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What Is A Unique Selling Proposition & Why Does Your Brand Need It?

August 9, 2019

5 min read

When you start your eCommerce store or when it hits a rut, what is the one aspect you go to? Do you keep following the herd and continue doing things the way you are doing them or do you amp up your technique and play on your strengths? Without giving it a second thought, we all know the answer is the latter. But are these strengths the foundation of your store or something you discover along the way? Well, these ‘strengths’ are what make your brand unique and hence constitute your Unique Selling Proposition (USP). Let’s see what a USP is and how you can dwell on it for better results! 

What Is A Unique Selling Proposition?

A unique selling proposition is that element of your business that distinguishes your business from your competitors. It doesn’t have to be one aspect. It can be a combination of features or services that solve a specific concern of your target audience. For example, think of your favorite brand, what do you like about them? What is the one reason you keep going back to their store? That right there is the USP of that brand. Similarly, you need to find out the one aspect of your store and market it to make sure your customers stick to your brand. 

What Should Be The Crux Of Your USP?

Your USP must be something that sets apart your brand from the rest of the brands selling what you may be selling. It must contain

A Solution

It must give your buyers the quick solution they are looking for. For example, when talking about grocery apps, users today are looking for fast delivery. Hence, brands like Big basket and Grofers are continually modifying their propositions to provide to their buyers. 

Additional Value

When your customers are looking for something unique, they want it to have some value. Hence, always decide upon a USP that adds some value to their purchase. Amazon offers day-definite deliveries; it is their USP. But, Amazon can never compete Myntra when it comes to fashion apparel. This is because high-end brands, along with a wide variety, are Myntra’s USP, and that adds value to the buyer’s shopping experience

Importance Of A Unique Selling Proposition

As it is a crucial differentiating factor, a unique selling proposition or USP holds excellent value when speaking of your brand. Here are a few reasons as to why they are essential for your business:

Define Your Business’s Personality

With a unique selling proposition, you can define the tone of your business. In the current digital age, it is imperative to determine what you stand for. That is only possible if you state your uniqueness and define what your brand stands for. With a definite USP, you can better connect with audiences. 

Advertising Tool

USP is the strength of your store. If established correctly, it can be used as a brilliant advertising tool that can help you acquire many new customers to your brand. It can be used to project in ad campaigns, commercials, and on every channel that you use for promoting your products.

Eliminate Competition

Every eCommerce seller strives in a hyper-competitive market today. To ensure success, it is vital that you stay one step ahead in the game. That is only possible if you can gather more customers for your store. A unique selling proposition gives you an edge among the competition and defines your value in the market. Thus, you can move ahead quickly in a competition.

Discover New Markets

Once you layout your USP, it becomes easier to discover new markets as you can identify and relate with the needs of more people. Also, you can align your product with related demands and fulfill the requirement of that sector too. 

Build Relationships With Customers

A USP brings loyal customers to the brand. Look at Apple, for example. They have built a lifelong relationship with their users due to the product they offer. Their user experience is their USP, and they incorporate it into every aspect of their business. The product may not have the best features, but it focuses on ease of use, serviceability, and solves niche concerns for the user. Hence it is an all-time favorite. Thus, your USP attracts loyalists as it helps them relate to your brand easily. 

Increase Sales

With a unique selling proposition in place, you can bring in limited edition or exclusive products that aim at solving a particular problem area for customers. You can increase your sales via such tactics and also promote your brand widely. A unique chain of products attracts more buyers as compared to natural products that contain a combination of all purposes. 

Final Thoughts

A unique selling proposition is an essential component of your brand marketing strategy. Hence, it has a profound impact on other aspects of your business. Ensure you make efforts in the right direction and figure out the USP of your business before projecting your brand to the market.

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