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Shadowfax Courier Charges: How Much Will it Cost You?

sahil bajaj

Sahil Bajaj

Senior Specialist - Marketing @ Shiprocket

March 20, 2024

7 min read

eCommerce businesses hold prime importance today. Their ability to provide a flexible and reliable shopping experience has increased their demand rapidly. They provide you with a simple alternative method to shop, but have you ever wondered how they will keep up with their shipping needs? Everyone wants what they ordered immediately or at least as soon as possible, hence the requirement for efficient and quick logistics solutions is vital. Here enter the trailblazer known as Shadowfax. They are an impressive logistics company that can reach across the country with their in-house solutions.

Shadowfax boasts more than 2 lakh deliveries in a day. With its strong network and presence, Shadowfax is giving its competitors a run for their money through its express shipping, lightning-fast last-mile deliveries, tracking technologies, and more. 

This article will describe everything Shadowfax has to offer and why you must choose them to be your logistics partner.

Shadowfax Courier Charges

Shadowfax Delivery Rates For Different Locations

The table below highlights the Shadowfax courier charges. 

All LocationsPrices (Without Tax)
0 to 4 KilometersINR 50
Per km after 4 kilometresINR 10
Their maximum serviceable distance is 7 km only. 

Shadowfax offers very affordable prices when compared to other businesses. They ensure timely and efficient services enabling easy deliveries for their consumers. They ensure that orders that are not accepted by the buyers easily get returned to the seller. However, delivery charges for both ways are chargeable. 

Maximum Radius Served by Shadowfax

The strides Shadowfax has reached in extending and expanding its geographic reach to serve eCommerce businesses in our country are extremely impressive. They have created a wonderful delivery network that extensively spans across the country covering over 1800 pin codes and over 70 cities. Shadowfax directly manages 10 cities that offer them the most demand and they handle the rest through partnerships with local delivery franchises and companies. It allows customers in even extremely remote locations to enjoy the merits of dependable and timely deliveries along with the added feature of giving jobs to local people. 

They intend to extend their reach through their flagship programme called WINGS. It allows local delivery agencies to join their extensive network. They have even invited grocery shops to join their network through the WINGS programme. This unique approach allows Shadowfax to use these partners’ knowledge and expertise to enable quicker, more efficient, and precise deliveries. It poses advantages to the local delivery agents and the opportunities to expand their business by tapping into the added demand produced by Shadowfax. 

How Fast Will the Shadowfax Rider Reach the Destination?

Shadowfax has more than 30 lakh verified riders, with 1.5 lakh monthly transacting delivery partners, and more than 15 lakh daily orders.

Shadowfax riders reach their destination extremely efficiently and they make it their goal to provide their customers with on-time deliveries. They have different delivery speeds and delivery options that come with different costs. These services can be as quick as 30 minutes to same-day deliveries and air freight services to international destinations, taking 1-5 business days. Based on your requirements, you can choose the service that suits you best. 

When compared to sea and road transportation, air shipping is the quicker alternative. It is also Shadowfax’s most preferred mode of shipping due to its convenience, speed, and ability to keep up with time-sensitive schedules. The timeline for air freight deliveries has been substantially reduced from four days to one day. About 98% of all of Shadowfax’s intercity deliveries are done via air shipping. 

Shadowfax Central Helpline: Addressing Customer Queries

Customer service is a key department that any company requires. There must be an avenue for customers to reach out with their queries and problems. Shadowfax has taken care of this through a simple helpline by supporting their customers when they require it. You can use the information given below to contact them when necessary:

  • You can send an email to ‘[email protected]’ when you have inquiries 
  • You can also gauge support from the customer support portal on their website by getting in touch with them or raising a query.

Some common complaints that users face with Shadowfax’s services are tracking delays in delivery, and problems with COD orders. The customer care team is efficient and they handle these problems by giving their callers immediate guidance to resolve these issues. 

For example, when you experience difficulty in tracking your shipment, just call the customer care number. The support team will give you all the necessary information to help you monitor your package. Customer care executives also assist you in solving delivery delays and COD issues. 

Raising a Grievance Regarding Delivery: Guide for Sellers

To file a complaint and enable Shadowfax’s team to help you take action and get a resolution, you can follow these steps:

  • Visit Shadowfax’s website
  • Fill in your personal information and create an account
  • On the website, go to the “File a Complaint” tab
  • Choose the option “Shadowfax Delivery” and fill in your complaint along with the necessary details
  • Get replacements/ refunds/ damage claims from Shadowfax Delivery

After you register a complaint, a customer service executive will look into the matter and contact you via email or phone to inform you about the actions or ask for further details. 

Charges for Returning Undeliverable Packages

If a customer has not accepted an order, it will be returned to the merchant. However, it’s important to note that delivery charges will be applicable for both journeys.

Charges Imposed in Different Circumstances

Here are the charges imposed by Shadowfax in the following situations:

1. Order Cancellation by Seller Before Pick-Up

In case the merchant cancels the order when the rider has reached the location but has not picked up the order, 25% of the delivery charges will be imposed as compensation.

2. Order Cancellation by Seller After Pick-Up

If the merchant cancels the order after pick up, Shadowfax imposes 100% of applicable delivery charges.

3. Order Cancellation by Rider

Lastly, if the rider has cancelled the order, Shadowfax will pay 60% of the total order value. However, it has set an upper limit of 1.5% of total orders. After this benchmark, Shadowfax will pay 60% of the total order value, up to a maximum of INR 3000.

Compensation by Shadowfax for Damaged or Lost Item

Shadowfax understands the problems arising from goods getting damaged or lost. Thus, it pays you 60% of the total order value of the goods that are damaged or lost. However, once applicable, there are two benchmarks set for the compensation amount. These include green, i.e., 3% of total orders and red, i.e., 6% of total orders. After these benchmarks, Shadowfax will pay you 60% of the total order value for the damaged or lost goods. However, Shadowfax has set the maximum liability at INR 3000.


eCommerce businesses need efficient logistics solutions to keep up with their rapid demand. For them, it is all about creating timely deliveries to enhance the shopping experience for their customers. Seamless parcel deliveries are crucial to retain customers and Shadowfax provides exactly that. They are an emerging courier and shipping company offering creative and cutting-edge solutions to meet the needs of businesses of any size. They are strongly committed to the satisfaction of their consumers. 

Shadowfax has a well-established network in India and they have partnered up with several local courier and delivery agencies to ensure timely deliveries even in the most unreachable locations. It also has a strong customer service department that allows its consumers to ask for guidance and immediate resolution of their issues. Today, Shadowfax is a leading player in the delivery services sector in India, catering to more than 2500 cities and over 15000 pin codes.

What are the benefits of becoming a Shadowfax merchant partner?

You can grow your business by partnering with Shadowfax. It has helped 2,500+ SMEs scale business with the help of its dedicated logistics channels, wide reach, and customer service. As a merchant partner, you’ll also get training and 24/7 customer support to make the most of this partnership.

Does Shadowfax prohibit the delivery of any goods?

Yes. There are some goods prohibited from delivery, which include firearms, fireworks, notes, currency, dangerous goods, products made from the skin of wild animals or ivory, marijuana and other narcotic drugs, etc.

What types of delivery services does Shadowfax offer?

Services offered by Shadowfaz can be classified under three categories: eCommerce and enterprises, hyperlocal and quick commerce, and SME and personal courier services.

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