rule will be automatically applied when the specified shipment conditions are met.

Check Out What’s New In Your Shiprocket App

In the latest update for all iOS and Android applications, you can now directly log in with your already installed Truecaller app. 

If you are an Android user, you can edit and update your customers’ names and emails directly from the App if you need to. Here’s how you can do the same-

Login to the App  →  Go To More  →  Select Customers  →  Find The Customer That You Want To Make Changes To  → Click On Edit Icon  →  Make Changes  →  Save 

Shiprocket X: WhatsApp Communication For Buyers & Delay Status Update 

Buyers from US and Canada will get real-time updates via WhatsApp about the order status and delivery TAT. 

Not only this, in case the shipment is delayed for any particular reason, the buyer and seller will be both notified. 

Also, now it is mandatory to add  AD code and CSB5 for commercial shipments to make customs clearance easier.

Shiprocket Fulfillment: Update your Webhook Endpoint To Receive Real-Time Inventory Updates

With Inventory Webhook configuration, getting real-time inventory updates has become much easier. All sellers need to do is simply update their webhook endpoint, and we will begin sending you inventory updates whenever an ASN, Return, or Stock Transfer changes.

Follow these steps –

Login To SRF Panel   Go To Settings   Click on Inventory Adjustment URL   Save

If you sell products on Amazon, you can now differentiate your Amazon products from others by including the ASIN number, which helps in easy identification.

Follow these simple steps –

Go to SRF Panel Then go to Catalogue Click on Add Product Download Sample Excel >> Replace the dummy data with your product details >> Upload the updated file and click on Finish to proceed.

Courier Alert: Say Hello To All-New Amazon Surface & Ekart Surface Couriers

Courier Minimum Rate
Amazon 10 Kg ₹220.60
Amazon 20 Kg ₹402.40
Ekart Surface 2Kg₹77.92
Ekart Surface 5Kg₹127.10
Ekart Surface 10Kg₹194.60


Stay tuned for more. We would be delighted to bring you some more new features and updates next month.

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