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Why Are Dimensions Needed to Quote Air Shipments?

sahil bajaj

Sahil Bajaj

Senior Specialist - Marketing @ Shiprocket

May 8, 2024

6 min read

The demand for air shipments is on the rise as businesses are trying to provide quick deliveries to their customers across borders. As per the International Air Transport Association (IATA), even though air shipment forms just about 0.5% of the cargo by volume, it makes up 35% of the international trade by value. Air cargo ensures smooth delivery and short transit time which makes them suitable for time-sensitive and urgent cargo. This is why many expensive businesses are choosing this mode of shipment to serve their customers. The dimension of the shipment plays a critical role in determining the cost of air shipment.

In this article, you will learn why dimensions are needed to quote air shipments accurately, the key dimensions to get the quote, challenges in aircraft selection, and more. Read on to find out!

Role of Dimensions in Determining Air Shipment Charges

Why Dimensions are Vital for Air Shipment Quotes?

Dimensions are an essential component for determining air shipment costs. But why are dimensions needed to quote air shipments? Why isn’t it possible to compute the cost without this information? Well, providing accurate measurements about your shipment to the cargo company helps them assess the space it will occupy on the aircraft, which is crucial for calculating the shipment cost.

Significance of Accurate Dimensions in Air Shipments

Air freighters are known for their speed, efficiency, reliability, and widespread coverage. When booking air freight, you must share accurate information about your shipment and accompany it with relevant documents. Air cargo is either transported in a passenger plane or a cargo-only plane. The type of products being shipped as well as the accurate dimensions of the shipment helps determine which of the two options is better suited.

Acceptable dimensions vary depending on which type of plane your cargo is being loaded into.  Here is a look at the cargo height, width, and length for different types of planes:

Key Dimensions for Air Freight Quotes: What Information is Essential?

The key dimensions of cargo needed for requesting an air freight quote include the following:

  • Length 
  • Width 
  • Height
  • Weight
  • Count (Number of Cargo)

Accurate knowledge about cargo weight as well as its volume is essential for calculating air freight charges. The cost is estimated based on the gross weight and volumetric weight of the cargo. Let us understand what these two encompass:

  • Gross weight is the total weight of the cargo. This includes its pallets and packaging.
  • Volumetric weight includes the cargo volume converted to the equivalent of its weight. Simply put, it is (length*width*height) in cm/6000

The higher among the two, gross weight and volumetric weight, is considered the chargeable weight for the shipment.

Entering Cargo Dimensions: Navigating the Cargo Section of Quote Requests

To request a quote, you need to enter the dimensions in the cargo section. This can be done in two easy steps given below:

  • Enter the length, height, and width of the cargo
  • Enter the weight of the cargo

Challenges in Aircraft Selection without Proper Measurements

It can be challenging to select the right aircraft for shipping your goods if you do not provide accurate measurements of your cargo. As mentioned above, different aircraft have different acceptable dimensions for cargo. Thus, to determine which aircraft is suitable for transporting your goods, you must provide the correct dimensions.

Maximum Cargo Dimensions for Air Freight Shipments

There are certain height, weight, and length restrictions when it comes to air freight cargo. The maximum cargo dimensions for regular air freight shipments are as follows:

  • Total length – 125 inches (3.15 meters)
  • Total width – 96 inches (2.44 meters)

Understanding Air Freight Cargo Height Restrictions

Height is a crucial consideration when it comes to air freight cargo. Your product along with its external packaging must be below 163 centimetres in height. While 163 cm has been set as the height restriction for general cargo, it is suggested that the height of your package does not exceed 160 cm. By adhering to this regulation, you can ensure your cargo is transported smoothly. The size will fit the lower cargo hold of cargo flights as well as passenger aircraft.

The main cargo hold of most of the cargo aircraft is 305 cm in height. A cargo that exceeds 160 cm can be shipped in cargo aircraft. The maximum air transport height restriction for oversized cargo is 305 cm, though it should preferably be 300 cm.

How to Deal with Cargo that Exceeds Standard Dimensions?

If a cargo exceeds the standard dimensions, then it may require special packaging material. You may even require a special charter service to ship it to its destination.

CargoX: Ensuring Smooth Air Transportation Complying with Permissible Cargo Dimension

Shiprocket’s CargoX can be your perfect partner if you are looking for international air cargo shipment. It is known to offer hassle-free service at competitive rates. It has a global network spanning numerous countries that facilitates quick service without compromising on security. You can expect the service provider to pick up your cargo within 24 hours after requesting the service and timely delivery of goods to the mentioned destination.

CargoX is well aware of the permissible cargo dimensions for air freight and adheres to the height, weight, and width restrictions to ensure a smooth transition. Likewise, the reputed shipment company has complete knowledge of the various documents required to transport different kinds of goods to various countries. By taking care of all these details it ensures your shipments reach the desired destination timely without any hindrance on the way.

The company offers different shipping plans to match varied requirements and budgets. It ensures complete transparency in its dealings. It gives an insight into the shipping process to the clients at every step. The cost involved is communicated clearly in the beginning with no hidden charges involved. You can track your shipments in real-time to keep a check on their status at all times.


This blog was to give you a clear understanding of why dimensions are needed to quote air shipments and the key dimensions required to compute air freight charges. As a business owner aiming to expand your business in the global market, you must learn about the various clauses associated with air shipments, including cargo height, width, and length restrictions. Keeping a check on the dimensions and ensuring they adhere to the set norms is necessary to ensure a hassle-free transition. Accurate information about the same must also be provided to the shipping company to get a quote for air shipments. By seeking assistance from a reputed shipping company, you can get complete guidance on the matter and get the process completed efficiently.

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