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Shipping Charge Reconciliation

The Shipping Charge Reconciliation feature makes it easy for the seller, to better reconcile their spends as a business with ShipRocket in a much faster and simpler way. The new and improved dashboard now displays the total collected amount against an AWB number in a single column. Gone are the days of manual calculations, the new platform allows you to see the final amount without any confusion or hassle.

The new panel is divided into the below-mentioned sections and you can access it by going to the Billing section in the left menu. The fourth tab ‘Statement’ is where all your information regarding the monetary transactions is stored.

In addition to this, the new excel format, which can be accessed by clicking on the ‘export’ button on the top right corner, is designed in such a way which enables a business to better comprehend the transactions.

The first set of headers in our Statement tab are:

Total AWB’s Amount: Total freight cost which is the sum total including forward, COD charges and return (if applicable).

Billed AWB’s Amount: The AWBs which have been billed and invoice has been generated.

Unbilled AWB’s Amount: Here you can see the total amount of AWBs will be billed in the next available bill cycle. In case there is a weight discrepancy initiated until then applied weight has been included in the total amount

Total On-Hold Amount: For instance, there are AWB’s for which a discrepancy is raised or there is an ongoing dispute, we will put the respective AWBs amount for extra weight on hold till further resolution.

Invoice Due Amount: Once the invoice is generated and its yet to be paid, we show such amounts in Invoice Due amount tab.

To further explain the segregation, here is an in-depth breakdown of the columns headers.

Order ID: This section displays a unique number against each Order.

AWB Number: This section displays the AWB number and the amount corresponding to it.

Courier: This displays the name of courier partner to whom the consignment is assigned

Shipment Status: Displays the current status of the shipments

AWB Assigned Date: The date when the AWB was assigned

Applied Weight Charges: This is the sum of Forward Amount, RTO Amount, COD Charges and COD Adjusted( in case of return of origin)

Excess Weight Charges: In case courier charges extra weight, it will be displayed here. This will be the sum of Forward Amount and RTO Amount (if applicable in case of return to origin)

On Hold Amount: The amount kept on hold till the time a resolution is reached between the seller and the courier company.

Total Freight Charges: This comprises of the Applied charges + Excess charges

Entered Weight & Dimensions: The weight and dimensions of the shipment entered by you, the seller

Charged Weight & Dimensions: The final weight and dimensions of the shipment charged by the courier partner.

Shipping Charge Reconciliation is a feature that encompasses all the functionality in regards to AWBs processed and In-Transit and gives a clear communication to the seller narrating visually all the key points that will help him understand and plan for his business.

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