How To Write An Awesome Return Policy for Your eCommerce Store

how to write return policy

Ecommerce industry is swiftly climbing the popularity charts, with sales revenues of $30 BB recorded on the globe in the last three years. All thanks to the Internet technology that has constantly paved way for new and innovative methods of easing our lifestyle. Today, both new and existing businesses are riding this new wave of technology to monetize their profits in tandem to their brick-and-mortar shop.

Exchange and returns of products are always a part of running a retail business and eCommerce is no different. This blog shares valuable information on how to write return policy that is legally correct and safeguards the interest of both the merchant and the customer.

If you are planning to open an E-Commerce store there are several factors to weigh and to devise robust marketing and sales strategies for running a profitable online store.

For instance, just like the Mom n Pop shop, you must have a well-stocked inventory, practical and economical shipping & delivery service and a good customer service that would keep your existing customers delighted and win you new clients in the process. That said, how well prepared are you when it comes to exchange or return of products? Umm… The longer the pause the more you must work on your skills.

It becomes even more difficult to handle this situation when it comes from a customer who has purchased the item from your eCommerce store. But worry no more, with a concise and comprehensive Return Policy you will be able to operate in smooth way.

Why The Need To Write Return Policy

The need to write return policy is to ensure your online customers do not face trouble if upon receiving the product they wish to return it because of different reasons. Remember, since your online customers can only see the product and not touch or feel it, it is a good idea to give them an iota of doubt, and be open to handling the returns. However, that does not imply that you should take any types of return, for example a broken or damaged good is not acceptable if the customer failed to abide with the manufacturer’s instructions.

Ingredients of Concise Return Policy

The Language Should Be Lucid and Simple

The language of your return policy should not contain too many legal jargons that are difficult to understand. Your policy should be written in plain English and should not be open for interpretation. Remember, complicated legal language will lead to confusion in comprehending, leading to loss of customers, and eventually earning a bad reputation for your online store.

Attach a Time Limit

When you write return policy, provide a specific time limit for your consumers to return the product, because only then you can expect to receive returned merchandise in good condition and not used.

If you fail to mention the time limit, your shoppers can take advantage and return used/damaged merchandise in their own sweet time, leaving you no room to re-sell the same product to other potential buyers, and you will have to bear the loss. Ideally, you return policy should be backed by 15 or 30 days cool off period.

Refund Policy

To keep your customers delighted even post returns, you can offer them a full refund on their purchase, or request them to select another product of similar price tag in exchange of the returned good. Make sure you mention it in your policy for a roaring business success.

These are just some of the ways in which you can write return policy that will bring you both cheers and a loyal customer base. You have more suggestions? Feel free to share.

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