Amazon Commission Rates In India (2022)

Amazon commission rates in India

Commission Definition

A commission is a payment made to a salesperson in exchange for their assistance in starting or finishing a sale. A fixed charge or a percentage of the sales’ revenue, gross margin, or profit may be used to calculate the commission.

Types of Amazon Seller Fee In India

There are mainly three types of Amazon Seller fee excluding Goods & Service Tax (GST), that one have to pay:

  • Amazon Referral Fee
  • Fixed Closing Fee
  • Shipping Fee (Easy Ship Weight Handling Fee)

Each of these components has been explained below along with the latest fee structure.

In addition, there are additional charges involved when using FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) services which include:

  • FBA Pick and Pack Fee
  • Storage Fee
  • FBA Weight Handling Fee

Amazon selling fees depend on the following factors:

  • Product category
  • Product subcategory
  • The selling price of your product
  • Fulfillment Mode (Easy Ship, Self-Ship, Amazon FBA, Amazon Seller Flex, etc.)
  • Source and destination location of the order (local, zone, national)
  • Product weight and dimensions (by weight, by volume)
  • Storage time (short-term, long-term – when stored in Amazon Warehouse)
  • Type of transport (prepaid, cash on delivery)
  • Return type (by customer, courier (RTO), exchange

#1 Amazon India Seller Referral Fee

You will be assessed a specific fee for each sale you make through Amazon’s marketplace. The cost, which is often referred to as a referral fee, is a fixed percentage of the final sales price that starts at 2%. Depending on the category, the proportion can range from as little as 2% (for jewelry-gold coins) to as much as 38%. (for warranty services).

CategoryReferral Fee 
Books2% for item price <=2504% for item price >250 and <=5009% for item price >500 and <=100012.5% for item price > 1000
Software Products11.50%
Video Games7.00%
Video Games – Accessories9% for item price <=50012% for item price > 500
Video Games – Consoles7.00%
Video Games – Online game services2.00%
Toys9.5% for item price <=100011% for item price > 1000
Toys – Drones10.5%
Toys – Balloons & Soft Toys11.00%

Soft Line

CategoryReferral Fee
Apparel – Sarees and Dress Materials10.5% for item price <=30018.00% for item price > 300
Apparel – Sweat Shirts and Jackets13.00% for item price <=30020.00% for item price > 300
Apparel – Shorts, Three-fourths and Capirs14.00% for item price <=30017.00% for item price >300 and <=100019.00% for item price > 1000
Apparel – Women’s Kurtas and Kurtis15.00% for item price <=30016.5% for item price >300 and <=100018.00% for item price > 1000
Apparel – Men’s T-shirts (except Polos, Tank tops and full sleeve tops)17.00% for item price <=50015.00% for item price > 500
Apparel – Women’s Innerwear / Lingerie12.50% for item price <=50011.00% for item price > 500
Apparel – Other Innerwear12.50% for item price <=50012.00% for item price > 500
Apparel – Sleepwear12.00%
Apparel Accessories14.00% for item price <=30018.00% for item price > 300
Apparel – Others14% for item price <=30016.5% for item price >300 and <=100018.00% for item price > 1000
Backpacks12.00% for item price <=5009.00% for item price > 500
Eyewear – Sunglasses, Frames and Zero Eye Glasses12%
Fashion Jewellery22.5% for item price <=100024% for item price > 1000
Fine Jewellery (Gold Coins)2.5%
Fine Jewellery (studded)10.00%
Fine Jewellery (unstudded and solitaire)5.00%
Silver Coins and Bars2.5%
Silver Jewellery10.5%
Handbags12.50% for item price <=5009.5% for item price > 500
Luggage – Suitcase and Trolleys6.50%
Luggage – Travel Accessories11.00% for item price <=50010.00% for item price > 500
Luggage – Other Subcategories5.50%
Shoes14.00% for item price <=100015.00% for item price > 1000
Flip Flops, Fashion Sandals and Slippers9.5% for item price <=50012.5% for item price > 500
Kids Footwear6.00% for item price <=50014.00% for item price > 500
Fashion Smartwatches14.50%


CategoryReferral Fee
Mobile Phones & Tablets (including Graphic Tablets)5.00%
Scanners and Printers8.00%
PC Components (RAM, Motherboards)5.5%
Laptop and Camera Battery12.00%
Laptops Bags & Sleeves12.00% for item price <=5009.00% for item price > 500
USB flash drives (Pen Drives)16.00%
Hard Disks8.50%
Kindle Accessories25.00%
Memory Cards12.00%
Modems & networking devices14.00%
Car Electronics Devices5.50%
Car Electronics Accessories10.50%
Electronic Devices (except TV, Camera & Camcorder, Camera Lenses and Accessories, GPS Devices, Speakers)9.00%
Landline Phones6.00%
Smart Watches & Accessories14.5%
Camera and Camcorder5.00%
Camera Lenses7.00%
Camera Accessories11.00%
GPS Devices13.50%
Headsets, Headphones and Earphones18.00%
Computer/Laptop – Keyboards and Mouse13.00%
Power Banks and Chargers18.00%
Accessories – Electronics, PC and Wireless17.00%
Cases/Cover/Skin/Screen  guard3% for item price <=15018% for item price > 150 and <=30020% for item price > 300 and <= 50025% for item price > 500
Cables and Adapters – Electronics, PC, Wireless20.00%
Car Cradles, Lens Kits and Tablet Cases21.00%
Warranty Services30.00%
Office Products – Office supplies, stationary, Paper products, Art and Craft Supplies, Pens, Pencils & Writing Supplies8.00%
Office Products – Machines & Electronic Devices9.5%
Projectors, Home Theatre Systems, Binoculars and Telescopes6%
Musical Instruments – Guitars7.50%
Musical Instruments – Keyboards5.00%
Musical Instruments (excluding Guitars and Keyboards)7.50%
Musical Instruments – DJ & VJ Equipment,Recording and Computer,Cables & Leads,Microphones,PA & Stage9.50%


CategoryReferral Fee
Baby Hardlines – Swings, Bouncers and Rockers, Carriers, WalkersBaby Safety – Guards & LocksBaby Room Décor Baby FurnitureBaby FurnitureBaby Car Seats & AccessoriesBaby Strollers, Buggies & Prams8.00%
Baby Products – Other6.00% for item price <=10008.00% for item price > 1000
Beauty Products5.00%
Facial Steamers7.00%
Beauty – Fragrance8.5% for item price <=25013.00% for item price >250
Luxury Beauty5.00%
Grocery and Gourmet4.00% for item price <=5005.5% for item price > 500 and <=10009.5% for item price > 1000
Grocery and Gourmet – Hampers & Gifting6% for item price <=10009.5% for item price > 1000
Health and Personal Care – Medical Equipment8.00%
Health and Personal Care – Nutrition9.00%
Health and Personal Care – Ayurvedic Products, oral care and hand sanitizers6.00% for item price <=5008.00% for item price > 500
Health and Personal Care – Other Household Supplies3.5% for item price <=5006.5% for item price > 500
Health and Personal Care – Contact Lens and Reading Glasses12.00%
Health and Personal Care (HPC) – Others11.00%
Personal Care Appliances – Grooming and styling10.00%
Personal Care Appliances – Electric Massagers9.5% for item price <= 100012.00% for item price > 1000
Personal Care Appliances – Glucometer and Glucometer Strips5.5%
Personal Care Appliances – Thermometers8.5%
Personal Care Appliances – Weighing Scales and Fat Analyzers10.5% for item price <= 50012.00% for item price > 500
Personal Care Appliances – Others7.50%
Pet Products6.5% for item price <=25011% for item price >250
Prescription Medicine4.5%

Other Hardline

CategoryReferral Fee
Automotive – Other Subcategories20.00%
Automotive – Tyres and Rims5.00%
Automotive – Helmets, Oils & Lubricants, Batteries, Pressure Washer, Vacuum Cleaner, Air Freshener, Air Purifiers and Vehicle Tools6.50%
Automotive Accessories – Floor Mats, Seat/Car/Bike Covers13.00%
Automotive Vehicle – 2-wheelers, 4-wheelers and Electric Vehicles2.00%
Automotive – Car and Bike parts, Breaks, Styling and body fittings, Transmission, Engine parts, Exhaust systems, Interior fitting, Suspension and Wipers11.00%
Automotive – Cleaning Kits (Sponges, Brush, Duster, Cloths and liquids), Car interior & exterior care (Waxes, polish, Shampoo and other), Car and Bike Lighting and Paints9.00%
Large Appliances Accessories16.00%
Large Appliances — Chimneys7.5%
Large Appliances (excl. Accessories and Chimneys) 5.5%
Large Appliances – Refrigerators5.00%
Furniture14.5% for item price <= 1500010.00% for item price > 15000
Bean Bags and Inflatables11.00%
Business and Industrial Supplies – Robotics, Lab Supplies, Soldering equipment, Personal Protective Equipment (excluding masks) and PPE kits11.50% for item price <= 150005.00% for item price > 15000
Business and Industrial Supplies – Testing & Measuring instruments, Tapes and Adhesives, Packaging Material, 3D printer, Thermal printer and Barcode Scanner8.00% for item price <= 150005.00% for item price > 15000
Business and Industrial Supplies – Material Handling Equipment, Janitorial & Sanitation, Medical & Dental Supplies, Commercial Kitchen and Refrigeration Equipment5.5%
Business and Industrial Supplies – Power Tools & accessories, Welding machines, Microscopes, Industrial Electrical products9.00%
Weighing Scales – BISS and Kitchen10.5% for item price <= 50012.00% for item price > 500
Gym Equipments9.00%
Sports – Cricket and Badminton Equipments,Tennis, Table Tennis , Squash,Football, Volleyball, Basketball, Throwball,Swimming6%
Sports & Qutdoors (excl. Cricket and Badminton Equipments)9.00% for item price <=50011.5% for item price >500
Sports & Outdoors – Footwear14.00% for item price <=100015.00% for item price >1000
Consumable Physical Gift Card5.00%
Sports Collectibles13% for item price <=30017% for item price >300
Entertainment Collectibles13% for item price <=30017% for item price >300
Coins Collectibles15.00%
Fine Art20.00%
Kitchen – Non Appliances6% for item price <=30011.5% for item price >300
Gas Stoves and Pressure Cookers7.50%
Glassware and Ceramic ware6% for item price <=30011.5% for item price >300
Small Appliances5.5% for item price <=50006.5% for item price > 5000
Fans and Robotic Vacuums5.5% for item price <=30007.00% for item price > 3000
Wall Art13.50%
Home Fragrance and Candles10.5%
Home Furnishing12% for item price <=100013% for item price > 1000
Carpets, Bedsheets, Blankets and covers6.00% for item price <=50010.5% for item price > 500
Home Storage10.00% for item price <=30013.00% for item price >300
Home – Other Subcategories17.00%
Home – Waste & Recycling6.00%
Craft Materials8.00%
Home – Posters17.00%
Home Improvement – Wallpapers13.5%
Home improvement (excl. accessories), including Home Security Systems9.00%
Ladders, Kitchen and Bath fixtures8.00%
LED Bulbs and Battens7.00%
Indoor Lighting – Wall, ceiling fixture lights, lamp bases, lamp shades and Smart Lighting12.00%
Indoor Lighting – Others16.00%
Cushion Covers10.00%
Sofa Slipcovers and Kitchen Linens14.50%
Lawn & Garden – Commercial Agricultural Products3.00%
Lawn & Garden- Solar devices (Panels, Inverters, Charge controller, Battery, Lights, Solar Gadgets)5.00%
Lawn & Garden- Chemical pest control, Mosquito Nets, Bird Control, Plant Protection, Foggers6.00% for item price <= 10008% for item price > 1000
Lawn & Garden- Outdoor Equipments (Saws, Lawn Mowers, Cultivator, Tiller, String Trimmers etc), Water Pumps, Generators, Barbeque Grills, Greenhouses5.50%
Lawn & Garden- Planters, Fertilizers, Watering and Other Subcategories13.00% for item price <= 30010.00% for item price > 300 and <=150005% for item price > 15000
Lawn and Garden – Plants, Seeds, Bulbs and gardening tools9.00% for item price <= 50010.00% for item price > 500

#2 Fixed Closing Fee

Amazon charges an additional fee on top of referral fee based on the price range. You can refer the below mentioned for the fixed closing fee:

Fixed Closing Fees (INR per unit)
Item Price including Shipping Charges(INR)Easy Ship (excl. Easyship Prime) Easy Ship Prime Self-Ship FBA (excluding Seller Flex) FBA (excluding Seller Flex)Select Categories
0-2505 8 7 25 12*
251-5009 12 20 20 12**
501-100030 25 36 18 18
1000+56 51 65 35 35

 #3 Amazon Easy Ship Weight Handling Fee in India

The weight of the item determines the price of Amazon rapid ship. The greater of the actual weight or the volumetric weight is used to calculate it.

The volumetric weight of a product is calculated by dividing the result of the package’s dimensions (in cm) by 5000. The resulting volumetric weight will be expressed in grammes.

Weights are categorized into three categories for shipping:

  • Standard size item
  • Heavy and bulky items

Shipping charges are charged also depending upon Local, Regional and National shipment.


As a result of it’s enormous popularity and well-deserved reputation for putting consumers first, Amazon is a highly promising marketplace to use. The profit or loss on any one item could be razor-thin, therefore it’s imperative that you are aware of all the costs involved with selling on Amazon. With this knowledge in mind, you’ll be able to spot worthwhile products and flourish in this massive, continually growing sector.

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