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Login To Your Shiprocket Account

Using your registered email address and password, login to your Shiprocket Account. You are now ready to create your first order at Shiprocket.

Add Your Order

a) If you're adding your order for the first time, click on Add Manual Order on your home screen. If you are a regular shipper, you can now further add your order details by clicking on Add Order or Sync Orders button on the top right.

b) Firstly, fill in your Buyer Details under the International Order tab if you’re manually adding your orders. Ensure that you update your buyer’s country/country of destination first, or else you might have to refill all details from the start in case of change in country.

c) Next, update your Order Details in the second step of your order creation journey. Here, fill in your Invoice ID, MIES (if applicable), whether/if your order falls under Commodity under 3C and the latest IGST payment status.

d) Further, add the details of the product to be shipped under Product Details on the same page. Add HSN code for your product here alongside the name, pricing and description. Please note, Shiprocket allows only prepaid mode of payment for international orders.

e) Add your Package Details in the next step. Here, update your parcel’s weight in both dead and volumetric metrics to calculate the applicable weight for your product’s shipping charges.

Recharge Your Shipping Wallet

Recharge your Shiprocket account wallet in multiples of 100, such as 500, 1000, 2500, 5000 and more. Click on Continue to Payment to proceed to your choice of payment gateway (UPI, Cards, Netbanking).

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the minimum amount required to recharge my wallet?

The minimum value to recharge Shiprocket wallet is ₹500, while the maximum value one can recharge up to is ₹50 Lacs.

Can  I select my choice of courier service for an order?

Yes. You can set your courier allocation preference based on cost, delivery time, courier rating or recommendation on your Shiprocket dashboard.

How long does it take COD orders to be remitted into my account?

For all COD orders, one can get COD remittance in just 2, 3 or 4 days, depending on the plan, after the order delivery, into the bank account you have submitted the details of while registering with Shiprocket.