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How To Sell Mobile Online: Getting Started With Your Online Business?

Puneet Bhalla

Associate Director - Marketing @ Shiprocket

January 15, 2015

6 min read

Are you one of those “excited entrepreneurs” who want to sell phones or mobile online, but have no clue about where to start? Then, this blog is for you. Today, we all are glued to our smartphones. With the ever-increasing number of smartphones available in every price range, this market is surely here to stay for long. There is a huge demand for mobile phones at affordable prices. Mobile accessories are the latest fashion statement, with everyone wants to be different, yet stylish by carrying unique accessories. Therefore, selling mobile and its accessories online is surely a winning business proposal to venture into ecommerce.

So, here is the a complete guide on how you can build your ecommerce store and sell mobile online. Other than this, there is also information about product source, preparing catalog, product marketing and more.

The First Step: Finding The Source Of The Products

You have opened your online business to earn money and make profits. Here, the source of your products makes an important role, as here you will decide the price of the product and the margin that you will earn by selling it. Before searching for your product source, it is necessary that you make up your mind on What exactly you want to sell. Decide whether you store will sell only mobile accessories or mobile phones or both. Once you have made this decision, you can source the products by following ways:

• For mobile accessories, you can tie up with any wholesalers who manufacture mobile cases, headphones, chargers, etc. They are available online or you can get down wholesale market in your city and talk to them. Don’t forget to sign a merchant agreement defining all the terms & conditions, product pricing and everything else.

• For mobile phones, you cannot directly go to the respective companies because they won’t sell their products to a startup. For this, you need to contact a distributor or the respective companies within your cities, so get mobile phones at cheaper price.

Preparing Product Catalog for Your Mobile Phones

Deciding the Categories

The first step towards creating your product catalog is deciding the categories for your online store. In case, you have varied range of mobile phones, you can simply categorize them on the basis of their companies. For mobile accessories, you can categorize products as headphones, mobile cases, chargers, power banks, memory card, etc.

Deciding the Product Price

An important part of product catalog is deciding the product price. This is based on the price, which you are getting from vendors, market research and on what price your competitors are selling. During the initial period, you need to keep the profit margin as low as possible because you are in a process to increase visibility of your store. Try to keep the prices cheaper than your competitors.

Getting Product Images Ready

The next step to sell mobile online is to get product images ready. For mobile phones and accessories, you don’t need many images of a single product like it was for selling apparels online. However, it is necessary that you get high quality image for your product so that it is clearly visible.

Writing Product Descriptions

Product descriptions play an important role in your online store where you sell mobile online. Instead of benefits, you need to focus on the technical features. Don’t forget your SEO keywords in product descriptions.

Getting Your Ecommerce Website Ready

Your website is the face of your online store. No matter, which ecommerce platform you are using, it is necessary that you choose a design which gives a technological feeling. Like, you should avoid colors like pink or yellow if you are selling mobile phones, unless your target audience is just females. Also, make sure that your website is mobile ready. Since, most of the people surf internet on their smartphone, it is necessary that you are ready for m-commerce.

Payment Method To Sell Mobile Online

Keep both online and COD payments available for your customer, as this will increase traffic on your website. Since, you cannot rely on COD for expensive mobile phones, integrating a secure payment gateway on your website is a great idea. Other than this, COD payments are a great method to entice buyers who are looking for mobile accessories or just covers.

Ecommerce Shipping Tips For Your Online Mobile Store

Be flexible with the shipping options. Make sure that you inform your buyers beforehand about any area where you don’t offer shipping. This will save your customer’s time and keep you in the good books. Also, try to indicate them about the delivery time, depending upon the area of shipping. For example, shipping mobiles in North-East India might take more time than delivering products to a metro city like Delhi. You can also try to come up with free shipping, which will surely attract more buyers.

Driving Traffic and Sales to your Online Store

This is more challenging than creating your online store. Even after you have created an impeccable website with amazing products, driving traffic is a big task. To do this, you can try any of the following tactics, which suit your business and money.


Who doesn’t love free marketing? SEO or search engine optimization is a time taking process, but extremely important. Since the majority of users use search engines to find products, you can use the power of keywords to get your store ranked on these search engines. This will increase your website’s traffic.

Affiliate Listing

If you want more traffic with less effort, then go for affiliate listing. Here, you can contact any affiliate website or get a traffic generator tool to list down your products or store on various sites from where you can drive traffic and sales. It is bit expensive but a successful way.

Email Marketing

Get your products directly into the inbox of your potential customer. Shoot an attractive email to your potential buyer and easily get traffic and sales on your store. It is easy and effective, given that you have a proper database of your customers. This can be done through data scraping.

Content Marketing

Write compelling blogs, which informs your customers. Put a link of your store in between to drive traffic. Post this blog on various forums or do guest blogging. This will not only drive traffic but also helps in increasing your brand visibility.

So, here I conclude on how to sell mobile online. Got any questions of even suggestions for your fellow entrepreneurs, do leave your views in the comment section below. Happy Selling 🙂

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