Product Updates From September To Help You Ship Hassle-free

A lot happened in September at Shiprocket! Going by our promise to make shipping absolutely hassle-free for you, this month we have added some powerful elements in our platform. Following the updates in June such as the addition of a brand new courier partner, shipping with your brand name and tracking bulk orders with external APIs, we have some exciting updates to share this month too.

Read further to know about the updates that Shiprocket has in store for you!

Post Ship Returns

With this added feature, you can now allow your buyer to place a return request for a product he/she purchased from your online store directly from your order tracking page

You can also configure the settings and select the number of days for which you want to allow returns on your products and upload the list of SKUs for which you do not allow returns.

Shiprocket App On The Woocomerce and Amazon App Store

We have partnered with Woocommerce and Amazon to make our mobile app live on their app stores. You can now utilize our Shiprocket app for your shipping and logistics via their respective app stores. 

Shiprocket WordPress Plugin

With the Shiprocket WordPress plugin, you can now get courier rates for each order based on your shipping and customer pin code. Also, you can display Shiprocket’s courier serviceability and Estimated Date of Delivery(EDD) on your Product and Checkout page.

Plugin  Features-

  1. Display multiple courier partners with their estimated delivery time, rate, and mode on the checkout page. 
  2. Available on all Shiprocket Plans
  3. Displays custom EDD on Product Description Page based on the courier priority you have set on your Shiprocket panel.
  4. Let your buyer incur shipping charges based on their selected courier rather than you incurring all the shipping charges.
  5. Display fallback ‘flat rates’ if in case none of the shiprocket couriers are serviceable.

SKU Filter & Product Name

Add your product name and SKU filter in the Processing, Manifest and All Orders sections of the seller panels. This will make it easier for you to filter through your orders, ultimately fastening your shipping process.

These features are sure to make your shipping journey smoother. We hope you ship your parcels hassle-free with us. We’ll be launching more features in the coming days, that will help you take your business to new heights! Keep following this page for more updates and the latest features.

Happy Shipping!

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  1. Rajeev Sharma Reply

    SKU Filter & Product Name filter is not visible in All Orders tab, please do the needful.

    • Srishti Arora Reply

      Hi Mr. Rajeev,

      We have informed our product team and they will resolve this issue soon! Thanks for bringing it to our notice.

      Srishti Arora

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