An order moves through various screens and processes as you process it for shipment. Here is a snapshot of what happens:

  • In the orders tab, you can generate invoice for the order or skip this step.
  • You can then select courier, and click “Label” to assign an AWB
  • After label is assigned, the order will move to Manifest Tab > Pending.
  • Create manifest in the Pending tab by clicking “Create Manifest”. The order will move into Manifest Tab > Open.
  • Status of the order can be Pickup Scheduled, Pickup Queued or Pickup Error. In case of queued, the order will automatically move to scheduled. In case of error, you will need to retry the next day as the cut-off time for the day is reached.
  • From the Manifest Tab > Open section, you can manually close the Manifest by selecting a particular manifest, or you can wait until our system automatically marks it as Shipped and moves it into the Manifest Tab > Closed section.
  • Once a manifest is Shipped (automatically or manually), it will automatically updated to Delivered by our system tracking. However, if you’d like to manually mark the order as delivered, you can click the order number to go to order details screen and manually mark it as delivered.
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