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Monthly Product Roundup – Exciting New Inclusions – November 2018

November 21, 2018

3 min read

We are moving into the New Year, and like every year, we are continuously innovating! We’ve launched some new and exciting features which would definitely enhance your customer’s experience and also make shipping a much easier task for you.

1) Alerts For Incomplete Orders

When orders get synced from different channels, it is common for details to be sketchy or varied than the standard followed by Shiprocket. Now you will get information about any incomplete orders, and you can update them easily. You will be able to see a red alert around the incorrect/incomplete information. This alert will enable you to make any changes as soon as possible to avoid any confusion during shipping and also streamline your process for easier handling.

Just look out for this red alert symbol around any information box.

Upon hovering over the alert, you will see the incorrect information mentioned, and you can correct the same.

2) All New Post Ship Experience (Beta Version)

Our post-ship module aims to enhance the experience of the end buyer once you have processed the order. It provides the seller with a customized tracking page which they can edit at their will. This page contains elements such as

– Granular tracking
– NPS scale for the buyer
– Marketing banners
– Menu links
– Company name, logo and seller support details.

You can modify each of these features under the Post-Ship module in your Shiprocket app.

1) Menu Links

To edit the menu links displayed, select menu links → edit label name → edit link →  Save

To add more menu links, click on ‘add another’ and follow the same procedure.

2) Marketing banners

To edit/add the banners displayed go to Post ship →  Marketing Banners → Add new banner → Add images → Add links →  Save

NOTE: Maximum of 3 marketing banners can be added.

3) Edit company details

To change your company logo, display name and support email ids, and contacts, go to Post-Ship → Settings → Edit desired fields → Save

4) Net Promoter Score

To check your NPS score go to Post-Ship → Net Promoter Score

3) In-app Guidance Simplified

For those operating the Shiprocket app for the first time, we understand it can be challenging to get around to using the application. However, now you can easily follow any feature you get stuck at, yourself!

Just go to the ‘Self-Help’ option appearing at the right side of your panel and look for related documents, images, and videos of the problem if you are stuck.

This way you are sorted and don’t need to rely on phone calls with the support team now and then – Saving an ample amount of productive time for your business!

4) Other Features

– Receive bulk order invoices on your registered email ID and company email ID to avoid any confusion.

– Get notified for weight discrepancies if any. When processing an order above the prescribed limit, you will be alerted. In the case of single order processing, you are alerted if the applied weight is above 10 KG for air and 25 kg for surface courier partners. While for bulk order processing an error will be shown along with remarks informing you that the weight is higher than the prescribed limit.

We hope these new inclusions will simplify your business and also help you scale great heights!

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