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Top 10 Online Shopping Sites in India for Electronics

sahil bajaj

Sahil Bajaj

Senior Specialist - Marketing @ Shiprocket

January 30, 2024

7 min read

The Indian electronics market’s 2021 valuation was INR 5,363.70 billion. It is predicted to reach INR 12,898.89 billion between the assessment years 2022 and 2027, rising at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of around 15.77%. This signals a robust and growing digital landscape, making online electronics shopping an integral part of India’s evolving economy.

In today’s digital age, the process is made even smoother with the ability to compare products, find discounts, and explore detailed images and explanations. Online marketplaces open up huge opportunities for sellers. Sellers can sell electronics online via their eCommerce store built with a platform like Shopify, on third-party marketplaces like Amazon and eBay, on social media, and wholesale.

Here we will discuss the top 10 online shopping sites in India for electronics, where sellers can try their hands.

Top 10 Online Shopping Sites in India for Electronics

10 Leading eCommerce Sites in India for Electronic Gadgets

These are some of the top electronic shopping sites in India:


Amazon India is an excellent platform for electronics sellers. It offers global reach and easy product showcasing through reliable payment systems and Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA). Effective advertising tools and positive customer reviews make it a top choice for business success. Amazon’s seller support and information make online operations smoother. Connect with a broad audience on Amazon, India’s popular shopping site. Ship nationwide via Fulfillment by Amazon and expand globally with Amazon Global Selling. Utilise tools and programmes for business growth, trust transparent pricing, receive timely payments, and manage your business conveniently with the Amazon Seller App. Join for hassle-free shipping and find support for your business needs.


Flipkart, a popular online store in India, is your ideal platform for selling electronics. Flipkart ensures customer satisfaction by offering competitive prices on kitchen appliances, bathroom geysers, portable chargers, and water heaters. As a seller, you’ll benefit from the trust of 7,00,000+ fellow sellers. With access to over 50 crore registered customers across 19,000+ pin codes, your products can reach a vast audience. The straightforward 10-minute onboarding process simplifies brand registration. Experience 5X business growth through Flipkart’s growth programmes, expert tips, and new opportunities. Enjoy the fastest payment cycle, with payments processed within 7 to 10 days post-product dispatch, making Flipkart an efficient and lucrative place for your online business.

Tata Cliq

Tata Cliq, a trusted Indian eCommerce platform, is your ideal spot for selling products hassle-free. You get to be part of a platform known for genuine product delivery and reliable services. Offering a variety of products, from laptops to mobile phones, Tata Cliq ensures a wide selection for your potential customers. Checking ratings, comparing prices, and reading product descriptions before purchase are easy for customers, enhancing their shopping experience.

Reliance Digital

Sell your products on India’s largest electronics retail platform – Reliance Digital. With over 400 stores nationwide, your products will be accessible to a vast audience. Whether smartphones, laptops, televisions, or home appliances, Reliance Digital showcases products from over 200 brands. Joining as a seller means tapping into a wide customer base. Benefit from the platform’s reputation for offering expert buying advice and personalised after-sales care, ensuring customer satisfaction. With Reliance Digital, your products have the potential to reach numerous customers, making it a great choice for sellers looking for broad exposure and excellent support services

Paytm Mall

Explore the possibilities with Paytm Mall, a new online space linked to the popular Paytm payment app. If you’re a seller, showcase various electronics like phones, watches, speakers, chargers, and home appliances in this lively marketplace. Picture having your shop online, offering things people need every day. With many products, you can attract different customers and grow your sales. People trust Paytm, so being a seller on Paytm Mall means customers know your store is reliable. It’s easy to use, like setting up a shop in a regular mall, making it simple to manage and connect with customers. Join Paytm Mall and let your electronics find happy homes online.


ShopClues is an online marketplace where you can find various products, including electronics, at wholesale prices. With over 50 million products across 12,500 categories, ShopClues caters to a wide range of needs and budgets. It is particularly appealing to budget-conscious consumers seeking affordable electronics without compromising variety. Sellers can concentrate on selling budget-friendly electronic products.


Embark on your online selling journey with Snapdeal, an ideal platform for hassle-free entry into the digital marketplace. Whether you’re offering stationery or home decor, Snapdeal’s broad audience and straightforward registration process accommodate various sellers. Eliminate the complexities and expenses associated with setting up a physical store, as Snapdeal allows you to initiate your business at zero setup cost. With a widespread reach spanning 3000+ cities, your products can captivate customers nationwide. Manage your business effortlessly from any location using Snapdeal’s user-friendly Seller Panel and mobile app. Enjoy the advantages of low marketing costs and robust support. 


Myntra stands out by exclusively welcoming business entities, making it a prime platform for legally registered businesses. Individuals are not encouraged to apply, ensuring a professional selling environment. Seize this opportunity, register your business on Myntra, and enter a hassle-free electronics selling experience. With access to a vast customer base of over 40 million users spanning 17,000 pin codes, you can effortlessly expose your brand. Enjoy full control over your merchandise, backed by Myntra’s support in fulfillment models, cataloguing, and supply chain management. Dive into a seamless journey on one of India’s leading online platforms


Explore electronic selling on Meesho, a platform finely tuned for your success. Trusted by over 11 Lakh sellers and with a vast customer base of 14 crore buyers nationwide, Meesho opens up unparalleled exposure for your electronics. Serving 19000+ pin codes, it ensures your products reach far and wide. Benefit from a 0% commission fee, allowing you to retain every bit of your profit. Say goodbye to worries about penalties, as Meesho adopts a lenient policy with 0 charges for late dispatch or order cancellations. Embrace growth on a platform meticulously designed to support and elevate every electronic supplier. Join Meesho today, simplifying your path to electronic sales success.


Selling on JioMart is great for your business. You get access to several customers because JioMart is a big online store in India. This platform’s user-friendliness makes managing your store and interacting with customers simple. JioMart also helps you promote your products using ads and special offers. It’s cheaper to start selling on JioMart than opening a physical store. It will be good for your budget and reduce risks. You can show your products to many people, and if you need help, JioMart’s customer support is there for you. Being a JioMart seller has lots of benefits for your business.


Navigating the vast landscape of online electronics shopping in India offers many options. Each platform has its advantages, catering to diverse preferences and needs. As the market expands, the chances of getting more customers and profitable sales also increase. Now is an excellent time for sellers to jump in and start selling on these top 10 sites. Sellers can capitalise on this thriving market by offering reliable products and services, contributing to the sector’s growth. It’s like opening a shop in a busy market where many people want to buy electronic items.

What difficulties does India’s electronics sector face?

Although the Indian electronics sector has a lot to promise, competing with competitors from other countries would be extremely difficult. Trade restrictions, low FDI, and high component prices have all hampered its expansion.

What is the threat of new entrants to electronic eCommerce?

Large companies find it easy to maintain consistent quality levels for their products since they are well-established brands. Due to startup expenses and negative brand perceptions, new competitors will need more support to launch their businesses.

Which gadgets are most popular in India?

According to user surveys, over 96% of customers own a mobile phone, making it the most popular electronic device in the world.

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