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Shivir Popup

Briefing Orders -> Processing Screen

Order On – Date & Time at which the order is created or synced into Shiprocket Panel

Channel – The channel from which the order have been synced.

Order Id – This is the channels order ID, but in case the order is manually created the Order ID given by user is displayed

Product Details – The Name , SKU and Quantity of the product ordered.

Payment – Total amount and the mode of payment for the order

Customer Details – The Name, Email ID and the Phone No. of the customer.

Status – In Processing Tab we have New and Invoiced Statuses.

Dimension & Weight – Dimension(10 x 10 x 10 cm) and weight(0.5 Kg) are applied by default. These are editable

Actions – Here you can generate Invoice, Select Courier and generate Label for a shipment/order.

Single Order Processing

Single Invoice & Label Generation :

Once the Order is created/synced from the channel into the system. It is shown in the Processing screen in “New” status.

In case you want to edit the Dimension and Weight for a shipment/order, click on  icon and fill in the fields.

Then click on “Save”

You can Generate Invoice by clicking on the “Create Invoice” on the right.

Once the order is Invoiced, the order status is changed to “Invoiced”. Although Generating invoice is not mandatory step to process order further.

To Generate Label:

Click on the  button, and a popup will be shown with list of serviceable Courier Partners.  Select the courier partner and click “Ship” button to generate label.

The label will be generated and downloaded for the order.

Manifest & Pickup

Once the label is generated, a popup is shown, where you can choose to “Request Pickup” now where the pickup request to the courier company will be sent.

Or can opt for “Request Later”, where the order is automatically moved to “Manifest -> Pending” Screen with order status “Ready To Ship” and Shipment details updated.

Click on  icon on the right side of the screen to generate manifest.

The Manifest will be created in “Manifest -> Open” Screen with status “Pickup Schedule/Pickup Queued” based on the response received from the courier Company. (Know more about Statuses)

Your order Processing is Complete and a Pickup request is automatically sent to the Shipping Provider.

Once the courier company picks up the shipment/order from you , and updates the same at their warehouse, the Order and Manifest Status will automatically be marked as “Shipped” and the Manifest will move to “Manifest -> Close” Screen.

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