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Prominent International Courier Services in Madurai

sahil bajaj

Sahil Bajaj

Senior Specialist - Marketing @ Shiprocket

April 9, 2024

6 min read

Do you have a business in Madurai and want to expand to international markets? Are you wondering how you will ship your products across borders? Madurai has several international shipping companies to do this job for you. They will take care of all of your shipping needs and ensure the security and timely delivery of all your parcels. With the world growing a whole lot closer, you can now make use of the global marketplace to improve your business.

The market value of the air cargo industry worldwide is projected to reach approximately USD 210.3 billion by 2027. This shows the increasing need for air freight.

This article will tell you all there is to know about the different international courier shipping companies in Madurai and how they handle cross-border shipping regulations.

International Courier Services in Madurai

Courier Services in Madurai Excelling in International Shipping

The number of experts in international shipping is quite high today. This rise in the number of shipping experts is due to the increase in the eCommerce businesses expanding to international markets and the need for international shipping. Madurai has several international courier services that excel in global shipping. 

Here are the most popular international courier services in Madurai:

  • Riku Cargo Services:

In Madurai, one of the most dependable and credible logistics partners for international shipping is Riku Cargo Services. They offer several services including freight forwarding, air customs clearance, sea and ocean freight clearance and forwarding, warehouse distribution and inventory management, air courier, and more. They are known for their cost-effective services that are hassle-free and hence are a favourite in their locality. They possess well-equipped technology and infrastructure to cater to all types of requirements. Their ability to provide custom solutions makes them so popular. Additionally, they make use of communication tools to guarantee that during delivery, everything is properly coordinated. With expertise in the industry for over 53 years, Riku Cargo is certainly a reliable and affordable partner for air courier services. 

  • Vegin Global Express: 

Vegin Global Express offers several modes of shipping including road, sea, and air freight for both international and domestic purposes. They are known for their cargo shipping to anywhere in Europe and the United States. With 120+ aircraft in 30 cities and 6000+ containers in 20 ports, they make freight movement smooth and easy for the customers. They guarantee timely B2B and C2C deliveries. 

  • Skyland Xpress Logistics Services: 

Skyland Xpress Logistics has its headquarters in Chennai but offers services in Madurai as well. They are renowned as a one-stop solution for domestic and international logistics, warehousing, trucking, freight forwarding, and container carriers. They offer affordable international shipping services, making them an extremely sought-after courier in Madurai. Through their customs clearance section, they assist customers with import and export customs clearances

  • DHL: 

DHL is a German logistics corporation with a strong Indian following. They provide an array of services in several locations in India. They provide international document and parcel shipping for all shippers and cargo shipping exclusively for businesses. They also offer enterprise logistics services for businesses. DHL Express service ensures the next possible business day delivery of consignments.

DHL Global Forwarding provides international shipping via air, road, rail and ocean freight. Even for overseas shipping, they provide cash-on-delivery choices in addition to door-to-door services. They are among the most dependable and efficient international courier services due to their extensive global network. 

  • Desk to Desk Courier and Cargo Express Limited (DTDC): 

DTDC has a strong reputation for both local and international shipping. The most noteworthy aspects of DTDC are its affordable prices, convenient bulk shipping alternatives, smooth reverse-picking capabilities, and cash-on-delivery choices. Through their partnership with international companies and their own offices located in major global commerce hubs, they facilitate shipping to more than 220 international destinations. DTDC provides an extensive selection of international shipping solutions, which range from expedited alternatives that prioritise speed to more economical deliveries that optimise both speed and cost. The cross-border shipping solutions offered are premium express and priority express. 

How Do Madurai Couriers Handle the International Shipping Regulations?

Madurai couriers follow international standards to reduce risks of damages and losses of consignments. They also help prevent unwanted access to shipments. They work with transportation authorities and employ professionals with training in handling various commodities. These staff members receive specific training in safe packing and handling delicate objects and know safety rules. 

Here is the procedure Madurai couriers follow to comply with the international shipping regulations:

  • They verify that all shipping papers, such as bills of lading, packing lists, and commercial invoices are accurate, complete, and in compliance with the requirements of international shipping rules.
  • They ensure compliance with customs regulations in the country of origin and destination.
  • Import clearance is done once the goods arrive in the country of destination

Each country has its own set of customs regulations. The customs authority checks each item in the shipment to determine whether it’s eligible to enter the destination country. They will also check whether all clearance fees, duties and taxes have been paid.  

Expand to Global Markets With ShiprocketX’s International Shipping Services

As an eCommerce business that is planning on expanding the business worldwide, you may want to simplify international shipping as much as possible. ShiprocketX offers a comprehensive solution to facilitate cross-border shipping, with an extensive network in 220 foreign destinations. The fact that ShiprocketX enables global sales with minimal investment risks makes it one of the best international courier services in Madurai. And that’s not all! With ShiprocketX, you also get transparent door-to-door B2B deliveries, 100% shipment trackability, and integration with major eCommerce platforms. The prices are fairly competitive and there are no restrictions on the weight of shipments. All the features combined can help your eCommerce business grow globally.


International shipping has certainly brought the world closer enabling a global marketplace. You can accelerate the growth of your company by entering markets that you have not yet delved into. Your visibility will increase if you collaborate with an international courier service. In Madurai, there are many trustworthy partners to choose from; you need to pick the one who can meet all of your needs. When it comes to shipping, affordability is crucial since it should not only satisfy your customers but also not eat into your earnings. Understanding your needs and also the cost incurred to ship across international borders will allow you to make the right choice while finding your shipping partner. 

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