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Deliver amazing experiences conveniently within the city, at lightning speed.

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About Borzo

Borzo (Formerly WeFast) is one of India’s most trustworthy hyperlocal delivery providers. Delivering 4 million packages a month in 10 countries, Borzo offers innovative & easy intracity logistics solutions for all kinds of businesses, helping them deliver on the same day.

Create A Great Delivery Experience

Make your hyperlocal deliveries faster & easier than ever before.

  • Same-Day Delivery

  • Extensive Reach

  • Quick Order Processing

  • COD & Prepaid Orders

Get The Shiprocket + Borzo Advantage

Fulfill your orders through the fastest possible route.

Combined Orders

Save time by sending several
parcels with a single courier.

Instant Rider Allocation

Get the nearest available delivery
agent within 10-15 minutes.

High-Speed Shipping

Deliver quickly with the fastest
delivery time of 38 minutes.

Real-Time Tracking

Keep your customers informed
with live SMS & Email updates.

Accelerate Your Hyperlocal Business

Encourage your visitors to buy by offering same-day delivery.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is meant by hyperlocal delivery?

Hyperlocal delivery refers to the process of delivering goods within a small geographical range within the city. Know more

Do I need to pay extra for hyperlocal delivery?

Your delivery charges depend on the distance. If the distance is more, the delivery charges will be more.

Does Borzo do hyperlocal deliveries?

Yes, Borzo does hyperlocal deliveries across India with Shiprocket.

Will my packages be delivered on the same day?

Yes, Borzo does offer same-day delivery.