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Top 10 Courier Services in Maharashtra

sahil bajaj

Sahil Bajaj

Senior Specialist - Marketing @ Shiprocket

December 1, 2023

10 min read

Courier services and logistic partners are in great demand due to the growing number of eCommerce businesses and the number of people shopping online. Businesses that deliver orders on time flourish. Even a slight delay in delivery can greatly impact your business. From the moment a completed product leaves your warehouse until it is delivered to the right consumer, factors like the safety of the products during transit, the delivery routes during shipping, and the overall time taken for delivery must be considered. Partnering with the most efficient and trustworthy delivery partners is vital and can improve the shopping experience for your customers. 

eCommerce platforms require reliable delivery solutions. However, choosing the right partner might be challenging among the several players available in the market. Thus, we bring you a list of the top 10 delivery services in Maharashtra to help you make the right choice.

top 10 courier services in maharashtra

Key Players in the Maharashtra Courier Industry

The delivery service industry is growing rapidly in Maharashtra. The large volumes of businesses and their exponential needs to be handled quickly. You must consider the type of services and their consumer-centric approach before choosing the ideal service for your business. Here is the list of the top 10 courier services in Maharashtra:


FedEx is one of the most well-known courier services that began in Mumbai in 1973. They have created a very significant impact on the logistics market globally. This company is known for its shipping solutions and is one of the best delivery service companies in the state. FedEx is also popular with eCommerce startups and delivers to over 6000 pin codes in India.

Some notable features of FedEx include:

  • Their speedy and timely delivery services at affordable prices
  • Tailored solutions and shipping options that are best suited for your business and their never-ending efforts to evolve with needs
  • Ability to carefully handle a diverse range of goods, including hazardous materials and fragile materials


Delhivery is the most popular up-and-coming delivery agency in Maharashtra today. It began in 2011 and is known for its eCommerce services and gives the best to its customers. Over the years, this company has gained over 10,000 customers nationwide. They deliver over 17500 pin codes nationwide to over 250 million houses

Here are some of the most notable features of Delhivery:

  • They provide a two-way shipment service
  • They provide prices based on the parcel’s weight
  • They are extremely efficient, and they offer cash on-delivery services
  • They provide on-demand, next-day, and same-day delivery services


BlueDart is probably the most well-noted courier service company in Maharashtra. It was founded in 1983 and has an approximate reach of about 350000+ pin codes nationwide. They also ship across the borders to over 220 countries. BlueDart now also owns aviation fleets and is known for being time-bound and consistent with their deliveries. 

BlueDart’s most notable features are:

  • They provide cash-on-delivery options, waterproof packing, and express delivery services
  • They also have fulfillment centers and technology-based logistic services
  • They provide air freight facilities for both domestic and international shipping
  • Their deliveries do not have any hidden charges, and they only charge based on the weight of the parcel


DHL is an American-founded German logistics company that is extremely popular in Mumbai. They have grown on a global scale over the years, and they own several distribution centers across the country. Their brilliance lies in extreme consideration of the environment. They have several environment-friendly policies and solutions to minimise their carbon footprint.

Here are DHL’s most notable features:

  • Their safe and on-time delivery services
  • They provide to-the-door deliveries
  • They offer cross-border cash-on-delivery options
  • They ship both domestically and internationally


Shadowfax is a shipping company that is based out of Maharashtra. They deliver to several pin codes nationwide and encompass over 7000+ pin codes. They work for all business and workflow models, including B2B, B2C, hyper-local, and E2E. Shadowfax has empowered several entrepreneurs and is extremely customer-centric. 

Here are the key features that Shadowfax offers:

  • They are very specific about on-time deliveries
  • They offer both cash-on-delivery options and reverse pick-up options
  • They also provide hyper-local services
  • They do not charge or levy any hidden charges
  • They provide all sorts of domestic delivery services

Aramex Logistics Services

Aramex was founded in 1997 and is very popular in Maharashtra. Although it began in the UAE, they have several offices across Maharashtra. They are a global delivery agency well known for export and import deliveries. They work on an asset-light business model and have flourished over the years. 

Here are Aramex’s most notable features:

  • Rapidly evolving company 
  • Very efficient and adaptable to changes
  • Intricate and elaborate logistics and transportation service options
  • They provide freight forwarding options
  • They can easily and efficiently transport bulk and large orders
  • They also provide supply chain and inventory management solutions

India Post

India Post is one of the older delivery services owned by the government of India. India Post has played a very significant role in the social and economic development of the country. India Post has over 155000 post offices in Maharashtra and is one of the most commonly used postal networks

Here are India Post’s most notable features:

  • They deal with railway mail services and stamp sales
  • They enable Aadhaar card enrollment and updation processes
  • They also give you savings bank options that are accompanied by savings cash certificates
  • They also issue identity cards, which act as reticence proofs

DTDC Courier 

DTDC (Desk to Desk Courier and Cargo Express Limited) was established well before the 1990s and has its main offices in Bangalore. However, they are extremely popular in Maharashtra. Well, it’s not just Maharashtra where DTDC is a well-known courier service. It has a brand presence across the country. DTDC is extremely well-known for its inter-state and intra-city delivery options and delivers to over 11400 pin codes nationwide.

Here are DTDC’s most notable features:

  • DTDC offers cash-on-delivery options and easy bulk shipping
  • They provide a very seamless reverse-picking facility
  • They only charge based on the weight of the parcel

GATI eCommerce Courier Services

GATI is a Mumbai-based courier service that was established in 1989. They are known for providing services in the Southern Pacific region and the SAARC nations. GATI is famous for its incredible optimisation and distribution services for online sellers and retailers. They provide both B2B and B2C services. 

Below are the most notable features of GATI’s services:

  • They provide warehouse management, transport mechanism solutions, and express delivery options
  • They are known for their time-critical shipments and speedy cargo shipment services
  • They also offer special customised pick-up services from the warehouses

Ecom Express Logistics 

Ecom is a logistics solutions provider in Maharashtra, established in 2012. They cover a region encompassing almost 27000 pin codes across India. They are well-known as they can handle high-value goods like jewellery, gold, silver, etc. They are extremely reliable and give consumers surveillance and security features during transport and storage.

Read below Ecom’s most notable features:

  • Ecom provides a first and last-mile facility
  • They are capable of delivering to the most remote sectors of India
  • They have both cash-on-delivery and reverse pick-up options
  • They charge based on the weight of the product being shipped

Challenges and Opportunities

Challenges and opportunities are inevitable in any industry. Understanding them and acting on them becomes the key to making and breaking. With the rapid rise in eCommerce, the courier world also has seen several opportunities and difficulties. 

Most Common Challenges:

  • Delay in delivery to the consumer: Delivering your packages timely is key to ensuring maximum consumer satisfaction. Any delay can result in the loss of a buyer, causing low selling rates. 
  • Managing overall operational costs: Managing operational costs, which include delivery partner charges, transportation mode, routes, fuel charges, etc., needs a team of professionals. At times, managing these costs while keeping affordable delivery charges can be cumbersome. 
  • Delivery without damage: Carefully delivering goods is mandatory for maximum consumer satisfaction. Delivering damaged products can result in loss of buyers and thereby minimise overall sales and can result in some hefty losses. Furthermore, it can affect your brand’s reputation.
  • Poor visibility and unoptimised delivery options: Transparency and visibility are vital to ensure that all packages are trackable and delivered on time.
  • Inability to manage different clients: All delivery service companies are generally engaged with multiple clients at the same time. Effective and efficient management of all the orders and returns must be done to ensure customer satisfaction. Any lapse in managing this can result in confusion and incorrect deliveries. 

Opportunities in this Industry:

  • High demand among eCommerce and retail businesses: There has been a very high demand for delivery services in the retail and eCommerce world. Several big companies, like Shopify, Amazon, Flipkart, etc., constantly seek reliable courier partners.
  • International shipping: Reliable international shippers are always in demand to ship bulk orders and goods. With the growth in the eCommerce world, even individual items are being shipped internationally, opening up new opportunities in this industry.
  • Document and legal deliveries: Several law agencies and government bodies constantly require documents to be delivered to places carefully without any mismatches. From sensitive paperwork to notarised documents, they must be shipped to the right person.
  • Food deliveries: Deliveries of food have seen substantial growth after the pandemic. Swiggy and Zomato are extremely popular today in the country and are always looking for reliable delivery partners and agents. 
  • Last-mile deliveries: These include getting packages from a local distribution center to deliver to the consumer. They are crucial to ensure that the buyer receives their package and has given rise to several opportunities in the delivery sector. 

Shiprocket’s Services in Maharashtra

Shiprocket is one of the best courier services in Maharashtra. It provides all kinds of delivery services to meet your delivery and shipping requirements. By offering domestic shipping, international shipping, B2B shipping, hyperlocal delivery, B2C fulfillment, and omnichannel enablement, they take care of all your transportation and warehouse management needs. 

Shiprocket integrates with over 25 courier partners and delivers to over 24,000 pin codes in India. They provide complete transparency and visibility, enabling effective communication between both the business and the customer. They also offer seamless picking, packing, shipping, and damage-free delivery. Shiprocket helps businesses build customer trust and offers custom solutions to meet your specific needs. 


With Mumbai being the financial capital and the exponential growth of eCommerce industries in Maharashtra, the courier and delivery requirements will only continue to grow. Despite the several courier services in Maharashtra, several opportunities remain unexplored. Maximising customer satisfaction and timely delivery is the key to success for any eCommerce business. 

The logistics solution partners mentioned above are very well-known for their courier services in Maharashtra. Partnering with top companies like Shiprocket to meet your delivery needs will only help your business grow, deliver faster, maximise profits, and improve customer satisfaction. With the growth of the eCommerce industry, the need for the right delivery partner becomes inevitable.

How can I find the right courier service in Maharashtra?

You can look for courier services in Maharashtra online. You can also ask your friends and family for recommendations. Your choice of courier service depends on costs, the services they offer, the areas they cover, and more.

How much do courier services in Maharashtra charge?

Courier charges in Maharashtra vary depending on the weight of the package, distance, additional services, and delivery speed.

How much time do courier services in Maharashtra take for delivery?

The delivery time will vary from one courier service to another. It will primarily vary based on the location where the package is being delivered.

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