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International Gifting And Shipping Guide For Rakshabandhan 2024


Sumana Sarmah

Specialist - Marketing @ Shiprocket

August 11, 2023

4 min read

Raksha Bandhan, a cherished Indian festival, celebrates the eternal bond between siblings. While traditionally observed within families, the festival has transcended borders, making it an occasion to connect and express love with international siblings and friends. This gift guide is curated for your international customers to find the perfect gifts this Rakshabandhan 2024 and ship rakhi to USA, UK, and other top global markets. 

Best Gifting Bundles For Rakshabandhan 2024

Cultural Fusion Gifts

Celebrate the fusion of cultures with gifts that blend traditional Indian elements with the recipient’s local culture. Consider elegant scarves or handcrafted jewellery featuring intricate Indian designs but in modern styles that your international customers can wear on various occasions.

 Virtual Celebration Kit

Distance shouldn’t hinder your celebration. Create a virtual Rakshabandhan celebration kit with items like a beautifully designed e-card gift. This thoughtful gesture will bridge the miles between your customer and their loved ones.

Exquisite Rakhis

Explore online platforms that offer a variety of Rakhis, from traditional to contemporary designs. Opt for globally inspired Rakhis that incorporate motifs from different cultures, making them unique symbols of your buyer’s bond.

Global Treats Hamper

Delight your customer’s taste buds with an international treats hamper. Include gourmet chocolates, exotic teas, international spices, or other local delicacies that reflect their tastes and preferences.

Personalised Gifts

Show your thoughtfulness by giving personalised gifts. Customised mugs, phone cases, or wall art with a special message or a cherished photo will remind your customers of their sibling’s love every day.

Cultural Exchange Experience

Consider organising a cultural exchange experience. Send them a package that includes ingredients and instructions for cooking a traditional Indian dish, along with a small booklet explaining the significance of Raksha Bandhan and the dish. 

Wellness And Self-Care

Send a wellness package containing aromatherapy oils, scented candles, bath salts, and a thoughtful note emphasising the importance of self-care and well-being. This gesture will show how much you care about their happiness and health.

Top 10 Tips For Shipping Internationally During Rakshabandhan

Plan Ahead

International shipping can take time, especially during peak festival seasons. Start your preparations well in advance to avoid last-minute rush and ensure timely delivery. Research the shipping options available, keeping in mind the estimated delivery times to your recipient’s country.

Verify Shipping Restrictions

Different countries have varying import regulations and restrictions on certain items. Before finalizing your Rakhi and gift inventory, make sure to verify any shipping restrictions in your recipient’s country. This prevents delays or complications during customs clearance.

Choose a Reliable Shipping Carrier

Select a reputable international shipping carrier known for its efficient services and reliable tracking. Couriers like Shiprocket X are often preferred for their international shipping expertise and flexible shipping modes.

Consider Express Shipping

If timing is crucial, consider opting for express shipping. While it might be slightly more expensive, express services often guarantee quicker delivery, reducing the chances of your gifts arriving late.

Package Items Securely

Ensure that your Rakhi and gift inventory is packaged securely to withstand the rigours of international shipping. Use appropriate cushioning materials to protect delicate items and prevent damage during transit.

Custom Declarations And Documentation

When shipping internationally, you’ll need to fill out customs declaration forms accurately. Declare the contents and value of your package truthfully to prevent any issues with customs clearance.

Opt for Tracking And Insurance

Choose a shipping option that provides tracking and insurance for your package. This way, you can monitor its progress and ensure compensation in case of loss or damage. 

Include Clear Recipient Information

Double-check that you’ve provided accurate and complete recipient information, including the recipient’s full name, address, contact number, and any additional instructions required for delivery.

Factor in Time Zones

Be mindful of the time zone differences between your location and the recipients. This is especially important when arranging virtual celebrations or coordinating gift deliveries. For instance, if you ship rakhi to USA, you must take the difference in time zones into consideration for ensuring the right delivery TAT to your customers. 

Calculate Shipping Costs

Calculate the total cost of shipping, including shipping fees, taxes, customs duties, and any additional charges. This will help you budget accordingly and avoid surprises.


With the world becoming increasingly interconnected, celebrating Rakshabandhan with your international customers is easier than ever before. By following this international shipping guide and partnering with a reliable shipping partner, you can navigate the complexities of sending Rakhis and gifts across borders, ensuring that your gestures of love and affection arrive in a timely and well-presented manner. Embrace the spirit of Rakshabandhan 2024, no matter the distance, and cherish the bond that transcends boundaries.


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