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9 Reasons Why You Should Use An International Courier Service

sahil bajaj

Sahil Bajaj

Senior Specialist - Marketing @ Shiprocket

May 6, 2024

8 min read

As you expand your eCommerce business across borders, the adage holds: “Many hands make light work.” Just as you need a large and more efficient team to navigate the complexities of global shipping and make your operations smooth, investing in reliable shipping solutions becomes indispensable for competing and succeeding in the international marketplace. 

Ever since online shopping became a norm for many worldwide, the international courier service industry has been booming. The market size of global courier services valued at USD 438.5 billion in 2023 is predicted to reach USD 466.79 billion in 2024, demonstrating a 6.5% compound annual growth rate (CAGR). 

Many firms, from large-scale to medium—and small-sized businesses, use international courier services to ship a variety of goods around the globe. This blog will explain 9 reasons why you should use an international courier service for shipping your orders, documents, and other important international parcels.

Reasons Why You Should Use An International Courier Service

The Increasing Need For Global Shipping Solutions

Online shopping is almost becoming borderless in today’s interconnected world. As the access and adoption of the global internet is rapidly growing, with more than five billion internet users worldwide, the percentage of people making online purchases is ever-increasing. In 2024, experts estimate retail eCommerce sales to exceed USD 6.3 trillion worldwide, and this figure may reach new heights shortly.

There is no wonder you see a soaring demand for global shipping solutions. Businesses are expanding their reach across borders more frequently as consumers seek products from different corners of the globe. 

Let’s see some of the key reasons behind this increasing demand:

Globalisation: The number one reason is the globalisation of markets. Businesses are tapping into international opportunities to expand their customer base and leverage new markets. Therefore, they require robust shipping solutions to cater to customers sitting across the border, and smoothly facilitate the movement of their goods between nations.

eCommerce Boom: Another factor is the unprecedented growth of the eCommerce industry, with more consumers turning to online shopping for convenience and variety. Recent eCommerce statistics show that nearly 33% of consumers worldwide are shopping online to fulfill their needs, which is a stark 5% increase from 2022. In fact, you’re bound to see a user penetration of 53.9% in 2024 and 63.2% in 2028, approximately, as per experts, converting about 4.5 billion people into eCommerce market consumers in the next four years.

Consequently, there’s a surge in the demand for efficient shipping solutions to complete orders and satisfy customers worldwide.

Customer Expectations: Customers’ delivery expectations in today’s maddeningly fast world are going off the roof. They want hassle-free shipping options and swift deliveries in no time. 60% of global buyers expect same-, next-, or two-day eCommerce delivery. This also influences their purchase decision. Thus, firms catering to today’s impatient customer base need to adopt shipping solutions that offer transparency, tracking capabilities, and timely delivery, regardless of geographical distance.

Supply Chain Optimisation: Companies in international trade now often focus on optimising their supply chains to improve efficiency and alleviate their operational costs. Integrated global shipping solutions are a major contributor to organising businesses’ tasks and schedules. Firms hire these shipping experts to streamline supply chain operations and deliver raw materials, components, and finished products in time to satisfy market demands.

Why You Should Opt For An International Courier Service?

The consumer’s interest in buying goods online from anywhere in the world has created an even greater need than before for efficient and reliable shipping services. Here’s a compelling list of 9 reasons why you should use an international service: 

Market Expansion

You may have thought of or could already be targeting the international market! It’s a common story for most growing brands these days. They want to expand their horizons and have an international customer base. International courier services can be your reliable partner in this growth trajectory, as they offer convenient ways for businesses of all sizes to ship products globally with utmost ease.

These shipping firms usually have a wide global network that helps you reach a worldwide audience. They help businesses with regular shipping needs to open a business account with international shipping companies and get a discounted price for the same.

Reliable Services

A reliable international courier company ensures that your customers receive their orders in the promised time frame in perfect condition. They look after your shipment throughout the journey and take the necessary measures required at every step. This reliability factor becomes all the more important when it comes to long-distance transport, like from one country to another. 

Door-to-door Delivery

Convenient and cost-effective doorstep delivery is another big reason why you should use an International courier service. The shipping company personnel efficiently collect shipments from your doorstep and deliver them directly to your specified recipient’s address. 

They have arrangements for all logistics and other resources required in the international shipping journey, from port to port and to the final destination. It takes the burden of arranging these logistics off your shoulders.  

Advanced Tracking Ability

The use of advanced tracking technology is also a reason why you should use international courier services. They employ sophisticated technology to give you real-time updates on your products in transit, which allows you to monitor them and rectify any on-the-way issues immediately. 

Moreover, you can also update your customers about their shipments to give them a greater buying experience. Customers nowadays care a lot about receiving constant updates on the whereabouts of their orders. 

Speedy International Delivery

Competent international courier services are popular for having an impressive speed of delivery for international shipments. They have a strong global shipping network that allows them to swiftly deliver your orders in a dedicated time frame. Some firms also have special teams of international shipping experts to execute and manage the process. 

It takes away the need to schedule shipments ahead of time. Therefore, hiring a shipping company to do the job for you makes your international deliveries quicker.

Financial Gain 

Numerous major corporations have the potential to delegate approximately 20% of their shipping requirements to courier services, largely driven by the increasing need for expedited customer deliveries. Consequently, if your business has frequent shipping requirements throughout the year you can capitalise on the diverse shipping options provided by these international courier services. It can help you optimise cost savings by scheduling shipments during off-peak periods.

Regulatory Compliance

You often have to grapple with intricate regulatory procedures and customs protocols while shipping internationally. This is one of the most persuasive reasons why you should use international courier services. The dependable shipping solutions they provide help your business adhere to international regulations of different countries and get through customs clearance easily. It mitigates shipping delays for you and saves you from penalties linked with non-compliance.

Flexible Shipping Options

When it comes to shipping, many things come into play, including urgency, size, and weight of your shipment. International Courier services tailor shipping options to fit your needs and provide a plethora of them to you. You can compare different options and pricing structures to select the most suitable one.

For instance, many shipping companies offer next-day or two-day deliveries for urgent packages. 

24/7 Customer Support 

Still wondering why you should use an international courier service? Well, another advantage is that you’ll have 24/7 customer support available to you amidst your international shipping process. This kind of customer service is important because you may need the whereabouts of your package or any resolution related to it at any time. 

For instance, in case of a delay in delivery, you can contact your shipping company’s customer care. They take full accountability and responsibility for your international shipment and hence are available to assist you at any hour.  

ShiprocketX: Reliable International Shipping Solutions

Do you need a reliable partner to ship internationally? Then look no further than ShiprocketX, a product of Shiprocket. They provide adept and lightning-fast international courier service with their 11+ years of experience in logistics. Their team of dedicated international shipping experts has catered to over 2.5 lakh Indian sellers who rely on their brand for their cross-border shipping needs. 

With ShiprocketX, you can ship to over 220 locations worldwide. You can also access transparent B2B doorstep deliveries to any international location without any weight restrictions.

Stay worry-free with real-time updates through their advanced tracking system, designed to help you monitor your shipment’s progress. Also, keep your customers at peace by giving them regular shipping updates using Email and  WhatsApp messages. 

Our customer support is there to assist you around the clock. Talk to our experts when in need, as they effortlessly resolve in-transit issues for you. 


International Courier services are like fuel to a business’s engine for conducting international trade. The wheels, vessels, and wings that carry your international cargo need an efficient leader to get them in line for superfast, hassle-free, and zero-defect deliveries. The captains steering these ships are shipping companies that make this process a cakewalk for you. They serve as indispensable components of eCommerce operations, enabling efficient order fulfillment and, ultimately, customer satisfaction.

It’s highly important to latch your business with a shipping partner and select an appropriate one to make successful international deliveries and enhance your global reach.

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