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International Courier Service Providers in Rajkot

sahil bajaj

Sahil Bajaj

Senior Specialist - Marketing @ Shiprocket

April 12, 2024

8 min read

Expanding and growing your business depends on how well you meet the current demands of your customers. That is why it is important for you to slowly expand your business globally and export your products to untouched markets. It will enable you to develop as a well-known business on a global scale. How will you reach these foreign territories? It is quite simple. You will need to partner up with an international courier service company that can give you reliable and cost-effective shipping services.

Moreover, international courier companies will help you keep your buyers happy and launch your brand globally. You must assess what you need from your international shipper before you partner up with one. This blog will give you an idea about the best international courier services available in Rajkot and the services they provide to help you make an informed decision.

International Courier Service Providers in Rajkot

Outstanding International Courier Services in Rajkot

While partnering with an international courier, what matters is the research you conduct on them. Analyse if they meet your business needs and whether or not they lie in your realm of affordability. While there are several players in the market, here are some of the best international courier services available in Rajkot:

  1. Jalaram Services: 

Jalaram Service is a leading courier agency that specialises in both international and domestic shipping. They have a dedicated team with avid expertise in different parts of the courier industry making them one of the best courier companies in Rajkot. They employ stringent safety measures to ensure that your parcels are not prone to any pilferage or damage. They are well-known for their international door-to-door shipping services. They also provide the “track n trace” feature to ensure that you can monitor your parcels throughout their shipping journey.

  1. Shree Maruti Courier Service: 

Shree Maruti Courier Service is now known as Shree Maruti Integrated Logistics Limited or simply SMILE. They are well-known and trusted courier partners who are experts in courier services across the country. They have their headquarters in Ahmedabad and provide services in Rajkot as well. Over the years, they have gained a brilliant reputation as they are secure, reliable, and trustworthy. 

They offer logistics solutions for various businesses across the country and they cater to all supply chain logistics needs. They have over 37 years of expertise in the industry and they create solutions based on the requirements of their customers. They have established a vast network not just within India but also internationally. They enable quick, secure, and reliable inbound as well as outbound movement of parcels making them one of the best choices for international shipping.

  1. Jay Jyot International Courier and Cargo: 

Jay Jyot International is a well-known courier and shipping company that is primarily based out of Rajkot. They started with the straightforward goal of offering all kinds of logistics services to corporations and other businesses across all sectors and industries. 

They are well-known for their impeccable domestic and international cargo shipping services. Jay Jyot provides shipping via air, rail, sea, and road routes. Their vast and diverse expertise in the industry ensures that all the requirements of clients are met until the complete process is taken care of. They are dedicated to improving the experience and satisfaction of their customers and have become one of Rajkot’s top cargo and courier shipping firms. 

  1. Aditya International Courier and Logistics: 

Aditya International is one of the most reputable and reasonably priced choices for worldwide shipping among the many international courier and logistics companies in Rajkot. They have several offerings for international shipping like air freight, inland transportation, ocean freight, and more. They also offer expedited shipping and customs clearance. They have an innovative solution for real-time tracking that minimises the risk of fraud, theft, and adulteration. Their expertise in the industry makes them a popular courier provider in Rajkot.

  1. Pegasus Wings International Courier and Cargo: 

Pegasus Wings International serves as an all-encompassing resource for all of your shipping requirements. They have been in the shipping business for more than 15 years and offer both domestic and international shipping services. They transport your packages via road, air, or sea. They provide both domestic and international shipping services and have over 15 years of experience in this industry. 

They ship your consignments through air, road, or sea. They help their customers meet their requirements through effective import and export solutions, customs clearance, transportation, door-to-door deliveries, warehousing, inventory management, and more. They also provide custom solutions for their customers irrespective of the type of demand.

  1. Rudra International Courier Service: 

Rudra International has its headquarters in Rajkot and is known to provide the best international shipping services in the area. They strongly believe in the need for reliable and secure courier services and strive to provide their customers with timely deliveries. With several years of experience under their belt, they have developed a strong and unbreakable reputation for being quick, reliable, and affordable international shipping services. They provide several flexible payment options making them a local favorite. 

  1. Desk to Desk Courier and Cargo Express Limited (DTDC): 

DTDC was established well before the 1990s and has its headquarters in Bangalore. However, they are extremely popular across the country. They are a leading agency for shipping in Rajkot as well and are known for their domestic and international shipping. DTDC’s most notable features include cash-on-delivery options, easy bulk shipping, seamless reverse-picking facilities, and affordability.

  1. DHL: 

DHL is an American-founded German logistics company that is extremely popular in India and they offer their services in Rajkot as well. They have grown on a global scale over the years, and they own several distribution centers across the country. Their brilliance lies in extreme consideration of the environment. They have several environment-friendly policies and solutions to reduce their carbon footprint. 

Their safe and on-time delivery services have helped them gain such a great name across the country. They offer to-the-door deliveries accompanied by cash-on-delivery options even for international shipping. Their vast network across borders makes them one of the most reliable and efficient international courier service providers. 

  1. BlueDart: 

BlueDart, founded in 1983, is probably one of the most popular and efficient courier service companies not just in India but worldwide. They have an extensive reach of approximately 350000+ pin codes nationwide. They also ship across the borders to over 220 countries. BlueDart now also owns aviation fleets and is most known for its cash-on-delivery options, waterproof packing, and express delivery services. The brilliance of BlueDart lies in its extensive infrastructure and technology-based logistic services.

  1. Nik International Courier and Cargo: 

Located in the center of Rajkot, Nik International Courier and Cargo is an established shipping firm. They are known for their exceptional focus on giving their customers reliable and efficient cargo shipping services, internationally and domestically. 

They also provide their customers with seamless supply chain management solutions that are both sustainable and innovative. Their comprehensive solutions ensure that all shipments are handled with utmost care and reach their destination promptly. They possess a brilliant tracking system that has helped in building trust among their clients. 

ShiprocketX: Empowering the Global Expansion of Businesses

As an eCommerce business owner, do you dream of expanding your business’s reach internationally? ShiprocketX is a comprehensive international logistics solution just for you. It helps you ship goods to more than 220 international destinations. The best part about choosing ShiprocketX as your international logistics solutions partner is that they offer transparent door-to-door B2B deliveries via air. Moreover, there are no restrictions on the weight of shipments you can send. Shiprocket is a fully managed enablement solution, with special features for modern sellers. With ShiprocketX, you’ll get 100% shipment trackability, competitive pricing, round-the-clock customer support, and more profit margins.


The expansion and growth of your business depend on how many customers you have and how you keep them satisfied. By tapping into markets that you have not yet explored, you will be able to scale your business at a more rapid velocity. By partnering up with an international courier company, you will be able to gain greater visibility. Rajkot is an up-and-coming place for business, and the need for couriers is also on the rise. There are several reliable partners available and you must choose the right one that caters to all your requirements. Affordability is an important aspect while considering shipping as it must not bite into your profits but should still serve your customers well to keep them satisfied. The list curated above showcases the best courier companies in Rajkot and they can help you expand your business horizons.

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