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Import your orders easily & ship them faster than ever through automated workflows with WooCommerce delivery.

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  • Automatic Order Sync & Import

    Automatic Order Sync & Import

  • AI-Powered Carrier Selection

    AI-Powered Carrier Selection

  • Shipment Security Upto ₹25 Lakh

    Shipment Security Upto ₹25 Lakh

  • Branded Order Tracking Page

    Branded Order Tracking Page

  • Automated NDR Processing

    Automated NDR Processing

  • Easy Returns & Instant Refunds

    Easy Returns & Instant Refunds

Opt For WooCommerce Delivery Plugin


Pick Up Anywhere

Schedule order pickups from multiple locations.

Deliver Everywhere

Ship to 24000+ pin codes in India & 220+ countries & territories.


All-In-One Platform

Manage inventory across channels in one place & save cost.

Bulk Order Processing

Auto-import multiple orders from WooCommerce store regularly.


Choose WooCommerce Delivery For Your Orders!

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What Our Clients Say

ShipRocket has worked wonderfully for the delivery of GloBox’s subscription every month. The support team is at their best to resolve issues quicker than ever.

Jyoti Rani


It’s good to have multiple shipping options, as we can select which service is better in the given city. Overall, our parcels reach on time, and our clients are happy.

Priyanka Jain


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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I auto-import my orders from WooCommerce?

Yes. You can sync your WooCommerce website with Shiprocket, and your incoming orders will be automatically imported. Start Now

Do I need to pay anything extra to add WooCommerce to my Shiprocket account?

No. Shiprocket allows you to integrate 12+ sales channels to auto-sync orders directly into the panel and ship them easily. Learn More

How can I sync my Woocommerce account with Shiprocket?

You just need to go to Setup & Manage > Channels in the left panel and click on Add New Channel on the top right. Here, select WooCommerce and get started.

Does the integration require any specific keys, etc.?

You just need to add your WooCommerce store URL and get started. All you need to do is enable Rest API in your WooCommerce plugin.

Can I add any inventory to Shiprocket other than that imported from WooCommerce?

Yes. You can add your inventory to Shiprocket and keep track of which inventory is available and which is processed based on the incoming orders.