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Shiprocket Promise: Empowering Sellers to Cultivate Customer Trust

sahil bajaj

Sahil Bajaj

Senior Specialist - Marketing @ Shiprocket

May 22, 2024

8 min read

The Shiprocket Promise application has an overarching motive. It strives to gain customer confidence and largely increases the overall conversion rate of website visitors. The objective is fulfilled by elevating the frequency of the “Add to Cart” option and leveraging the Expected Delivery Date (EDD) visibility.  These features drive the reinforcement of trust, transparency, and security in the complete purchasing process. All in all, the features of the Promise app have joined forces to minimise the hesitation of the buyer, develop and foster trust, and increase conversion rates by prompting potential customers to complete transactions. 

This article details everything about the Shiprocket promise, its offerings, how it can help eCommerce sellers enhance conversion rates, the application’s features, its installation and setup, etc.

Shiprocket Promise

How Shiprocket Promise Helps eCommerce Stores Enhance Conversion Rate?

The Shiprocket Promise app helps Shopify store owners increase conversion rates through several strategic features. We’ll discuss these characteristics in detail below. The Shiprocket Promise widget also enables you to streamline your customers’ purchase process and build buyer confidence. Let’s see how it helps you enhance conversion rates.

  • Display delivery timelines:

You can set clear expectations and automatically display the expected delivery date. Customers are more likely to purchase when they get a clear delivery date for their orders.

  • Offer secure payments:

When you display your commitment to fraud-free transactions, it helps you build customer confidence and increase conversions.

  • Assure effortless returns:

The Shiprocket Promise enables you to offer seamless returns and exchanges and even process quick refunds. It gives your customers a peace of mind.

These features of the Shiprocket Promise widget, combined with dedicated customer support, convey your brand’s strengths. They convince your potential customers that they’re purchasing from a reliable brand. 

Why Earning Customer Trust is Paramount in eCommerce Business?

Customer trust and loyalty are extremely crucial for the success of any business. This is not specific to online business. However, it is harder to gain customer confidence while selling things across the internet. Online businesses do not have the luxury of allowing their customers to physically experience their products without making a purchase, and hence, building trust is extremely tedious. 

The importance of customer trust and loyalty cannot be overstated, it plays a central role in increasing the number of sales and enhancing brand loyalty. In addition to increased conversions and brand loyalty, customer trust ensures they return to your brand for repeat purchases. It is one of the primary factors that determines the revenue of your eCommerce business. Eventually, customer trust gives you a competitive advantage and builds your brand’s reputation. Showing your customers that you value their trust is very important for online businesses. You need to ensure that your customers are satisfied with their purchases and that they are making the right call. Good customer feedback and experiences will help enhance consumer loyalty and drive your business’s growth.

The Customer Trust Boosting Features of the Shiprocket Promise App

These key features of the Shiprocket Promise app can help build trust in customers visiting your eCommerce store.  

  1. Trust Badge 

The app provides a Shiprocket Promise badge that shows ‘trusted seller’. You can display this badge on your online store. Through the trust badge, you can leverage the integrity and belief established by Shiprocket in providing customers with quality services. This badge will help you stand out as a trusted brand. 

  1. Verified Seller Details

 Not only does the Shiprocket widget verify the seller details but they also ensure that the claims made by the merchant are true. When a seller updates a product’s description and it entails special features, the Shiprocket promise team requests proof or documentation to verify these claims. This process is critical not just to back the claims in the view of the consumers but also to ensure the standards of transparency that the application aims to foster. They ensure complete transparency to build consumer loyalty and trust. 

  1. AI-Backed Real-Time EDD

The key feature of the Shiprocket Promise widget is the Estimated Delivery Dates (EDDs). It is calculated using complex technology that incorporates the brilliance of Artificial Intelligence.  The EDD estimation method is completely data-driven, and it provides the seller with specific courier and logistic rules to ensure on-time deliveries. Furthermore, the EDD calculations also include the “order to shipping processing time”. 

Shiprocket Promise App: Installation and Setting up 

Follow the instructions listed below to set up and install the Shiprocket Promise widget:

  • Step 1: Navigate to the Shopify Application Store
  • Step 2: Search for “Shiprocket Promise”
  • Step 3: Locate “ Shiprocket Promise” and click on it
  • Step 4: Download and install the widget for your store
  • Step 5: Read through the permissions and privacy details and finish the installation
  • Step 6: You will be directed to the Shiprocket Promise app. Then, set your profile by filling in the necessary details
  • Step 7: Configure your shipping settings and make the changes you need for your business
  • Step 8: Add in your refund and return settings and configure your badge based on your needs
  • Step 9: Change the aesthetics based on the requirements of your business
  • Step 10: Preview and save your changes and deploy them for your website.

The Design Characteristics of the Promise App

Here are the key design characteristics of the Shiprocket Promise app: 

  1. Distinct Designs

The Shiprocket Promise Widget offers three distinct designs, each flexible enough to match the styles of different platforms. This ensures that the entire shopping experience is homogenous. 

  1. Personalisation

All designs are created to appeal to the eyes. They are also created to sync with different platform layouts to ensure harmony throughout the experience. 

  1. Editable Font Size

Merchants can also adjust the font sizes and styles within the application. This feature is critical to ensuring consistency and harmony across different website designs. 

  1. Preview Option

A “Preview” option has also been added to the widget. It allows sellers to view and test their settings before deploying the changes live. This gives merchants the flexibility to fine-tune and integrate the entire widget’s appearance. Moreover, it can also enable the alignment of the theme and operational preferences throughout the application. 

  1. Dashboard with Key Metrics

Key metrics are displayed on the dashboard to give the sellers an understanding of the impact and value of the widget. Some of them are:

  • Order tracking metrics: You can track total order details, returns, refunds, collection, and in-transit order status details.
  • EDD Compliance: Shipment and delivery tracking details within the predicted EDD to ensure accuracy and reliability.
  • Viewer and visibility analytics: An overview of all the total visitors to the product detail page (PDP) is available.
  • Conversion metrics:Add to Cart” percentages and numbers can be analysed.
  • Trends and highlights of payment details: You can view the ratio and changes between cash on delivery and prepaid orders.
  1. Order Overview

Sellers can view an overview of all the orders made through the promise application, including the status and order details. 

  1. Settings Panel 

After onboarding, sellers and merchants can modify and access their returns and refund policies in the settings segment. It gives them complete reign and flexibility over the entire transaction process.  

The Cost of Using the Promise Widget App

Shopify merchants will incur the cost of using the Promise Widget on a per-order basis. It means they will be billed for each order they process on their Shopify store where this Shiprocket Promise Widget is active. For sellers’ convenience, the billing system is integrated with Shopify’s existing ones. 

Grab the Deal Now: The Shiprocket Promise Widget is Free Till 31 May 2024!

The Shiprocket Promise Widget is free till 31 May 2024. This promotional offer enables Shopify merchants to try its different features for free. It presents a great opportunity for them to leverage benefits like increased conversion rates without incurring any charges initially. It will allow them to evaluate how effective Shiprocket Promise is in improving their sales metrics and customer satisfaction without committing to it financially. 


The eCommerce shopping experience can be enhanced significantly through the Shiprocket Promise application. It has a positive impact on the merchants as well as the buyers. It is designed such that it concentrates on the efficiency, simplicity, and security of the shopping experience. It can easily be integrated with the Shopify store. The combination of its user-friendly interface and powerful features like Expected Delivery Date (EDD), customisable themes, and intuitive editor makes it a versatile tool. Its ability to offer merchants a harmonious combination of control and convenience makes it extremely useful. Shiprocket Promise widget addresses the primary concerns of retail online shopping and drives business growth and increased revenue. 

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