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Top International Courier Services in Faridabad [2024] 


Vijay Kumar

Senior Specialist - Marketing @ Shiprocket

January 16, 2024

6 min read

Opting for the perfect international courier service in Faridabad is paramount, particularly for businesses engaging in regular overseas shipments. This choice ensures the secure and timely delivery of goods, streamlines shipping processes, and proves to be a valuable investment in time and cost savings. Navigating numerous options can be challenging, but this guide introduces you to Faridabad’s top ten international courier services. These couriers are distinguished for their efficiency, punctual delivery, and exceptional customer support. This guide will aid you in making an informed decision regarding the selection of a courier tailored to your shipping needs.

International Courier Services in Faridabad

Top Rated International Couriers in Faridabad

Navigating the landscape of international courier services in Faridabad presents a wealth of top-rated options, each offering distinct advantages tailored to your diverse shipping needs. Let’s take a closer look at the unique features of some of the most reputable couriers available to you, ensuring no relevant information is overlooked.

1. India Post:

Established in 1854, India Post is India’s official postal system and courier service provider. With a vast network of over 1,55,000 post offices, India Post is the largest global postal network. Their services encompass parcel and letter deliveries, free pickup, and seamless integration options. They provide international air parcel service for retail and corporate customers. This service is available for 219 destinations across the globe.

2. DHL Express:

DHL Express, founded in 1969, is a global logistics leader revolutionizing courier services in Faridabad and worldwide. Known for seamless international courier solutions, DHL Express offers services to 220 locations worldwide. They specialize in express delivery, tailored services, and integration options. DHL is recognized for its commitment to helping businesses expand globally by facilitating cross-border transactions.

3. FedEx:

FedEx, a globally trusted courier company, is renowned for its reliability and speed in shipping packages to numerous countries. Offering various routes, including express delivery, air freight, and sea freight, FedEx stands out for its flexibility. Businesses benefit from customized shipping plans, electronic billing options, and a rewards program. Real-time tracking ensures transparency and control over shipments.

4. Blue Dart:

Blue Dart, a leading courier service provider in Faridabad, excels in secure and reliable international shipping. Operating in over 55,400 locations in India, Blue Dart extends its services globally. Leveraging DHL Express Worldwide services, they provide a one-stop solution for the international shipment of documents and packages. Their door-to-door service eliminates the need for clearing agents, making the shipping process hassle-free.

5. DTDC:

Founded in 1990, DTDC has grown into a top-tier logistics provider in Faridabad, with a network serving over 14,000 pin codes in India. They provide shipping to 220 foreign destinations by utilising their collaboration with international partners and own offices at various major commerce centers across the globe. Leveraging efficient technological integrations, DTDC ensures a seamless delivery experience. They offer services such as pickup facilities, integrated warehousing, and efficient international shipping, including premium express options.

6. Delhivery:

Delhivery, one of Faridabad’s top 10 logistics providers, boasts a network covering 18,500+ pin codes. Specializing in express delivery solutions, including on-demand, same-day, and next-day options, Delhivery prioritizes efficiency. They enable cross-border shipping to over 220 global locations with FedEx. They collaborate directly with international airlines and ocean ships to provide door-to-door, port-to-port express and freight shipping services. Their state-of-the-art technological integrations enhance the overall logistics process, ensuring timely and reliable deliveries.

7. Gati:

Founded in 1989, Gati Limited is a comprehensive supply chain solutions provider and express distribution expert. With a reach extending to over 19,000 pin codes and 735 out of 739 districts in India, Gati offers premium services at affordable rates. They provide international sea and air freight services and LCL ( Less than Container Load). Their services include express delivery, warehousing solutions, and seamless integration options.

8. XpressBees:

Established in 2015 in Pune, XpressBees has experienced remarkable growth in warehousing and courier facilities. Known for its exceptional supply chain solutions, XpressBees has become a preferred choice for retailers. Their focus on cross-border and third-party logistics ensures timely and reliable deliveries, making them a key player in Faridabad. XpressBees’ well-engineered cross-border shipping solutions enable multimodal shipment to more than 220 foreign destinations. They also help with customs clearance.

9. ShadowFax:

Founded in 2015, ShadowFax specializes in eCommerce and hyperlocal services, handling both forward and reverse shipments. They provide international shipping services to over 150 countries. Through a customer-first approach and continuous innovation, ShadowFax remains a top choice for retailers in Faridabad. Their focus on reverse and hyperlocal deliveries makes them a reliable and cost-effective logistics solution.

10. Rapidex

Rapidex is an international courier and cargo company that serves Faridabad and many nearby areas. They provide reliable and fast international courier services by partnering with reputed delivery agents like DHL, Aramex, UPS, etc. They transport goods like documents, medicines, commercial couriers, corporate samples, machine parts, household items and many more to international destinations. 

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If you’re an online seller in Faridabad and want to send your packages to other countries, choosing the best international courier services offers great advantages. These services are well-known for being reliable and fast, making shipping your products worldwide easy.

These services help you ship your items quickly and get them safely delivered to customers worldwide. It’s like having a helpful partner who handles the challenges of sending things far away, making your shipping process easy and trustworthy. Fast and safe shipping can boost the success of your online selling business.

How can I schedule a pickup for my international shipment in Faridabad?

Most international courier services offer online platforms or customer service hotlines where you can schedule a pickup for your shipment. Visit the courier company’s website or contact customer service to arrange a convenient pickup time and location in Faridabad.

What is the estimated delivery time for international shipments from Faridabad?

The delivery time for international shipments depends on the destination and the type of service selected. Express services generally offer quicker delivery, often within a few days, while standard services may take longer. The courier company can provide specific delivery timeframes for your chosen service.

What type of items can be shipped internationally?

International courier services typically allow shipping a wide variety of items, including documents, parcels, gifts, commercial goods, and more. However, certain restrictions and regulations may apply, especially for hazardous materials, perishables, etc.

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