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Top International Courier Services in Goa

sahil bajaj

Sahil Bajaj

Senior Specialist - Marketing @ Shiprocket

March 8, 2024

9 min read

International eCommerce has become a popular practice among India’s domestic retailers.  However, global shipping presents several hurdles for sellers to achieve success. If you own an eCommerce company in Goa and want to grow your company internationally, here are some top international courier services to make things easy for you. 

According to statistics, the market for courier services worldwide is anticipated to grow to USD 658.3 billion by 2031. The market is expected to expand at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 5.7% during the ten years, from 2022 to 2031.

 To assist you in making an educated choice, a list of some of Goa’s top international courier services is provided below.

international courier services in goa

Prominent International Courier Services in Goa to Rely On

Here’s a list of prominent courier services in Goa that you can rely on:


DHL, the worldwide logistics leader, employs a large team of 600,000 specialists in 220 destinations globally. The staff is devoted to aiding your company to grow internationally or assuring the safe delivery of personal letters to loved ones.

In terms of document and parcel shipment, DHL Express leads the way. This service meets various shipping demands by providing next-business-day delivery, flexible import/export choices, and tailored solutions. The large selection of extra services increases your freedom and customization.

DHL Global Forwarding offers a wide range of cargo transportation alternatives, including air, road, ocean, and rail freight. This offers a dependable and efficient transportation solution adapted to your logistics needs.

DHL Supply Chain provides complete logistical solutions. As a third-party logistics (3PL) provider, it revolutionizes eCommerce operations through warehousing, transport, packaging, and service logistics. The aim is to optimize and streamline every aspect of your supply chain for maximum efficiency.

Blue Dart

An Indian logistics company, headquartered in Mumbai, Maharashtra, specializes in courier delivery services. Its subsidiary, Blue Dart Aviation, operates in South Asian countries. As South Asia’s premier express air, integrated transportation, and distribution company, it ensures secure and reliable delivery to over 55,400+ locations in India. Recognized for a customer-centric approach, you’ll find this company aiming to strengthen partnerships. Aligned with DHL Group’s DHL eCommerce division, it accesses a vast global express and logistics network, covering over 220 locations worldwide. It offers distribution services like air express, freight forwarding, supply chain solutions, customs clearance, etc.

The team drives market leadership through motivated individuals, dedicated air and ground capacity, cutting-edge technology, innovative products, and value-added services. You’ll notice their commitment to providing you with unmatched services. Additionally, the company fulfills social responsibilities related to climate protection (GoGreen), disaster management (GoHelp), and education (GoTeach) through its GoPrograms.


Delhivery, based in Gurugram, is one of India’s most prominent integrated logistics providers. It aims to create a commerce operating system using top-notch infrastructure, high-quality logistics operations, and advanced technology.

Since starting in 2011, Delhivery’s team has successfully managed over 2 billion orders across India. The company has a nationwide network, reaching every state and over 18,600 pin codes. With 24 automated sort centers, 94 gateways, 2880 direct delivery centers, and a team of more than 57,000 persons, Delhivery ensures deliveries 24/7, 365 days a year.

Choosing Delhivery means partnering with a logistics and supply chain expert committed to delivering top-notch service. The goal is to seamlessly fit into your commerce operations, providing reliable services supported by a robust network and advanced technology. Whether handling orders or reaching remote corners of the country, Delhivery is dedicated to serving you efficiently and precisely.


Gati Limited is your solution if you need reliable logistics services in India. Headquartered in Hyderabad, Telangana, Gati offers various services, including surface and air express logistics, warehousing, supply chain management, air freight, and various other services to eCommerce. With offices in every major state, Gati has been a key player in Express Distribution and Supply Chain Management since its establishment in 1989.

It is one of India’s premier logistics companies, dedicated to delivering seamless, end-to-end solutions backed by cutting-edge digital tools and technology, all to make your logistics experience hassle-free.

Gati brings its renowned expertise with customized solutions specifically tailored for retail and MSME sectors. Its services span the country, reaching over 19,800 PIN Codes and encompassing 735 of India’s 739 districts. Overseas shipping is facilitated by its sea freight team. It transports FCL (Full Container Load) and LCL (Less than Container Load) to anywhere around the world and delivers them to the receiver’s doorstep.


XpressBees, a top logistics provider, offers complete domestic supply chain solutions and international shipping. Its domestic services include large-scale warehousing and inventory management, covering 40+ cities in India, with nationwide last-mile delivery. In 2015, XpressBees started in limited cities and expanded to cover the entire nation, becoming a comprehensive logistics solutions provider. XpressBees secured investments from Alibaba, SAIF, CDH, Valiant, Investcorp, Norwest Venture Partners, Gaja, Blackstone, TPG, and ChrysCapital, solidifying its position in the logistics sector.

XpressBees handles more than 3 million shipments across 20,000+ pin codes for you. With 3,500 service centers, 150 hubs, and a dedicated team of over 28,000 Field Service Representatives, XpressBees is well-equipped to meet your diverse logistical needs, focusing on efficient and reliable services tailored to you. With a network that spans continents, Xpressbees can guarantee smooth international deliveries to more than 220 locations. The knowledgeable staff expertly handles intricate global rules, guaranteeing seamless customs clearance and compliance for trouble-free shipment.


FedEx Corporation, formerly Federal Express Corporation and later FDX Corporation, is a prominent American company focused on transportation and eCommerce business services. Using FedEx Express, you get one of the world’s most extensive express transportation services, ensuring fast and reliable delivery to every U.S. address and over 220 foreign destinations. Using a global air-and-ground network, FedEx Express speeds up the delivery of time-sensitive shipments in one to two business days, guaranteeing short delivery time.

In India, FedEx offers services like FedEx Priority Overnight and FedEx Standard Overnight, covering over 330 domestic destinations. FedEx India provides various convenient services tailored to your needs, including collect on delivery, delivery on invoice acceptance, freight on value, freight to collect, and Hold at FedEx Locations. This gives you various options, making shipping and logistics smoother within the country.

Goa Courier Service

Established in 2015, Goa Courier Service provides end-to-end logistics solutions tailored to every business need. Its express services, which have a strong local and international network, are the top international postal services in Goa.

Goa Courier Service offers a wide range of services to ship eCommerce products to destinations all around the world. This includes overnight delivery to important foreign locations. It provides international courier services with prompt air freight, partnering with specific gift delivery services in certain locations.

Goa Courier Service provides the fastest connections to the rest of the world by offering a range of cargo options that meet eCommerce needs. It partners with several other services to provide quick door-to-door delivery services to worldwide customers, thus widening their global reach.

Skyline International Courier 

Skyline International Courier is located in Margao, Goa. It offers fast and timely shipping and delivery of goods all over the globe via air cargo, sea transportation, and door-to-door international courier. It also provides door pickup service for customers. Its services cover many countries including the UK, USA, Canada, France, Germany, Australia, New Zealand, etc. 

Skyline International Courier offers local, domestic, and international courier services. It ships food, beverages, electronics, medications, and other goods all over the world.

OnDot Courier and Express Cargo

OnDot Courier and Express Cargo users benefit from diverse courier services for domestic and international needs. With almost two decades of experience, the company excels in swift document, small parcel, and heavy shipment deliveries.

For domestic requirements, the National Dox service ensures efficient pan-India pickup and express delivery for documents, spanning over 800 destinations. Booking is simplified in 250 gm weight slabs, offering flexibility to suit your shipping preferences.

Internationally, OnDot simplifies the process with Express Document and parcel services to over a hundred destinations, including special arrangements for heavy-load shipments.

Beyond standard services, OnDot addresses specific logistical challenges with dedicated solutions like Heavy Shipment service and Reverse Logistics. Trust OnDot Courier & Express Cargo for dependable and user-friendly courier solutions, both domestically and internationally.

Unlock Global Growth For Your Business Right From Goa With Shiprocket X

Seamlessly ship to over 220+ international destinations using Shiprocket X’s service. We are recognized as India’s premier cross-border shipping solution. Avail the advantages of B2B air deliveries without weight restrictions and confidently grow your business globally, leveraging Shiprocket X’s extensive courier network.

Taking your brand international becomes a low-risk venture with Shiprocket X’s fully managed enablement solutions. Discover numerous growth opportunities through Shiprocket X’s international shipping platform. Tailor the global courier network to your needs with various shipping modes and visibility options. Enjoy the convenience of affordable 10-12-day deliveries, prioritized 8-day deliveries, and cost-efficient US and UK shipments. Navigate hassle-free customs clearance and transparent billing, eliminating paperwork hassles with Shiprocket X.

Ensuring swift international delivery is simplified with automated workflows. Keep your customers informed at every step through real-time updates via Email and WhatsApp, all made possible by Shiprocket X.


If you need courier services in Goa, check the service providers listed above. They established an international reputation for providing high-quality services. They earned the trust of several small and medium-sized businesses by assuring timely delivery.  These organizations are capable of handling your logistics efficiently since they are conversant with the eCommerce industry’s unique requirements. You should contact them to learn more about the services they provide, as well as the pricing range. Your Goa eCommerce firm may build an effective logistics system and improve the overall consumer experience by partnering with a courier provider.

What three purposes does a courier service fulfill?

Characteristics like speed, security, tracking, signature, individualization and specialization of express services, and quick delivery times are standard. Most regular mail services set couriers apart from regular postal services.

What benefits and drawbacks come with using a courier service?

Some of the benefits of using courier services are convenience, safe and dependable delivery, and secure handling of valuables. Businesses should also consider the drawbacks, such as the expense, the coverage’s limitations, the need for quick responses, and the reliance on outside services.

What is the procedure for courier operations?

It involves organizing and streamlining the processes, scheduling the routes for pickup and delivery, retrieving the items from the customer, delivering them to the correct location, finishing the customer transaction, and keeping track of the courier delivery activities.

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