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6 eCommerce Email Marketing Best Practices You Need to Implement Today!

Puneet Bhalla

Associate Director - Marketing @ Shiprocket

June 7, 2018

5 min read

When it comes to eCommerce, one real thing is competition. It doesn’t matter how big your company is or what products you are selling; you will face competition as a retailer. To attract customers and drive new business online, you need to build brand loyalty through innovative ways. This is where email marketing comes into play.

Email communication is one of the cost-effective strategies for luring customers which has great potential of providing high returns on your investment. However, on average, the inbox can only receive 90 emails daily. By coming up with innovative personalized emails, you can add more color to your eCommerce marketing.

Why email marketing?

There is no doubt that we are witnessing and implementing new technologies and channels to communicate with the customers more effectively. But, still, email remains as one of the prime communication tools used by eCommerce businesses all across the world. So, what makes emails one of the best options for your business? Let’s have a look-

  •    Email is one of the easiest ways to reach out to your mobile customers
  •    Email campaigns are one of the factors in driving online and retail sales
  •    It is an effective way to keep the customer informed about their purchases etc.
  •    It is one of the least expensive tools in the market today.

So, as you make your mind on sending your customers with emails, here are the best practices that you must swear by-

Convert Events and Milestones into Festivals

Marking out events and milestones like festivals can help create a level of appreciation among customers. You can promote your products through these emails and offer discounts and promotional offers to attract customers.

In the same way, sending personalized birthday or anniversary mails is an effective way to tell customers that you care for them. It can also turn out to be an advantageous eCommerce marketing plan.

As per a few reports, birthday emails have more than 179% higher unique click rates and 342% higher revenue per email. They also have 481% higher transaction rates. It’s important to notice that along with wishes, you send some personalized offers to the customers for better conversion rate.

Educate Your Buyers

When someone buys a product from your eCommerce store, what’s essential for you is to educate those customers more about the product they purchased. Email marketing should not be only used for cross-selling of the products. Of course, that’s an excellent way to generate sales, but building customer relationship should also be a part of your marketing strategy.

Send Reminder Emails

There could be instances when your buyers are looking for some products that are out of stock at that particular period. The reminder emails would be an exciting way to let your users know about those products as soon as they are back in the stock.

email marketing

Email Automation

Personalization is the key to mastering the art of eCommerce in today’s world. And if you’re not implementing it yet, you’re probably losing a significant opportunity to catch your customer’s attention through emails. But since it is impossible to personalize every single email that you send, you can use automation to the rescue.

Email personalization can be the difference between the emails clicked and noticed by your customers or prospects from those they hover and skip. And automation acts as a critical ingredient in providing this personalized experience along with a lot more. With email automation, you can also-

  •    Segment your customers
  •    Trigger buyer-behavior based emails
  •    Increase average order value
  •    Send abandoned cart emails
Customer loyalty emails

Did you know that the 80 per cent revenue of your business comes from the top 20% of customers? These are your loyal customers, and you must keep them engaged no matter what. And email marketing can be one of the best practices to do so.

You can create a customer loyalty program through emails that will encourage purchases from your existing customers and increase customer loyalty.

Tip: Send a series of easy emails to your customers that guides them to take action and realize the importance of being a valued customer for your brand.

Customer Retention emails

There’s no point acquiring new customers if you can’t retain them. Statistics suggest that only 32 per cent of the customers are likely to place a second order from one year of their purchase at your store. This means that if you don’t have a customer retention strategy, you’re losing out on a significant chunk of customers.

Tip: Try to win back your customers, send emotionally charged emails with strong subject lines.

Email marketing is one of the old school tools that never turn out of date. No matter what you’re selling, an email will only make your marketing strategy firmer. Since the key to a successful business strategy lies not only in increasing sales but also in maintaining a healthy relationship with the customers, make sure you implement the best practices of email marketing to derive both these results.

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