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Air Cargo Services

At CargoX, we specialise in providing efficient and reliable air freight services to meet your shipping needs. Whether you’re moving high-value goods or perishable items, our air cargo solutions ensure prompt delivery and unparalleled safety.

Why Choose Air Cargo?

Experience the following benefits of air freight shipping with CargoX


Unmatched Speed

Air Cargo offers unparalleled speed for urgent deliveries, making it the superior choice for transporting goods that require quick delivery.


Economical Choice

Air freight is cost-effective, with fewer packaging and warehousing requirements, along with lower insurance costs.


Minimal Delays

With frequent flights in major cities, missing one doesn’t significantly delay shipments.


Straightforward Tracking

Tracking is simpler with air cargo shipping compared to other modes.


Priority on Security

Airports and freight companies prioritise security, ensuring minimal handling and fast clearance, reducing theft and damage risks.


Global Reach

Air cargo’s global network allows for shipping goods nearly anywhere in the world, transcending geographical barriers present in other transport modes.

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Our International Air Cargo Services

You’re not just shipping but accelerating your business forward with our offerings. Here’s what sets us apart:

Instant Quotes

Get immediate clarity on costs

Quick Collection

We pick up your goods within 24 hours of booking

Digital Efficiency

Enjoy the ease of our optimised digital workflow

Complete Visibility

Track your shipments at every step of transportation

Crystal-clear Invoicing

No surprises; we provide transparent billing.

Hassle-free Documentation

We simplify and manage the complicated customs and other shipping-related paperwork for you.

Honest Pricing

We offer transparent costs with absolutely no hidden fees

Unlimited Capacity

We impose no weight restrictions on your shipment

Extensive Network

Benefit from our vast courier network while reaching every corner of the globe.

Superior Dispute Resolution

Experience peace of mind with our excellent dispute management system.


Specialties of Our Air Cargo Services

  • Service Level Agreements

    You can schedule your deliveries confidently, as we guarantee the timely delivery of your cargo in 90% of instances.

  • Worldwide Coverage

    Our global network spans over 100 countries and facilitates your business expansion with effortless customs processes.

  • Tailored Shipping Solutions

    Get access to our flexible courier options that allow you to ship to any location worldwide on your preferred schedule and budget.

  • Frequently Asked Questions About Airborne Cargo
How long does it take to move goods by air cargo shipping from India?

It usually takes around 1 to 7 days to transport your goods internationally from India using air cargo shipping. The factors that influence the delivery time frames are destination, distance, airline, customs procedures, and flight availability.

What paperwork do we need to send air cargo FBA shipments from India?

You’ll need several documents to transport an FBA shipment internationally by air, from India. These include a commercial invoice, packing list, combined commercial invoice and packing list (CIPL), proforma invoice, and the importer/exporter code (IEC).

How many days does it take to deliver shipments from Delhi to different international locations?

You can expect deliveries in 3 to 5 business days to most of the international destinations, with some locations taking 7-9 working days to reach. Delivery timeframe from Delhi to select international destinations are as mentioned below: USA: Generally 7-9 working days, with areas around New York seeing 4-5 working days UK Mainland: 3-5 working days Singapore: 3-4 working days Canada: 7-9 working days UAE: 4-5 working days

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