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Fast & Secure: Why Choose Air Freight Shipping?

sahil bajaj

Sahil Bajaj

Senior Specialist - Marketing @ Shiprocket

March 29, 2024

5 min read

Air freight is critical to international trade, representing thirty-five per cent of the cargo value. For items that need to get to their destination quickly, air freight offers flexible and quick transit options. Its dependability and efficiency make it the best option for transporting valuable, perishable and low-volume commodities. Air freight plays a crucial role in the supply chain of organisations of any size, ensuring that goods reach their destination fast and securely.  With the help of the special facilities provided by air cargo services, you can safely transport goods of all sizes and forms.

As of 2023, the size of the global air freight market was USD 303.8 billion. It is projected that the market will grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 5.1% from 2024 to 2032 to reach USD 481.2 billion by 2032. Some of the key factors driving the market are the rising demand for quick and efficient cross-border goods transportation, the substantial expansion of the eCommerce sector, the rise in global goods import and export, various technological advancements, and the burgeoning aviation sector.

International air freight is the best option to transport essential items while maintaining its value. But what additional benefits can air freight offer? Here, we’ll look at the top five advantages that air freight shipping methods can provide for your eCommerce business.

air freight shipping

Advantages of Air Freight Shipping

Below mentioned are a few advantages that air freight shipping can offer you:

1. Swift Delivery Time

As an eCommerce business owner, the speed and efficiency of air freight delivery are essential for your online store. With cargo jets flying at almost 900 KM per hour, you can be sure your packages will arrive at their destination on time. Even when shipping across countries, this is useful for perishable and fragile goods. It offers prompt arrival and departure times. The greatest way to get your goods to market on time when efficiency and speed are your top priorities is through air freight shipping.

2. Reliable and Timely Delivery

Air freight is well-known for its dependable and on-time delivery. Adherence to schedules and speed guarantees that the goods arrive and depart on time. You can be sure you can provide same-day and lightning-fast delivery of your items when you choose air shipment since your goods will be at their destination within a few hours. Most air freight services are available 24/7, with aircraft departing every hour. By meeting your client’s expectations for timely delivery by partnering with a reliable air freight service, you can ensure the growth of your business globally.

3. Global Network

Air freight has several advantages. One of its main advantages is its vast worldwide network. Ground transportation cannot reach certain delivery places due to topographical barriers and crowded transit routes, which can be avoided by air freight. Shipments can be made to various locations through major airline routes that run almost everywhere. An eCommerce business owner can effectively service clients worldwide because of this wide reach and accessibility.

4. Different Options to Handle Varied Cargo Types

Transporting fragile goods, such as electronics, safely is ensured by specialised handling. Air freight shipping also offers specialised services, which can guarantee that your cargo is handled carefully and precisely. An eCommerce firm owner can benefit from these services designed for various products. 

Perishable goods can be transported in temperature-controlled settings to preserve their freshness. Specialised tools and handling methods are available for large or heavy freight because they have specific transportation requirements. You can rely on these professional services to ensure that your vast variety of goods will arrive at their destination quickly and safely.

5. Save Big on Inventory Holding Costs

As an eCommerce business owner, one significant advantage of opting for air freight is the opportunity to save on inventory holding costs. By choosing air freight services, your products can be transported swiftly, reducing their time in transit. This rapid delivery means that your inventory turnover rate increases, allowing you to maintain lower levels of stock on hand at any given time. With air freight, you gain greater flexibility in managing your inventory levels, optimising your supply chain, and ultimately saving money on inventory holding costs. 

Shiprocket’s CargoX provides several features to help you streamline and improve your cross-border shipping experience. Shiprocket provides you with pricing information quickly, making shipping planning more effective. To guarantee fast cargo delivery, CargoX guarantees that your products are picked up for shipping within 24 hours after booking. It’s your go-to platform that streamlines your supply chain procedures by digitising workflows, decreasing paperwork, and boosting efficiency. A key feature CargoX offers is transparent pricing, which gives clear, upfront information free of hidden fees and allows you to plan accordingly.

CargoX guarantees that your cargo will arrive at its destination without delays or issues. Your products will be delivered to your customers anywhere in the world with the help of its vast courier network that spans more than 100 nations. It offers exceptional customer service, quickly addressing and resolving any issues. They also offer customised shipping plans that allow you to adjust your shipping options to meet your schedules and budgets.


Air freight presents numerous advantages that distinguish it from other transportation methods. While it may initially appear to be the most expensive option, a comprehensive supply chain evaluation indicates that overall costs may remain relatively stable or decrease in specific scenarios. Expenses related to warehousing, insurance, and packaging are lower when utilising air freight services. Therefore, if your products necessitate rapid delivery, must reach remote locations, or would benefit from heightened reliability and security measures, air freight emerges as the optimal solution for your eCommerce business.

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