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5 New Year Resolutions For Small Businesses to Win 2024 Sales

November 4, 2021

4 min read

Are you an eCommerce SME looking to make it big in the new year? 2022 is almost here and so are our vows to improve and scale your business! Did you know that in the coming year, hyperlocal eCommerce will gain suitable momentum? And also, mobile commerce is expected to see a rise. In a nutshell, the coming year is all set to be eventful for your eCommerce venture and you will need to evolve with changing trends. So, to ensure you don’t miss a beat this year, here are a few resolutions that can help you win 2022 eCommerce sales like a pro! Read on –

Improve Mobile Commerce 

According to a report, the number of smartphone users in India is set to rise to 820 million in 2022. With the advent of mobiles, it is also expected that most people will shop from them too! The eCommerce culture is penetrating to tier 2 and tier 3 cities as well, and smartphones are the carriers of that.

Hence, make sure your website is mobile optimized, has all the features your eCommerce site has to offer, and also has a fast loading time. While optimizing your mobile store, ensure that the checkout process is smooth and the instructions are laid out clearly on every product page. The payment gateways must be integrated and a hassle-free payment mechanism will promote faster conversions. 

Upgrade Your Deliveries

2022 is all about reaching your customers sooner. Without a streamlined order fulfillment process in place, that is next to impossible. Therefore, ensure that you have everything in place for inventory management, packaging, shipping, and finally, returns! Treat every aspect of the fulfillment chain with equal importance and optimize them to the maximum. This will help you save time and process orders almost 5x faster. 

Furthermore, you can up your game by signing up with a shipping solution like Shiprocket. Here, you can ship across 29000+ pin codes in the country with 17+ courier partners. This gives you an edge over your competitors as you can easily deliver products within one day or two days.

Personalization is the Key

With the variety of options available, make sure your buyer’s shopping experience is personalized and immersive. The CTAs should be clear. Moreover, with the privacy data in question, most people are not comfortable sharing their location information. But if you offer them area-specific deals that are lucrative, they will definitely show more interest. 

Invest in technology like augmented reality to give your buyer a more customized experience. First, it would help them select better, and secondly, you will be able to reduce your returns as what the buyer is purchasing is more specific to his interests. 

Expedite Pickups 

One factor that decides the speed of your order delivery, is pickups! The faster your pickup happens, the sooner it will be delivered. Hence, it is necessary that you align your pickups in time to hand them over to pick-up executives. This ensures timely delivery, enhanced first-mile fulfillment, and smoother delivery. There are lesser errors as all the shipments are thoroughly checked before being dispatched. This new year, make sure to expedite pickups to improve the delivery experience for your buyers! 

Go Global

Take your business to the next level! Don’t wait for the right time or service to sell globally. With the digital era in place, the world is your audience. You can easily sell to anyone in any country. To make sure you sell seamlessly, make your website multilingual and install a rate convertor. Keep your buyer up to date with the conversions and be transparent with them. Other than that, ship with Shiprocket so that you ship at cheaper rates. You can ship at rates starting from Rs. 110/50g. With low rates at your disposal, you can price your products accordingly and make more profit. 

Final Thoughts

Let’s welcome 2020 by making your eCommerce operations smoother and more aligned with your goals. Implement these strategies and make a resolution to follow them for your business. By making your fulfillment, delivery, and customer experience up to the mark, you can easily improve sales and provide a much better experience to your buyers. Shiprocket wishes you a great new year and immense prosperity!

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