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The Best Dropshipping Companies in India


Pulkit Bhola

Specialist Content Marketing @ Shiprocket

December 30, 2022

8 min read

Are you someone who dreams of being an entrepreneur and starting an online business, but struggles to bring together all the things you need to make it happen? Are you looking for an easier way to start selling and earning online? If yes, dropshipping companies might be of great help to you.

best drop shipping companies

Dropshipping is one business model that doesn’t require you to manufacture or stock any product. It’s as simple as it gets. All you need to do is take orders while a third-party manufacturer, wholesaler, retailer, or supplier packs and ships them for you. These entities are also referred to as dropshipping companies.

This is a great time to begin a dropshipping business. The worldwide dropshipping market is projected to go beyond $200 billion by 2023 and has significant potential in India. The first thing to do is choose a reliable dropshipping company to commence this business journey.

Since there are numerous options to choose from, you must carefully evaluate which one suits your business the best with regard to cost, reach, software capabilities and more. Here are some of the most popular dropshipping companies in India to make this easier for you.

best drop shipping companies

Top 10 Leading Dropshipping Companies in India

1. Shopify

Shopify, a renowned marketplace, allows you to host your eCommerce website with them and resell your products. The dropshipping part of Shopify is handled by Oberlo, which doesn’t really charge you any front inventory costs.

Shopify is a top choice for dropshipping because it’s clear about how it works, can bring in good profits, and offers great help if there are any issues with deliveries. You can easily pick and oversee different sellers to sell your products at prices you set.

There’s a 14-day free trial period to get you started. If you like it, you can go ahead and subscribe to one of its plans starting at $29 per month.

2. IndiaMART

IndiaMART, originally a B2B company, is now also one of the go-to dropshipping companies in India. They provide you with a wide range of categories and products to choose from.

A major benefit of opting for IndiaMART is its brand value and extensive reach. You have to pay as you go, based on the deliveries and the services.

3. Baapstore

Baapstore is one of the most simplified dropshipping companies in the country. It offers you a sizeable collection of more than 70,000 products to sell at wholesale rates. The highlight is free delivery service and shipment tracking, which really boosts your customer experience.

Baapstore has multiple courier partners on board, like Ecom Express, FedEx, Speed Post, Aramex and more. The tool also enables you to sell products via different channels without any platform fee.

4. Wholesalebox

As the name suggests, Wholesalebox lands amongst the wholesale drop shipping companies. Using Wholesalebox, one can purchase products at almost wholesale prices.

It primarily focuses on niche market segments such as women’s clothing and apparel. To get started, you just need to enter some contact details and register for free.

5. Seasonsway

Seasonsway is also one of the most trustworthy dropshipping companies, having some of the world’s leading brands as its partners. Seasonsway lets you buy products at affordable rates and sell them at whatever price you want.

It provides you with end-to-end support from storage to packaging and shipping. You just have to take orders from your customers and leave the rest to them. All in all, Seasonsway relieves you from the stress of investing and storing items and takes the hassle out of your order delivery.

6. Hothaat

Hothaat is often called one of India’s first dropshipping companies. Offering more than 30 product categories to select from, Hothaat provides you with an easy-to-use platform to sell your products through an online store.

The platform is free to use. While they do take care of the packaging and shipping of your products, you’ll have to pay extra charges for deliveries and integration.

You see, all of these dropshipping companies make it easier for you to start your online business in a breeze. You don’t have to worry about warehousing, packaging, shipping, or tracking.

One can keep complete control over their business from wherever they are, and sell any product to customers anywhere in the world, sitting comfortably in their home and sipping a cup of tea. So, what are you waiting for? Select a suitable dropshipping supplier today and start making your entrepreneurial dreams a reality. Good luck.

7. SaleHoo

This dropping service player has built its credentials on giving this platform everything online sellers need to be successful in one place. It has over 8,000+ wholesale and dropship suppliers, who are personally vetted by the founders of SaleHoo. They provide more than 1.6 million well-known products at prices that help sellers keep making money. The important features of this platform are constant support available 24/7 and a helpful community of online sellers. Moreover, they offer free training to help you expand your business.

8. Meesho

A home-grown social commerce platform, it is positioned at the top of the leaderboard for the best dropshipping companies in India. The goal of the company is to have over 20 million entrepreneurs on its platform. It currently supports 2 million resellers and 20,000 manufacturers across 500 towns. This business that sells directly to customers started in 2015. They usually take a 10-15% commission from each sale made on their platform. It has a strong anti-counterfeit policy and deactivates seller accounts that are contrary to their policies.

9. Snazzyway

This dropshipping platform specialises in premium lingerie and offers its own range of intimate apparel and other global women’s clothing brands. Begun in 2014, it has moved ahead of its reseller business model to offer quality products at smart pricing on its platform. It supports dropping suppliers for large companies across India. It has 136 employees and 3892 resellers and handles parcel traffic in excess of 1.5 lakhs monthly. 

10. Printrove

A unique dropshipping platform, it is more of a services platform allowing artists and designers to create their own artwork, but the platform does all the printing, packaging and shipping of orders. As a print-on-demand service, it helps entrepreneurs, artists, and different brands expand their product range simply by uploading their designs. Printrove takes charge of the monetisation and shipping processes.

How to Find Dropshipping Suppliers and Wholesalers

If you want to begin a dropshipping business, here are some good tips to find suppliers and wholesalers you can trust:

1. Differentiate Between Legitimate Wholesalers and Retailers

Before diving into your search, it’s essential to distinguish genuine wholesale suppliers from retailers posing as wholesalers. True wholesalers purchase directly from manufacturers and offer better pricing. Watch out for red flags such as ongoing fees and suppliers selling products to the general public at “wholesale prices.”

2. Contact the Manufacturer

One of the most effective ways to find legitimate wholesale suppliers is by reaching out to the manufacturers of the products you want to sell. Ask them for a list of their authorised wholesale distributors, which will help you source products quickly and directly.

3. Utilise Supplier Directories

Supplier directories can be valuable resources for discovering wholesale suppliers within your niche. Some well-known directories include Worldwide Brands, SaleHoo, Doba, and Wholesale Central. While some directories charge a fee, they can provide a convenient way to explore a wide range of suppliers.

4. Attend Trade Shows

Trade shows offer an excellent opportunity to connect with major manufacturers and wholesalers in your industry. It’s a chance to make valuable contacts and research potential suppliers all in one place.

5. Use Oberlo or Similar Platforms

Services such as Oberlo make it simple for you to bring products from suppliers into your online store. This helps you manage your dropshipping business with ease. These services often have handy features like keeping inventory updated in real-time and automated order fulfillment.

6. Google Search with Keyword Modifiers

Although basic, a Google search can still be useful for finding suppliers. Use keyword modifiers such as “distributor,” “reseller,” “bulk,” “warehouse,” and “supplier” to refine your search results.

7. Order from the Competition

Consider placing a small test order with a competitor who you suspect is dropshipping. By examining the return address on the package, you can uncover the original supplier.

8. Assess Supplier Qualities

When assessing potential dropshipping suppliers, look for these essential characteristics:

  • Expert Staff and Industry Focus: Quality suppliers have knowledgeable sales representatives who understand their products and the industry.
  • Dedicated Support Representatives: Seek suppliers that provide individual support representatives for seamless communication.
  • Investment in Technology: Suppliers with advanced technology can offer real-time inventory updates and other helpful features.
  • Ability to Take Orders via Email: Look for suppliers that allow you to place orders conveniently through email.
  • Centrally Located: Consider suppliers located centrally to ensure faster delivery times and potentially save on shipping costs.
  • Organised and Efficient: Test suppliers with small orders to assess their efficiency and order fulfillment processes.

Dropshipping is an attractive business model that allows entrepreneurs to start an online store without the hassle of managing inventory. Instead, you can partner with dropshipping wholesalers and suppliers like Shiprocket that deal with packing and shipping products directly to customers on your behalf.

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