Are Shipping Costs Eating Away All Your Profits?

With the boom of online technology, eCommerce stores are emerging in every corner of India. From groceries to expensive jewellery everything is being sold through the internet. Consumers can surf, select and purchase products and service with just a few simple clicks.

Earlier getting a full-fledged eCommerce was extremely annoying. It meant looking out for a good web developer, constantly discussing things over emails, miscommunications, and other technical trauma, but not anymore.
The whole idea of developing an eCommerce site is to save up on rent, electricity and other office related bills. This means all the money that would be spent on an actual store can be invested in making the products better, enhancing customer service, maintaining the website and shipping out deliveries.

Being an eCommerce website owner you have to plan out the budget of the entire month in advance. Although there is prior planning, you may still be lagging behind in profits. This may happen for a number of reasons, but it mostly happens if you don’t pay attention to high shipping costs. A problem most eCommerce owners face but don’t realize till they are in deep financial loss.

Shipping is one service you have to provide daily to your customers. You have to plan out a shipping strategy that will save money. Here are a few signs that indicate you are paying way too much for shipping.

Use Appropriate Size Boxes

Of course, products have to be shipped off packed in boxes. The biggest mistake an entrepreneur can make is buying boxes of the same size. If the product is small, it requires a box its own size, by utilizing a big box your shipping expense becomes exceptionally high. Each delivery is charged according to the volumetric weight of your shipment. By using appropriately sized boxes, you not reduce shipping costs but also provide better package presentations to your customers.

Get Eco-Friendly with Packages

Another way to reduce shipping cost is by re-using some old ones. A number of boxes with products you order are lying around in your home; why not put them to better use? Check to see if the condition is intact, remove the brand label and stick yours. If you package it well and fit in the product, you will save hundreds of rupees each month.

Don’t Offer Free Delivery at Your Expense

Customers absolutely love Free Deliveries. Be sure to only provide free shipping service if your business can afford it. You can offer free shipping only after a certain cart value. Make sure that the orders should be big enough to cover your shipping expense. Offering free shipping on small amounts might cost you more money than you make.

Print Shipping Docs in Bulk

Shipping deliveries can be a daunting task, especially if there are so many in a day. Orders constantly keep coming in and each of them has to be shipped out at the earliest. In this fast lane, you cannot afford to sit down and fill each receipt manually. The only way to tackle this is to use shipping software which fills out slips, keeps track of the shipment.

Unorganized Logistics

The worst nightmare of any eCommerce store is bad logistics. The entire business is based on taking orders and delivering them on time and if this gets messy, the work is bound to get slow and sloppy. Automated shipping software solves these issues in minutes. It tracks the delivery, sync and imports orders, and makes logistics seem like a piece of cake.

Pay Attention to Packaging

If you use heavy packaging, your order will weigh more and the shipping costs will go exceptionally high. A cost-effective alternative for packaging small products is polyethylene mailers. These are small grey envelopes big enough to accommodate watches, jewellery and other small sized products. They are sturdy and waterproof and provide protection to fragile products. You can look for handy eCommerce packaging tips here.

Reduce Shipping Costs with Automated Shipping

For any eCommerce business, automating can save a lot of time and money. Similar goes for shipping. One of the most effective ways of reducing shipping costs is to use automated Shipping software. They are tied up with numerous courier agencies, saving a lot of paperwork. Also, they aim at providing simpler shipping solutions along with features like tracking orders, syncing and importing deliveries, one point of contact, and free setup.

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For further information on how automated shipping works and how you can opt for this services click on the image below.

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