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How Air Cargo Services Cut Down Delivery Time For Businesses?

sahil bajaj

Sahil Bajaj

Senior Specialist - Marketing @ Shiprocket

March 6, 2024

8 min read

In the last few years, there has been a dramatic shift in the global business sector. Businesses seem to have mastered the process of building great products effectively and efficiently, with not much room for real qualitative competition. This makes it easy for consumers to switch sellers without worrying about a drop in the quality of the final product. This has forced businesses to move beyond competing on the quality aspect to now compete on the service front instead, namely, speed of delivery. Customers seem to purchase more, and regularly, from those who seem to make faster deliveries. This necessitates businesses to focus on innovation, resources, and even manpower to become more efficient in their operations and shipping process. This is where air cargo services come in. 

Globalization and international trade have created an immense demand for goods to be delivered in record time. If your customer buys a cute toy, made in Japan, for their child on Instagram, they are now not expected to wait for months to have it in their hands. This demand has created a unique set of challenges and gaps in the market that have now been bridged, thanks to air cargo services. The market size of air cargo services has increased tremendously in the past few years. It is predicted to grow further to reach USD 70 billion in 2024 and USD 90 billion in 2028, with a CAGR of 6.3% and 6.4% respectively.

If you plan to improve your logistics and supply chain management, you have to think of getting a product from point A to the other side of the world in the quickest way possible. To achieve speed, efficiency, and reliability with your cargo, air cargo services are the best option. 

A company’s ability to deliver products swiftly and efficiently is not only an advantage but a necessity for survival and growth. Therefore, air cargo services have become a linchpin for businesses aiming to slash delivery times and carve a niche in the competitive market. This article helps you understand how air cargo services are transforming the delivery timelines for businesses globally to ensure they stay a step ahead in the global marketplace.

Air Cargo Services Speeding Up Businesses

Features of Air Cargo Services That Help Businesses Save Time

Some of the features of air cargo services that help businesses make fast deliveries are:

1. Zero Downtime

One of the most appreciated and outstanding attributes of air cargo services is its ability to drastically minimize downtime. This is something that the traditional shipping methods fail to do. They also often grapple with unpredictable delays from traffic jams, poor weather conditions, or bureaucratic snags in customs. Contrastingly, such ground-level hindrances barely affect air cargo transport. The operational efficiency of airports and the adherence to tight flight schedules mean that you can move goods with clockwork precision. This reliability is a boon for businesses that operate on strict timelines, as it ensures that these logistics delays do not disrupt the production cycles.

2. Swift Transportation

High Speed is potentially the hallmark of air cargo services. They can cover long distances in a fraction of the time taken by sea or land transport, which cuts down significantly on delivery time. The ability to transport items swiftly is an essential attribute for delivering perishable goods, high-value items, and time-sensitive documents. The swiftness ensures that these goods reach their destination in the best possible or nearly perfect condition and within the demanded timeframe. 

3. Prompt Operations

Air cargo services offer businesses unmatched operational efficiency. The streamlined processes for booking, handling, and customs clearance of air cargo ensure the quick processing and dispatch of goods. This promptness in these time-consuming operations helps reduce the waiting time and minimizes the risk of delays and potential financial losses for businesses.

4. Global Reach

Air cargo services spin an extensive web of locations across the globe, offering a wide network and enabling businesses to reach international markets with ease. Companies striving to expand their operations internationally or enter new markets particularly benefit from this global reach. This wide reach helps businesses build a global market presence, as air cargo becomes the tool for smooth and reliable transportation of goods across continents.

CargoX for Your Business Needs

CargoX, by Shiprocket, gives businesses an innovative approach to simplify logistics and transportation. We offer a comprehensive suite of logistics services and specialize in providing hassle-free air cargo services that are efficient and cost-effective. The radar of our focus encompasses the following: reducing delivery times, ensuring the safety of goods, and expanding global reach. CargoX has an extensive network of air freight services in place to meet the diverse shipping requirements of its clients. Be it swift transportation of perishables, secure delivery of high-value items, or managing the logistics of eCommerce operations, we know how to best handle the complexities of modern-day shipping and logistics. It makes us an ideal cargo partner for businesses wanting to streamline their supply chain and achieve competitive advantages in their respective markets.


Air cargo services are a vital component in the pursuit of managing logistics and supply chain processes for businesses. They offer a dependable and effective solution to the challenge of minimizing delivery times. Businesses can enhance their operational efficiency, meet the growing demands of the market, and maintain a competitive edge by leveraging features of air cargo services. Some of the exemplary features of the service include zero downtime, swift transportation, prompt operations, and global reach.

How do air cargo services keep the goods safe?

There are many ways in which air cargo services prioritize and ensure the safety of your goods. They use advanced security protocols, solutions tailored to the needs of different product categories, and techniques to carefully handle the cargo while it’s on the go. Your shipment is put through strict screening processes and kept under surveillance at the time of storage. These measures make the transport of goods to and from the aircraft very safe and secure. Besides that, air carriers also take note of the nature of the products you’re transporting, whether they’re fragile, perishable, or high-value items. They do this to apply relevant and appropriate cargo handling techniques according to the composition or category of those products. This helps to prevent any damage to the parcels while loading, in transit, or unloading them. These air carriers also use state-of-the-art technologies to help businesses and customers monitor the progress of their shipments throughout the shipping process.

Can small businesses benefit from air cargo services?

Air cargo services are a great deal for small businesses. Small firms benefit from it because these services offer flexible and scalable logistics solutions that are customizable as per the unique requirements of enterprises. It enables them to compete with greater power in the global marketplace. When a business is in its teething years or needs growth, it needs to focus on fulfilling customer expectations and maintaining a competitive edge. Small businesses can do so by leveraging air cargo shipping and enjoy faster delivery times. Additionally, many air cargo service providers offer consolidated shipping options, where they combine smaller shipments and adjust them in one container. This facility allows the shippers to divide costs and make air freight a more accessible option for businesses with smaller volumes of goods to transport.

What types of goods can companies transport through air cargo?

Air cargo is a versatile mode of shipping and accommodates many categories of goods from various industries. You can transport the following types of goods through air cargo shipping:

1. Perishable items like food, flowers, etc.
2. Pharmaceuticals also require quick delivery to maintain freshness and efficacy.
3. High-value, sensitive electronic equipment and components needing safe transfer to prevent damage and a fast commute to meet launch schedules.
4. Time-sensitive and temperature-controlled drugs and medical equipment essential for health services worldwide.
5. Other high-value luxury items such as jewelry, fashion apparel, and exclusive products that require secure and fast delivery to meet customer expectations and launch dates.
6. Urgent delivery of parts required for manufacturing processes or maintenance, like automotive and aerospace components.
7. Critical documents and prototypes that need rapid delivery for business transactions, legal processes, or research and development activities.

What is an air cargo handling service?

Handling air cargo is a crucial aspect of logistics. Air cargo handling service refers to the shifting of air freight between trucks and airplanes.

What are the economic and strategic benefits of air cargo?

Apart from directly impacting the delivery times of shipments, air cargo has many other economic and strategic benefits. Businesses can reduce the need for large inventories owing to the reliability and speed of air shipments. It lowers the warehousing costs and reduces the capital tied up in stock. Furthermore, living up to customer expectations for rapid delivery adds extra stars to brand reputation and customer loyalty.

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