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Here’s How Shiprocket Helped Chelsea Madison New York in Shipping Their Products

Rashi Sood

Content Writer @ Shiprocket

December 22, 2020

4 min read

Chelsea Madison New York

“Watches and fashion go hand-in-hand.”

The watch industry has always had its own important place. Over time, people’s love for watches has only increased. They have now become a synonym for luxury and prestige.

These days, luxury is no more restricted to developed countries. It is gaining popularity in developing countries as well. In India, watches are considered a part of fashion accessories, and consumers are shifting their interest from traditional and regular watches to luxury brands with unique designs. India is a lucrative market for luxury watch brands, owing to the increasing consumers’ interest.

The smartwatch segment has lately seen the fastest growth with an increase in demand among the health-conscious consumers interested in fitness sports. However, the quartz segment still holds the maximum share.

The demand for low-priced and mid-priced watches has also increased exponentially, primarily due to increased demand for value-for-products.

Seeing the opportunity in the watch industry and consumers’ need for luxury watches at affordable prices, Chelsea Madison New York was established.

The Journey of Chelsea Madison New York

After exploring New York City and understanding its history and culture, the brand Chelsea Madison New York was established. The name is derived from Chelsea, a neighborhood in Manhattan in New York City, and Madison, a square garden in New York City. When Madison Square Garden’s magnificence was combined with Chelsea’s youthful vibe, brand Chelsea Madison New York was incepted. The brand is the epitome of luxury and exclusivity. It designs classy masterpieces for its customers.

Each of the brand’s products is inspired by New York city’s key places and are designed using cutting-edge technology.

Chelsea Madison New York focuses on getting luxury watches to its customers at the best prices. The brand takes inspiration from different areas in New York City, creates luxury products, and offers the same to the end consumers.

Challenges Faced by Chelsea Madison New York

Like any other business, the brand Chelsea Madison New York faced multiple challenges. But one primary challenged that they faced was to make luxury and quality products affordable. To overcome this problem, the team traveled worldwide to source products directly and delivered the best products to the end consumers.

The issue that the brand solved later became their USP as they could eliminate the middlemen to offer the best prices while also maintaining quality.

The other issue that the brand Chelsea Madison New York faced was shipping. In order to ship their products to the end consumers, the brand tied-up with different courier companies. But, every shipping company had its own challenges.

Getting Started With Shiprocket

Later, the brand Chelsea Madison New York tied up with Shiprocket after a friend referred it to them. Since the brand has started using the shipping services offered by India’s number 1 eCommerce shipping solution, shipping has become as smooth as butter for them.

Chelsea Madison New York

“With Shiprocket, we get multiple shipping partners at one location. Shiprocket also integrates easily with our eCommerce platform, so it makes it easier for us to handle all our sales.”

An end-to-end logistics solution, Shiprocket offers the best eCommerce shipping solution to online sellers like Chelsea Madison New York. It has comprehensive coverage of more than 27,000 pin codes in Indian and 220 countries globally. Shiprocket is a feature-packed shipping product that offers shipping solutions at the lowest prices, starting at just Rs. 20/500 grams using 17 reliable courier partners. 

Chelsea Madison New York

Shiprocket lets eCommerce sellers integrate their platform with its dashboard. “we can easily sync with Shopify. So we can directly pull orders from the platform and ship to our customers conveniently.”

“Shiprocket also offers international shipping. This means we can control all logistics just from one platform.”

In their endnote, the brand says that Shiprocket is a fast-growing company that brings new technology into play. It is working towards making logistics convenient for online businesses like us. All eCommerce companies must leverage all the features that Shiprocket has on offer.”

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