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Top 20 eCommerce Marketplaces to Grow Your Online Business



Specialist - Marketing @ Shiprocket

May 9, 2023

8 min read

As consumers rapidly adapt to online buying, eCommerce marketplaces are offering greater choices and services to improve their shopping experience. Therefore, if you are an independent online store, you should consider expanding to larger marketplaces. With an eCommerce marketplace, you will have instant access to a large group of consumers. Another advantage would be the marketplace’s capabilities, like- technical support and availability of resources to scale operations in the long term. 

Choosing the right eCommerce marketplace to sell your products can be difficult, as there are numerous options available. To simplify the decision-making process for online businesses, we have identified and highlighted the top 20 eCommerce marketplaces that can help grow your online business. From global giants like Amazon and eBay to niche platforms like Etsy and Bonanza, this list provides a comprehensive overview of the best eCommerce marketplaces to consider for expanding your online business.

20 Best Online Selling Sites & eCommerce Marketplaces

You should choose the online marketplace that matches the products you sell and the buyer segment you want to reach. Begin by evaluating each of these platforms to understand how they operate and choose the best marketplace according to your business needs. 

1. Amazon

As the largest eCommerce site, Amazon supports retailers, wholesalers and resellers with one of the most attractive seller programs. The niches you can sell on this unicorn platform are – electronics, books, fashion, home appliances, stationary, sports equipment and more.  

2. eBay

The original online platform for reselling now has an effective ecosystem for auction-based selling. It also has businesses offering fixed-price products and retailers. Sell here if you have limited edition stocks. 

3. AliExpress

AliExpress is an eCommerce platform owned by the Alibaba Group that enables small businesses to reach a global customer base. Similar to eBay, sellers are independent and use the platform to showcase and sell their products. With AliExpress, you can access and sell to customers worldwide, particularly those in the Southeast Asian market. 

4. Etsy

This is a one-of-a-kind marketplace for the creative community. It offers many handmade goods to buy and sell and showcases vintage things. It is your target marketplace if you are an independent creator or a small business with heirloom stock.

5. Wish

This eCommerce marketplace is famous for offering low prices on expensive items. Most products listed here are made by Chinese manufacturers, and many sellers are known to customise the products as per the consumer’s needs. The reviews, unboxing videos, and try-on hauls on Wish have also become trends on the internet.

6. Bonanza

This is a platform that offers products that are not commonly sold on eCommerce platforms. The products sold here include art, collectables, antiques, crafts, coins & paper money.

7. Walmart

The US retail chain’s online marketplace attracts plenty of footfall as the chain replicates the on-premise experience online as well. As the world’s largest retailer, it offers a broad range of products. The return policy is customer-friendly and hence attracts a lot of buyers to shop online. If you want to provide a convenient shopping option to your target buyers, this is where you should sign-up to sell.

8. Mercari

A niche marketplace that is already a mobile-first platform, it allows its buyers to shop for electronics, beauty products, and fashion items. The platform stresses more on the digital marketplace experience in comparison to other eCommerce platforms.

9. Newegg

A unique mostly-tech product marketplace, Newegg retailers offer hardware and software products for sale, apart from electronics and other technology-related products.  

10. Wayfair

An exclusive home decor and accessories marketplace, this is your selling platform if you source unique products and hand-crafted goods.  

11. Zalando

A platform for award-winning fashion clothing, Zalando retailers offer products from diverse brands creating exclusive, customised shopping experiences. To reach fashion-conscious customers, you should sell your designer clothing here.

12. ManoMano

With a range of home improvement products from various sellers, it provides loads of options for DIY projects. If you are an independent creator, then register with this online marketplace.

13. eMag

It is a popular Romanian online marketplace that offers a wide range of products, including electronics, home improvement gadgets, and furnishings. It’s well-known for its digital ecosystem. To help sellers, it offers analytics like the ‘New Products’ tool to see what consumers want. 

14. OnBuy

This is a unique online marketplace that aims to level the playing field for retailers of all sizes. Whether you’re a small business or a big brand, with Onbuy, you will have access to the same tools, resources, and support to help grow your business. 

15. Otto

This is a German-based online marketplace that caters to fashion, electronics, and household goods. They prioritise providing a quality shopping experience for their customers and offer a wide range of affordably-priced products. If you specialise in any of these product categories, Otto is a good platform to consider selling on. 

16. Allegro

This Polish platform gives a reliable shopping experience for buyers of appliances, electronics goods, clothes, home accessories and more. It supports sellers with logistics and financial services. If Polish consumers are your target audience, then this is the platform you should sell on.

17. Wildberries

Known for its beauty products, electronic gadgets and accessories, this Russian platform focuses on quick delivery and customer service.

18. Shopee

This platform is for East-Asian consumers and has a broad customer base in Singapore. It hosts retailers offering a wide range of products—linen, clothing, fashion, electronics, and accessories from top brands and excellent customer experience.  

19. Lazada

This platform is for consumers from Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and surrounding regions. The products retailed here include kitchen accessories, furnishings, and auto accessories.  

20. Taobao

Taobao is an online marketplace operated by the Alibaba Group, offering various products, particularly those manufactured in China. With an extensive range of product categories, Taobao offers a vast selection of items at reasonable prices.

All-in-one Solution by Shiprocket For your Online Businesses 

An essential element of selling on the best online marketplaces is to have an efficient logistics and shipping system in place. Your shipping partner will define your eCommerce business’s success, even when you are in the most traffic-attracting online marketplace. All-in-one solution providers like Shiprocket ensure your customers have the best-in-class delivery experience with the following features: 

  • Cross-border shipping solutions
  • Integration with the online marketplace where you choose to sell your products
  • Secure shipment practices 
  • Stress-free, affordable prices 
  • Dedicated account management 

Streamline your shipping process and take your eCommerce business to the next level with Shiprocket.

Best Practices to Choose Online Marketplaces to Sell On

The best approach is to focus only on the marketplace that matches the products you sell instead of listing on all the platforms. Every marketplace has a unique audience group, regulations and seller commission. Begin with understanding the costs of each platform and choose accordingly. The best practices to follow are analysing:

  • Product category: Explore if the platform you want to enlist on sells general types or specific niches.
  • Location: The most popular marketplace in that location should be where you sell. For example, to sell in China, you must be on Taobao; in India, you should sell on Amazon.  
  • Seller fees: Learn about the platform’s fees and understand how it will impact your profits. Consider the shipping costs and policies for return and refund before confirming the platform.
  • Competition on the platform: It is essential to understand how many competitors already use the platform you are considering and have a working plan or approach to beat such competition. 

To overcome the initial challenges of selling online, it is important to adopt these practices. By conducting effective analysis, businesses can narrow down their options and choose the most suitable marketplaces to sell on. This approach can help boost the chances of success for online businesses.


Selling on the most popular eCommerce marketplaces is the key to a profitable online business. The marketplaces short-listed above have some of the quickest, ready-to-launch and most friendly policies for their seller community. These platforms also attract top-quality traffic. 

If you want to expand your online business and build a strong presence on new marketplaces, partnering with a reliable logistics and shipping provider is also important. Shiprocket is an eCommerce logistics and shipping solutions provider in India that can help you ensure high customer satisfaction and brand loyalty. With a focus on efficiency and affordability, Shiprocket can help you streamline your shipping process and expand your reach on popular marketplaces like the ones listed above. Contact Shiprocket today to take your eCommerce business to the next level.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Which is the most popular online marketplace?

With over 2.3 billion visits in a month, Amazon is the most popular online marketplace.

Why should I sell on eCommerce marketplaces?

Online marketplaces give you a readymade consumer base to sell, which you would have to otherwise generate independently for your online store.

What are the commonly found marketplace categories?

There are three basic eCommerce marketplace categories – B2B (Business-to-Business), Business-to-Customer(C2C), Peer-to-Peer(P2P). 

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