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Leading International Courier Services in Bhopal


Vijay Kumar

Senior Specialist - Marketing @ Shiprocket

January 12, 2024

6 min read

International Courier Services are provided by many players in Bhopal. Along with local parcel services, international shipping is also facilitated by several international couriers at competitive prices. However, what is international couriering? How does it operate in Bhopal and who provides these services? Let’s get some answers to these questions here.

International Courier Services in Bhopal

Top International Courier Services in Bhopal: The Local and Global Players

Bhopal is the industrial center of Madhya Pradesh, the heartland of India. The state is ranked #8 in the Export Preparedness Index of 2022. It has India’s first green SEZ in Pithampur and has over 5 commercial airports, hundreds of flights, and 6 major dry inland container depots (ICDs).  It also leads in the export of textiles, and agriculture, with the pharmaceutical trade accounting for 19.26% of MP’s exports. Lately, the country is expanding its exports in light manufacturing sectors like leather products and textiles. 

With the expansion of the eCommerce industry to serve 100 million customers in India, businesses can improve the post-purchase shipping experience by choosing the right international courier services in Bhopal. 

International couriers perform the key role of collecting, sorting, transporting, and delivering documents, parcels, printed matter, and goods to foreign destinations. They are not regulated by the Acts of the Universal Postal Union. These services are provided to facilitate exporting and expedite shipping by lowering the transit times taken by postal services. Additionally, these service providers are familiar with the legal requirements of couriering and local logistic operations, giving businesses that partner with them a competitive advantage.

The Top International Courier Services in Bhopal

  1. FedEx: One of the largest courier service providers in India. It was founded in 1971. It now services over 19000 locations in India and over 220 foreign destinations. It offers a wide range of international courier services based on location, the volume of orders, and service packages like international economy, international first, and international priority. 
  2. Aramex: It is a UAE-origin international courier service that has been providing global shipment services since 1997. In India, it now services several locations across the country, after acquiring Delhivery. Its international courier services are spread across 220 foreign locations and can be customized to the needs of the business. It currently offers Export Express Services and Export Value targeting faster and cost-effective international courier services respectively. 
  3. BlueDart: Founded in 1983, BlueDart is one of the most networked courier service providers in India. It services over 35000 plus pin codes. Internationally it delivers in more than 220 foreign locations. Its international courier services are labeled for their faster delivery than cost-effectiveness. 
  4. Ecom Express: This Gurugram-based courier company was founded in 2012 and offers an integrated system for businesses looking for overseas courier services. It supports end-to-end custom processing of international deliveries apart from doorstep international delivery. 
  5. DTDC: It is an Indian courier company established in 1990, that now forays into worldwide courier services. Its global operations are rendered via its strategically located offices and distribution centers across 220 overseas locations. It services the SAARC region and several parts of China and deliver international shipments at cost-effective prices. 
  6. DHL: One of the pioneering courier services in India, DHL was founded in 1969. It focuses on services for the eCommerce industry. It has a wide network of warehouses and offers well-managed transportation services at very competitive prices. Its headquarters is located in Bonn, Germany. 
  7. India Post: Established in 1854, the India Post offers reliable and technology-backed services. Its international courier services are available to 220 foreign places. The highlight of India Post is its low-priced courier services. 
  8. UPS: The most popular courier in the US. It supports a broad range of eCommerce businesses in India. It offers a wide range of freight options and handles various hazardous goods as well. It enables businesses to deliver goods to customers’ doorsteps in all parts of the state and typically takes 5 days post-ordering. UPS is an expert in international freight forwarding, shipping goods on pallets and in containers. It also helps with labeling, customs, regulations and charges.
  9. FarEye: Founded in 2013, this international courier serves businesses in Bhopal and areas around. It provides intelligent logistics solutions and shipments to more than 30 countries. It supports B2B, B2C and D2C brands at very competitive prices and ensures on-demand delivery, express shipping, and last-mile delivery services. 

Given the diverse range of top international courier service providers in Bhopal, it is important to choose the right partner based on factors such as the provider’s reach, cost, shipping time, reliability, extended services, and customer support. You may also check the types of delivery services, safety and insurance, and returns management the courier offers. 

Shiprocket X for Your International Courier Needs in Bhopal

One of the top cross-border logistics aggregators, Shiprocket X helps eCommerce businesses handle export-bound orders with its specialized international courier services. It also offers integration with international marketplaces like Amazon US and UK and eBay US and UK. 

In Bhopal, shiprocket’s offices can be easily accessed and contacted for every category of international courier services. 

Some steps for managing international delivery with Shiprocket X: 

  • Upload required documentation like import-export code and PAN
  • Add orders on the Shiprocket dashboard by integrating your sales channel
  • Choose the courier partner, speed of delivery, and shipment mode
  • Schedule a pickup and ship your order

Shiprocket X also helps with returns management. If there are return orders placed after the product reaches the destination country, the product is stored in the foreign warehouse and picked up for any next order. 

The main features of this international courier service provider are: 

  • Multiple shipping modes, running on an automated shipping platform
  • Worry-free customs clearance for categorized products
  • Real-time updates  on shipments
  • Minimum documentation, fast and rapid services  
  • Shipment security is optimized with auto-monitoring systems  
  • Ultra-fast delivery with technology-backed order processing and a network of native providers
  • Branded experience across all delivery services
  • Services B2B with bulk and hyperlocal shipping


eCommerce businesses need an international courier services provider to reach a wider customer at the global level. It also allows these businesses to deliver as per new market trends and become part of a new culture. With an international courier service partner, the business can operate successfully around the world and turn into a global brand. However, businesses will need to work on international shipping service budgets, by managing their order volumes and working with low-cost but quality courier service providers.

Can my business ship overseas from India?

Yes, India has several courier service providers to help your business ship overseas. The Indian postal service is a government establishment, while there are many leading private courier companies of international repute operating in all corners of India. 

How much do international couriers charge for their services?

International courier service providers in Bhopal can charge anywhere from INR 190 per Kg to INR 1200 per Kg. It depends on the destination country, weight, and the commodity you want to ship.

How to book an international courier delivery online?

You will need to go to the courier provider’s website and enter your origin and destination.  Then you have to describe the shipment and check the prices, confirm, and proceed to book online.

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