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How to Build Business on Amazon India: Step by Step Guide

sahil bajaj

Sahil Bajaj

Senior Specialist - Marketing @ Shiprocket

May 20, 2024

8 min read

If you’re reading this guide, you are probably looking to sell on Amazon India. This guide will help you build your online business with Amazon India. 

Amazon India is the most visited online shopping marketplace in India. Many customers rely on Amazon India for online shopping. 

Amazon India has customers across 100% serviceable pin-codes in India.

Amazon India has become the online destination for small and medium enterprises.

build business on amazon

Why Should You Sell on Amazon India? 

  • Crores of people buy from Amazon India
  • Secure payments & brand protection. 
  • Sell globally & reach 180+ countries. 
  • Services & tools to grow your business.
  • More than 15,000 sellers have become millionaires and over 3500+ sellers have become crorepatis by selling on Amazon India.

Before You Get Started:

Now before you start selling, you need to have all your details and documents handy. 

Checklist to Get Started:

  • Active Mobile Number
  • GST Number
  • PAN Details
  • Active Bank Account
  • Email ID

And that’s it! Complete this checklist to start your registration.

FEE For Selling On Amazon India

There are different types of fees associated with selling on Amazon India. 

Amazon Fee = Referral Fee +Closing Fee +Shipping Fee +FBA Specific Fee 


  • Referral Fee is the fee charged by Amazon India as a percentage of the sales made by selling any product. It varies for different categories. 
  • The closing Fee is the fee charged in addition to the Referral Fee based on your product price. 
  • A shipping fee is incurred for delivering your order through any channel. 
  • FBA Specific Fee is the FBA fee to pick, pack & store your orders.

Want to Know Your Selling Cost?

Calculate your selling fee using Amazon India Fee Calculator. Fill in the details and your shipping mode to know how much it will cost you to sell your product.

How to Start a Business on Amazon?

To start your business on Amazon, Follow these steps: 

  • Create a Seller Account: Amazon requires you to sign up and create a seller account to avail its services. You’ll come across two types of account options: Individual and Professional. The individual account would be the perfect choice for you if you plan to list only less than 40 items monthly. Contrary to this, professional accounts work best for sellers listing more products. Now, you’ll have to provide details such as your business name, legal name, and address. The platform will also ask for your bank account information, where you’ll eventually get the payments for your orders.
  • Select Your First Product: One of the most important decisions in establishing yourself as a profitable seller on Amazon is deciding what to sell. Anything or everything does not sell well or make considerable profits on this platform. Thus, you need to be picky about your products. It’s a great idea to start by researching the most profitable product ideas for Amazon. The factors that decide the choice of products to sell include demand for a product, competition, and potential profit margins the item can generate. You may use Amazon’s Best Sellers, trends, and customer reviews to gauge what the popular or in-demand products are. Moreover, tools like Jungle Scout or Helium 10 are the best sources to get valuable market insights and find niche opportunities.
  • Source Your Product: After getting clarity on what to sell, it’s time for you to look for a supplier. You may source your products locally or internationally, as many sellers manufacture them in countries like China. Platforms like Alibaba and Global Sources are some popular platforms for finding and negotiating with suppliers. But before choosing the suppliers, take note of some important factors like production costs, minimum order quantities, and shipping times. Besides that, take necessary precautions like ordering a sample first to verify the quality of the sourced products before placing a large order.
  • List Your Products: Simply putting your products on Amazon may attract fewer potential customers. To gain more consumers, build an attractive and informative product listing that appeals to Amazon customers. Things that you can do to make this listing lucrative are: 
    • Write a compelling product title and an informative description
    • Highlight key features
    • Upload high-quality images 
    • Adopt Amazon’s (FBA) Fulfillment by Amazon service to handle shipping and customer service. This will help enhance your product’s visibility and make it appealing to Amazon Prime customers.
  • Start Selling: Now that your products are up there on the platform, you must start focusing on sales and marketing strategies to promote them. One way is to optimise your listings for Amazon’s search algorithm by using relevant keywords. Another strategy is to take advantage of Amazon Sponsored Products to advertise your items. Additionally, ask and encourage your satisfied customers to leave positive reviews after their purchases, which will help boost your product’s credibility and visibility. Other things to keep in mind: 
    • Monitor your sales performance
    • Get customer feedback
    • Competitor activity to optimise your listings and strategies regularly

How to Register and Build your Business?

  • Go to amazon.in/sell
  • Click on start selling
  • Choose “create a new account on amazon.in”
  • Enter the legal company name provided in your GST
  • Verify your mobile number through OTP
  • Provide your store name, product, and your business address
  • Enter your tax details, including your GST and PAN no.
  • Select the ‘products to sell’ option from the dashboard and click ‘start listing’
  • Enter your product name or barcode number to search for it on the existing catalog of amazon India.
  • If you can’t find your product in the existing catalog, choose ‘I’m adding a product not sold on Amazon’ to create a new listing.
  • Enter your product price, MRP, product quantity, condition, and your shipping option.
  • Click ‘Save and Finish’ to add the product to your inventory.
  • Go to your selling dashboard, add any remaining details, and upload your digital signature.
  • Click on ‘Launch your business’.

Why do Product Details Matter?

  • Customers compare different products before making a purchase. 
  • Customers look at the product image, video, and specifications to decide if it suits their needs.
  • Providing complete & accurate product details helps them buy your products, generating more sales. 

What is Seller Central?

Once you register as an Amazon India seller, you get access to your Seller Central dashboard. This is where you manage your entire business. From adding your first product to finding tools to grow a successful brand, you’ll find everything in here to run your business.

You can also have your seller dashboard on-the-go. Download your Seller App on your phone and manage your business anywhere, anytime! 

What’s your Order Shipping Option?

Fulfilling your orders includes storing inventory, packaging products, shipping, and delivering orders. Amazon India has 3 different order fulfilling options:

Self Ship

  • You will store your products in your warehouse.
  • You will pack your products.
  • You will deliver your products using your delivery associates or a third-party carrier

Easy Ship

  • You will store your products in your warehouse.
  • You will pack your products. 
  • You will schedule a pickup & an Amazon India agent will deliver your product to the customer.


  • Amazon India will store your products at a Fulfillment Center (FC).
  • Amazon India will pack your products. 
  • Amazon India will deliver your product to the customer.

Grow your Business with Amazon India

Amazon India is always there to help you grow your business to new heights. As you join Amazon India, you get access to various tools and services to enjoy numerous growth possibilities with Amazon India. You also get help at each step to transform from a new seller to a known brand in no time. Amazon understands your needs are different from everyone else’s. This is why Amazon gives access to a whole host of programs designed for your specific needs, so you can start growing your business.

Recommendations to Help you Grow Your Business on Amazon India:

  • FBA: Register on Fulfillment by Amazon & increase sales by up to 3X.
  • Sponsored Products: Advertise with ‘Sponsored Product’ and increase visibility on search results & product pages.
  • Set Limited Time Promotions: This will help sell your products

Amazon Prime – Your business’s best friend!

A Prime badge assures the customers of a quality experience – fast delivery, reliable customer support, and returns.

What Does Prime Hold for Sellers?

Becoming a Prime seller opens up new growth opportunities for your business that brings various advantages to help boost your business.

  • Get a Prime badge on your products.
  • Offer free & fast deliveries to your customers.
  • More product visibility through your badge.
  • Get a head start during the sale events to increase your sales.
  • Get a chance to be a part of the Prime Day sale every year.


Amazon.in is India’s most visited online shopping marketplace in India and more customers than ever rely on Amazon India for online shopping. With orders from over 100% serviceable pin-codes in India, Amazon India has become the online destination for small and medium sized enterprises. It is the best platform to build your business globally.

Calculate Your Shipping Costs Now

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