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How Vegan & Sustainable Beauty Brand Seas and Skies is Able to Offer Express Delivery with Shiprocket

Rashi Sood

Content Writer @ Shiprocket

November 1, 2021

4 min read

Veganism is a growing concept these days. There is also an increase in ethical responsibility amongst people. They have become aware of the products they use on a daily basis and their impact on nature and the environment.

As people are looking for new ways of lifestyle, there is a space for many new brands and startups to explore, create, and grow. On the same line, many vegan beauty products brands have come up.

The vegan beauty industry has lately seen a boom with the help of digital transformation. And conscious consumerism has also led to an increase in the market for these products. Vegan beauty products are not tested on animals, and they are chemical-free as well. They are kind to the skin, which means less likelihood of inflammation and allergies. Thus, they are slowly becoming the go-to option for many consumers.

Seas and Skies – Vegan and Sustainable Beauty Brand

The vegan and sustainable beauty brand Seas and Skies is very new in the market and was launched in October 2020. A few months after the first lockdown was announced in India due to the worldwide pandemic, the founder started brainstorming the ideas for starting their own brand.

After a few brainstorming sessions, the founder decided to produce handcrafted bath and body care products that would serve as much-needed self-care treats in these rough times. They also wanted to redefine beauty from being toxic to the skin to being clean and green.

The brand offers a wide range of bath and body care products, like bathing bars, shower gels, lip care kits, face packs, and hand and foot creams.

How Seas and Skies is The Best Option for Customers?

While the beauty industry is worth billions of dollars, only a handful of brands, primarily homegrown, are vegan and produce sustainable products. During these times of climate crisis, there is a need for brands to be sensitive towards nature, not just in terms of ingredients used but also in their product packaging.

The brand Seas and Skies is not just vegan but also uses unique packaging. They use thoughtful ingredients that resolve skin issues and address environmental concerns as well.

With the toxic-free products offered by the brand Seas and Skies, the customers get access to skincare products that are chemical-free, harmless, cruelty-free, and made from 100% plant-based ingredients. All the products offered by the brand are organically farmed and authentically extracted with zero machine contact.

The brand Seas and Skies calls itself gender-neutral as its products are not gender-specific but skin-specific. They believe that skin can’t be gendered. Thus, this gives all the customers a plethora of options of beauty products to choose from.

Challenges Faced by Seas and Skies

The critical challenge that the brand faced was marketing its products among the other top brands. Since there are thousands of brands in India already, distinguishing themselves and establishing a niche was a task for the brand.

Though veganism is a growing concept in India, it is still far from becoming common. Thus, it was also a challenge to convince customers about the benefits of vegan beauty and why they should choose sustainable products over the other cheap options available in the market.

When the brand took its first step in the market, it also faced challenges related to eCommerce shipping.

Seas & Skies

Starting With Shiprocket

The brand came across Shiprocket through a Google search and was impressed with the number of features Shiprocket has on offer.

The brand says that one of the main reasons they connected with Shiprocket was the ease of shipment and availability of multiple courier partners. Since they have associated with Shiprocket, shipping their products has become more accessible.

Seas & Skies

Seas and Skies also like the other features offered by Shiprocket, like shipping rate calculator, early COD, same-day shipment pickups, and less than 24 hours delivery within the city.

Brand Seas and Skies believe that Shiprocket has helped them serve their customers swiftly without any delivery delays.

Seas & Skies

In their endnote, brand Seas and Skies says that Shiprocket is one of those applications that every business must use. From providing shipping services to fulfilling orders through warehouses and opening a marketplace for packaging requirements, they feel Shiprocket has a long way to go ahead!

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