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Last-Minute Air Freight Solutions: Swift Delivery in Critical Times

sahil bajaj

Sahil Bajaj

Senior Specialist - Marketing @ Shiprocket

May 10, 2024

12 min read

Today’s dynamic and evolving market trends have made it essential for small and midsize businesses to maintain leaner inventories for cost-effectiveness and operational efficiency. Strategic use of air freight can help save time for many small and midsize businesses. To transport urgent shipments that cannot wait for traditional shipping methods, businesses can utilise last-minute air freight solutions. Modern air freight solutions also allow you to replenish your inventory, ensuring you can give prompt deliveries to your customers and prevent you from stockouts.  

There is increasing optimism that this year, in 2024, the market for air freight will level out. Traditional seasonality is anticipated, with a 1%–3% increase in yearly demand. However, a lot of analysts predict that costs will stay mostly unchanged since more freighters—aircraft built expressly to carry cargo—will enter the market, increasing capacity. 

If you are searching for information on last-minute air freight solutions, then you are on the right page. There are several logistics service providers who excel in global trade with air freight solutions that deliver lightning-fast speed and unwavering punctuality. 

Thus, with last-minute air cargo services, you need not worry even when demand suddenly spikes or unforeseen disruptions in the supply chain occur.

Last Minute Air Freight Solutions

Urgent Freight: When and Why It Becomes Essential?

Globalisation and international trade have created a significant demand for worldwide shipping of goods. Freight shipping not only underpins trade but also enhances supply chain efficiency, creates jobs, and supports various industries. 

However, some freight shipping can also be urgent, especially for high-value, perishable goods or urgent shipments that cannot afford the delay of ground transportation. 

There can be various real-life scenarios where urgent freight becomes essential. In the manufacturing industry, where businesses rely on equipment and machinery, downtime leads to major losses. These businesses expedite freight services to deliver necessary components or spare parts to diminish their losses. Additionally, urgent freight may also be required in case of emergency medical or legal matters. 

Apart from these, urgent freight becomes indispensable when any of the following is involved:

1) Last Minute Unavailability

In the fiercely competitive market, some large businesses cannot afford to be affected by unforeseen circumstances such as transport mishaps or unavailability. They know these factors will delay their shipments, which can cause them to incur heavy losses and break customer trust. Such businesses require immediate trucking to meet urgent delivery requirements.

2) Heavy Penalty

Failing to deliver goods within the promised time frame might lead you to pay high penalties and face disruptions in operations. Urgent freight is the lifesaver for companies stuck in this situation as they can avoid penalties by hiring urgent container trucking. 

3) Swift and Reliable Solution

Urgent freight offers a swift and reliable solution for time-critical deliveries, with proficient drivers and a fleet of prime movers. If you want to ensure smooth operations and customer satisfaction and want your goods to reach their destination within a particular time frame, urgent container trucking provides the best solution, catering to all your business and customer needs. 

Your Best Options For International Urgent Freight Shipping

Air freight is the fastest mode of transportation. However, it is important to assess the urgency of the shipment and compare the lead time of air freight with the price. 

If you want to transport high-value, time-sensitive, or perishable goods that require a swift delivery, opt for express air freight. Conversely, if you have items that do not require specific handling and storage conditions during transportation, you can choose general air cargo services. It will be a cost-effective option compared to express air freight, which also transports your goods swiftly.   

Are you looking for international urgent freight shipping? You can consider one of these best companies when shipping overseas: 

1) CRV Air Services

Offering domestic and international courier services in Rajasthan at competitive rates, CRV Air Services is a top provider of international courier services. They have solid relationships with shipping lines and air cargo carriers as a neutral freight forwarder. This enables them to support you anywhere in the globe at any time. 

2) DHL

DHL gives you greater flexibility when handling exports to numerous territories around the world. This cargo service works to plan the delivery, helping you optimise your urgent delivery needs whilst ensuring competitive costs. 

3) FedEx

If you are seeking an efficient global logistics solution, consider FedEx. FedEx offers speed, simplicity, and seamless distribution for businesses worldwide and allows you to send last-minute shipments with confidence. 

4) R+L Carriers

Another reliable global transportation provider, R+L Carriers, offers superior service at competitive pricing. The company offers international shipping via ocean and air. 


Headquartered in Mumbai, DTDC ensures prompt mail and package delivery to its customers. It has partnered with leading transport and logistics players to offer customised solutions at the best possible price. 

Understanding the Cost of Urgent Freight: What to Expect?

Freight charge is the amount paid for transporting goods from one place to another. The sender or receiver incurs this cost which include multiple components such as the cost of transport, fuel costs, handling charges, emergency costs, special charges, and local taxes. These are some of the common types of charges making the freight cost. However, if you use urgent freight services, you also need to incur: 

  • Security surcharge
  • Fuel surcharge
  • Container service charge
  • Customs clearance fees
  • Document creation fees
  • Associated trucking fees
  • Airport screening fees
  • Gateway transfer fees
  • Customs brokerage
  • Pickup and delivery
  • Messenger fees
  • Cargo insurance
  • Accessorial charges

An important thing to note here is that urgent freight is more expensive than regular freight because of the high speed of delivery involved. If you want to use an urgent freight delivery option, you must understand what factors contribute to its costs to make an informed decision. 

1) Mode of Transport

The cost of urgent freight will also vary depending on the type of transport you choose. Air freight is the most expensive. However, road, ocean, or rail freight is cheaper. 

2) Weight and Volume

When it comes to urgent freight shipping, weight and volume are key factors that determine the price. Air carriers charge by either dimensional weight (also known as volumetric weight) or actual weight. If volumetric weight exceeds actual weight, the carriers charge based on volumetric weight and vice versa. 

3) Distance

It is one of the significant components that determine the price of your shipment. The longer the distance, the higher the freight charges. For example, the cost of sending goods from India to the USA will be higher than the cost of sending items from India to Dubai.  

4) Types of Goods

The nature of the goods, including their sensitivity, perishability, hazardous nature, and fragility, can immensely impact the cost. 

5) Urgency

If you have an urgency to deliver your products, it will come at a premium as even the company needs to expedite shipping, making you choose the express air freight. However, choosing a general air freight service will cost less if your delivery is not urgent. 

An efficient freight service provider helps you reduce logistics costs by analysing your supply chain, performing efficient route planning and inventory management, and following sustainable practices that benefit the environment and save you costs. 

Mastering Urgent Freight Tracking: Tips for Effective Monitoring

Whatever industry you are in, the steep competition requires you to build and execute smart strategies. When you transport freight via air, water, rail, or road, you can generate real-time updates about your products and discover their whereabouts. This means you can monitor goods as they move through the supply chain so that you can answer your customers about the current location of the product. 

1) Real-Time Location Tracking- Leverage GPS, 5G, and Wi-Fi 

When you send products to your customers, you must know their exact location. Knowing this is pretty easy with technologies such as GPS, 5G Cellular, and Wi-Fi triangulation. 

GPS is one of the most commonly used technologies for finding the shortest routes. It is a satellite-based system that offers geolocation almost anywhere in the world. You can use this go-to technology to monitor goods during cross-country trucking or long-haul voyages. 

At the same time, 5G cellular is not as efficient as GPS, which proves invaluable within the confines of warehouses. With its prowess in short-range tracking, it may not be the best real-time location tracker medium. On the other hand, Wi-Fi triangulation can fill in the gaps using nearby access points to improve accuracy. 

2) Condition Monitoring- Multiple Locations

Using air freight facilities to send temperature-sensitive items like perishable goods or pharmaceuticals might require you to check the condition of the cargo. Condition monitoring trackers monitor these temperature fluctuations and humidity levels throughout the flight and ensure goods have remained in an ideal environment. 

Some advanced trackers also detect sudden shocks and mishandling events to help you discover any potential weak spots in the supply chain. 

Unlocking the Potential of Air Freight for Small and Medium Businesses

Air freight services offer numerous benefits. After considering crucial factors, including its cost, size, weight restrictions, and special handling requirements, you can incorporate this robust transportation method to maximise inventory management potential, optimise resources and respond swiftly to market demands:

1) Rapid Delivery

In the present landscape, where time saved is considered equivalent to money saved, air freight saves you ample time by ensuring high speed and prompt delivery. It is the fastest shipping option available, and you can even choose the express air freight courier option if you want to make the shipment quicker. 

2) Global Reach

Expanding your reach and accessing diverse customer needs is another way to drive sales and revenue for small and mid-sized businesses. No matter your customer’s geographical location, with air freight, you can reach any corner of the world and grab the opportunity to reach new markets. 

3) Reliable and Predictable

With air freight operators, all your shipments are in safe hands. These service providers operate on strict schedules, making them highly reliable and predictable. This attribute is ideal for you if you require extensive planning and execution.  

4) Flexible Timelines

In the age of eCommerce and global markets, meeting customer expectations is the key to success. Air freight facilities offer flexible delivery timelines that delight customers and cater to their diverse needs. 

5) Embracing the Future

In the technology-driven world, your business must automate processes to minimise errors and enhance efficiency. From automating sorting systems to artificial intelligence-driven route optimisation, you can employ several of the latest techniques. It helps its customers ensure the fastest delivery times, anticipate challenges and prevent disruptions.  

Tailored Air Freight Solutions for SMBs

With faster transit times than ocean, rail, and ground, air freight helps improve inventory storage efficiency. If you are using air freight transport, it will reduce the cost of holding too much inventory, optimise your storage space, and adapt to changing market demands. 

Once you recognise the unique requirements for your SMB, you can customise air freight solutions to attain the following:

1) Improved Cost Efficiency

You might think air freight services are expensive. However, they are a good choice when you evaluate the savings in storage expenses, revenue from expediting deliveries, and expansion of your reach across continents. 

2) Adaptability

Get tailored air freight services that accommodate your diverse shipping needs while maintaining cost-effectiveness. With a tailored approach of catering to sudden shifts in demand, you can ensure that you capitalise on every business opportunity. 

3) Enhanced Visibility

You can connect all parties in the supply chain by partnering with an efficient logistics service. You do not need to do anything; the logistics platform will do the entire shipping process for you and provide real-time visibility to make informed decisions. The platform integrates with other systems to enable you to track containers, control costs, and stay agile with in-platform exception alerts. 

4) Building Customer Trust

Building customer trust is an essential aspect of business strategy. It helps increase customer loyalty, generate positive customer reviews and testimonials, and drive revenue. Hence, it cannot be overstated. The easiest and most effective way to develop customer trust in the competitive landscape is to ensure punctual deliveries, which can be best achieved with air freight.  

Expedited Air Freight Shipping with CargoX: Your Reliable Choice

A trustworthy air freight provider, Shiprocket’s CargoX is an international air cargo shipping solution catering to businesses of all sizes. It simplifies sending bulk shipments by air freight to meet imminent deadlines.

CargoX offers transparent door-to-door B2B air deliveries from India to any location with no weight limitations. They guarantee your shipment arrival at its destination on time 90% of the time. With seamless customs, they let you expand your business across more than 100 countries.

With adaptable courier services, you can send your consignments to any location in the world at the schedule and price you want. Some of the peculiar features of the CargoX shipping platform are:

  • Quick quotation
  • Pickup within 24 hours after booking
  • Digitalised procedures
  • Full visibility of shipments
  • Lucid invoices
  • Simple record keeping
  • No unstated fees
  • No limitations on weight
  • Vast network of couriers
  • Superior conflict resolution


Maximise your shipping and supply chain potential with reliable air freight solutions like CargoX. Even if you run a small or midsize business, set yourself apart by choosing efficient air freight services. They will help you drastically minimise downtime, significantly increase delivery speed, offer your clients unmatched operational efficiency, reach international markets, minimise delays and reduce potential losses. 

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