Aramex – Facts, Courier Tracking, Customer Care, Delivery Time

Aramex Courier Facts

Aramex is an international logistics services and mail delivery company based in Dubai, UAE (United Arab Emirates). The courier delivery company is listed on NASDAQ and Dubai Financial Market. Approximately, there are about 13,800 employees that are working for the company in 54 different countries.

Who is the founder of Aramex?

In 1982, Aramex was founded by Fadi Ghandour and his business partner Bill Kingson. Ghandour completed his BA (Political Science) from George Washington University prior to starting the courier company.

What is the full form (or, initial name) of Aramex?

Initially, Aramex was known as ‘Arab American Express’.

Where is the headquarter of Aramex logistics company?

Aramex is headquartered in Dubai, UAE (United Arab Emirates).

How many pin codes are covered by Aramex in India for courier delivery?

Aramex makes courier package deliveries to more than 2,300 pin codes in India.

What are the types of logistics/shipping services given by Aramex?

Aramex gives basically two types of shipping solutions:

  • Express Services
  • Freight Services


What is meant by Aramex Express Services?

Express service is a shipping solution to parcel lightweight courier packages in small quantity across the globe.

Aramex’s Express Services work in 3 modes:

  • Export Express: With this service, you can send your courier packages across the globe, with real-time tracking and delivery proof.
  • Import Express: With this service, you can import documents and courier parcels from anywhere to anywhere in the world.
  • Domestic Express: With this service, you send shipments within your country or city, and can expect timely delivery of the items while tracking the shipment online.


What is meant by Aramex Freight Services?

Freight service is a shipping solution to ship large items across the globe. It works via all three modes of transportation – land, water, and air.

Aramex Customer Care Details

Aramex customer care is available at more than 370 locations in India. However, when you use Aramex via ShipRocket, you don’t need to go anywhere else to locate nearest customer support of the logistics company. In that case, ShipRocket will negotiate with Aramex for your courier rates to be charged (which is minimum in the eCommerce logistics industry). Our reliable customer support team will be your one-stop destination for all the queries related to Aramex courier services.

Aramex Courier Tracking Process

All the shipments that you courier through Aramex via ShipRocket can be easily tracked within our control panel.

Calculate Aramex Shipping Charges or Courier Rates

To calculate what you would be charged for a shipment via Aramex logistics company, make use of our simple shipping rate calculator.

What is the delivery time taken by Aramex couriers?

The time taken by Aramex for delivering a product to its destination depends on the distance between the pick-up point and the destination of the courier. Aramex can deliver your products on the same day depending on the time and required distance to be traveled.

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