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10 Premier International Courier Services in Pune


Vijay Kumar

Senior Specialist - Marketing @ Shiprocket

December 26, 2023

8 min read

Choosing the best international courier service is essential if you operate an export business and ship items abroad regularly. It guarantees safe and prompt delivery, helps you expedite your shipping procedures, and saves time and money. Selecting the finest international courier service in Pune could be difficult with so many possibilities available. You may get help from this post by reading about the top ten international courier services in Pune, which are renowned for their effectiveness, timely delivery, and first-rate customer care.

Courier Services in Pune

10 Top Rated International Courier Services in Pune

There are several best-rated foreign courier services in Pune, which can meet your shipping requirements. These exceptional services guarantee a flawless experience for both individuals and corporations. They are renowned for their dependability, effectiveness, and broad worldwide reach.

DHL Express 

DHL is a big international courier service that sends packages to over 220 foreign destinations. They have different ways to ship things, like by air or sea. They’re known for being fast in shipping with options like express delivery. Businesses can benefit from DHL’s tailored solutions designed to meet specific transportation needs. They provide real-time tracking for packages. 

DHL Express, in particular, is a top choice for quick international shipping. They offer services like Next Possible Business Day delivery, flexible import/export options, and various optional services. Whether you need something delivered fast or have specific shipping requirements, DHL has a range of services to make it easy.

2. FedEx

FedEx is a popular company that sends packages to many countries and is known for being reliable and fast. They provide different routes to send packages, like express delivery, air freight, and sea freight. FedEx also lets you track your package in real-time. They offer customized shipping plans for businesses.

If you use FedEx, you can order free shipping supplies online and choose from various packaging options. They help with customs clearance when shipping internationally. FedEx offers electronic billing options to make the payment process smoother. Additionally, they have a rewards program where you can earn points for shipping internationally and redeem them for rewards. You can track your packages whenever you like, giving you control and confidence in your shipments.

3. UPS 

UPS is a trustworthy international courier service that sends packages to over 220 foreign places. They have different ways to ship things, like express delivery, air freight, and sea freight. UPS uses advanced technology and real-time tracking to ensure your packages are delivered safely. They keep an eye on customs rules and tariffs that can change, so you don’t run into any problems. UPS has different shipping options, like the quickest one in 1-3 business days or a more budget-friendly choice in 2-5 business days. UPS Worldwide Economy is especially good for small businesses and online shops that want cost-effective shipping.

4. TNT

TNT, a leading international courier service, extends its reliable shipping options to Pune. With coverage in more than 200 overseas locations, TNT offers various shipping choices, including express delivery, air freight, and sea freight. Businesses of any size can benefit from personalized shipping solutions and real-time tracking offered by TNT. If you are in Pune and frequently ship packages, you can rely on TNT for shipping. It provides customized rates, and can even pick up your package to save you time. Explore the convenience of instant online quotes with myTNT 2 for a seamless shipping experience from Pune to destinations worldwide.

5. Atlantic 

Atlantic is your trusted international courier service, reaching over 220 destinations. It has shipping options like express delivery, air freight, and sea freight. Atlantic International Express, acclaimed as India’s fastest international courier service, has earned customer trust since 2013 with secure, reliable, and swift deliveries. This helped them secure a top spot among India’s leading courier companies.

With a dedicated team of 200+ professionals, 10+ offices, and 500+ agents, Atlantic ensures seamless and rapid shipping services. Available 24/7, Atlantic is committed to helping you efficiently send international couriers, offering a convenient and cost-effective solution for your global parcel shipments.


DTDC Courier is there to help you when you need to send things from Pune to other countries. They’re well-known for shipping packages securely and on time delivery. DTDC works with an extensive network to deliver to over 220 places globally, using their offices and international friends.

If you’re in a hurry, DTDC’s Premium Express service is perfect for quick shipping of important documents or parcels. It promises on-time deliveries and lets you track your package from start to finish. You might like the Priority Express option for a good balance between speed and cost. It’s fast and won’t break the bank. They can even help with bigger shipments through their freight forwarding service. DTDC is ready to make international shipping easy for you.

7. Unique express 

If your business is based in Pune and needs to send packages overseas, consider Unique Express. Known for personalized shipping solutions and expert handling, they offer reliable and cost-effective options. With a skilled team, they ensure smooth deliveries. From air freight to sea freight, they cater to larger shipments worldwide. Unique Express also provides real-time tracking for transparency. 

Unique Express specializes in timed deliveries to countries like the U.K., U.S.A., UAE, Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, South Africa, Kenya, and Sri Lanka. With over two decades of global transportation experience, they adhere to international standards for efficient and convenient services. They offer bulk airfreight, door-to-door and port-to-port options, and services like cash on delivery and freight collection.

8. Blue dart

Blue Dart Courier Service covers you if you’re in Pune and need reliable international shipping. Their extensive delivery network and excellent customer support ensure a smooth process. They offer door-to-door delivery, making it easy for you and the recipient. You can track your package for free.

Blue Dart provides DHL Express Worldwide services, offering a one-stop shipping solution for international documents and packages. With access to 220 territories, their network ensures reliable, time-definite, door-to-door delivery. The service includes:

  • Convenient pick-ups from your location
  • Customs clearance expertise for efficient delivery
  • Real-time tracking through their website

It’s a cost-effective option as the door-to-door service eliminates the need for a clearing agent, making the entire process hassle-free.

9. Falcon Courier Services

Consider Falcon if you’re in Pune and need a reliable international courier service. They’re known for delivering packages promptly and securely. FALCON offers different shipping options to match your needs, whether you prefer express shipping or more budget-friendly choices. Established in 1994, Falcon Courier Service is professionally managed and has a strong presence across India with branches and franchisees.

When you choose Falcon, you’re opting for a company committed to meeting your demands. They’ve gained expertise in safe, reliable, and punctual deliveries, making them a trustworthy choice for parcels and cargo. Falcon prioritizes speed, safety, reliability, and economy in their services, ensuring fast delivery and secure handling to build customer confidence and loyalty. Trust Falcon for your shipping needs, and experience efficient handling of your packages.

10. Expert international couriers

Expert International Courier is one of the largest companies in India for overseas shipping. They have an extensive network for importing and exporting logistics and offer personalized courier and cargo services. You can use their services to send couriers to the USA, UK, and worldwide.

Expert International Courier has two primary services: 

  • Expedited air express for quick delivery of essential documents 
  • International Non-Document Services for swift parcel delivery through efficient customs clearance channels.

An international courier service like Expert International Courier ensures a premium and comprehensive experience. They focus on collecting and delivering your shipments as quickly as possible.

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If you are an eCommerce seller in Pune and want to ship parcels to foreign destinations, opting for top-rated international courier services comes with some excellent perks. These services are well-known for being dependable and efficient, making shipping your products globally a breeze.

When you go for these services, your products can swiftly and safely reach customers worldwide. It’s like having a trustworthy partner that helps you handle distance challenges and adds convenience and reliability to your shipping process. Safe and expedited shipping can significantly enhance the success of your eCommerce business.

What is the international shipping process?

For international shipping, there are seven steps:
 Export Haulage
Origin Handling
Export Customs Clearance
Ocean Freight
Import Customs Clearance
Destination Handling
Import Haulage

What are the benefits of international shipping? 

International shipping helps eCommerce sellers with a broader customer base, market diversification, increased sales, a competitive edge, enhanced brand visibility, and overall business growth. Businesses can tap into global markets.

Who pays for shipping in international trade?

In international trade, the seller is responsible for paying shipping costs. They deliver goods, cover freight expenses to the named destination port, and arrange insurance against loss or damage during carriage.

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