How To Avoid Shipping Delays And Deliver Shipments On Time?

For any online store to sustain, it is important that it sees a constant growth in their online store. The best way to do this is to retain your customers by giving them a seamless experience. When you work hard day and night to offer the best online shopping experience, nothing is more daunting than delayed shipments.

Whether the shipment delay is caused due to carelessness from your store or the delay is done from the courier services, it is you, who is accountable to your customers. If your customers are disappointed with the delayed shipping, it can put a serious dent on your company’s image. At that time, it does not matter whether your customer loves your products. All that matters is that he/she didn’t get the package on time.
While most of the time, shipping delays can make you helpless, however, it does not mean that you cannot avoid them on the first hand. Check out the easy ways by which you can make sure that your shipments reaches to your customer on time.

Keep Your Inventory Ready

Always keep a check on the number of products in your inventory and update it every week on your website. You won’t want your customer to order some product that is not available in warehouse. This will result and delays and your customer will get frustrated. Let your customer know if some product is not available on your website.

Keep Your Warehouse Ready

After a while, you must be aware of the most popular products. You would like to keep them in such a place in your warehouse, so that it can be easily dispatched. Keep a track on which product is kept where in your warehouse, to avoid any wastage of time in searching the product. Clearly instruct your warehouse personnel about their duties and responsibilities. You can also go through this blog to know some warehouse management tips.

Keep Packaging Material Handy

Packaging takes a lot of time, which might result in shipping delays. Make sure that you have all the packaging material ready. Also, check if you have apt packaging materials that are needed for the type of products that you are selling. Keep those ready so that you can pack your products and send them for shipping quickly.

Get Automated Logistic Software

To save your time as well as money, experts recommend getting automated shipping software. This will help you import orders, process them, assign AWB number and print shipping labels easily. You can also integrate this software with your software or marketplace for more convenience.

Be Prepared For the Holidays Season

It has been observed that maximum shipping delays are during the holiday season. It is during this time that most of people are sending gifts and products to their loved ones. Also, many courier services do not ship on public holidays. Keep these things in mind and make necessary arrangements. Make sure that all the pending shipments are cleared before the holiday season start to avoid any further delays.

Keeping the above points in mind, you can avoid shipping delays to a great extend. Other than this, it is always recommended to inform your customers beforehand, in case of any shipping delays. You can notify them during checkout or simply send them a mail with proper reason, so that they are also mentally prepared for the shipment. It will surely make a good rapport of your company. But, make sure that you don’t have to send them these notifications again and again; otherwise, this tactic may backfire.

Hope these points help you. Share if you have any other secret to avoid shipping delays. We would love to know. Happy Shipping!

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