What do you mean by Non-Delivery Report (NDR) and Return to Origin (RTO)?

A Non-Delivery Report or NDR is a receipt which shows you the orders which were not delivered and the reason for their non-delivery. To process an NDR, you need to respond to the raised NDR with “Reattempt” or “Return to Origin” (as per the situation) along with the appropriate remarks. A maximum of 3 attempts are done by the courier partner to deliver your order to the end customer post which it is marked as RTO and the shipment is returned to the pickup location.

An order which has not been delivered is shown in the panel for 24 hours in which the seller can tell what needs to be next step of action – whether to “Reattempt” or “Return to Origin”. In case the seller fails to respond within 24 hours, the order is processed for RTO. The orders which are processed for RTO, for them the merchant may incur additional shipping charges.

This is where the orders marked as Non-Delivery Report (NDR) are reported. The NDR tab can be found in the Tracking section within the Shiprocket panel. You can add comments in the Action tab and either ‘Re Attempt’ or ‘Return’ the parcel.

The Return to Origin (RTO) orders are displayed here. The ‘Initiated’ tab shows the orders which are on their way to the end destination.

The ‘Delivered’ tab shows the orders which have been delivered and have made their way back to the shipper.


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