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How to Become a Snapdeal Seller? A Complete Guide

sahil bajaj

Sahil Bajaj

Senior Specialist - Marketing @ Shiprocket

January 10, 2024

7 min read

Snapdeal is one of the leading eCommerce businesses in India that is a great platform for buyers and sellers alike. Its financial reports for the fiscal year 2023 show that the revenue has increased by 88%, from 18.56 million in FY21 to 34.92 million in FY22. As a thriving eCommerce platform, it hosts millions of registered sellers retailing clothing, shoes, home decor, kitchen appliances, and more.

The number of businesses registering on Snapdeal is on the rise. Primarily it allows them to reach a wider audience and gain a huge customer base.  First-time online sellers are trained by Snapdeal professionals in the tools and marketing modes they can use to tap customers. They can also leverage the convenience of ordering packaging material from the Snapdeal website. Given these advantages, more sellers are heading to this eCommerce marketplace. In this complete guide, we detail the process to register as a seller and the strategies to gain from being a Snapdeal seller!

How to Become a Snapdeal Seller

Who is Eligible to be Sellers on Snapdeal?

Snapdeal encourages businesses of every type to register as sellers on its marketplace. However, the basic eligibility you will need are:  

  • Be authorised to sell in India
  • Sell new and genuine products
  • Be a manufacturer, wholesaler, distributor, or retailer
  • Individuals can register as sellers by submitting the registration form and required details. 

Types of businesses that Snapdeal allows to register as sellers are: 

  • Private Limited Companies
  • Public companies
  • Limited Liability Partnerships
  • Single Person Companies

The Signup Process: Beginning of Your Journey as Snapdeal Seller

You can become a Snapdeal seller in a few simple steps. The signup process is where your story as a Snapdeal Seller begins. At this stage, you will be performing three subtasks that will complete your status as a seller on this eCommerce platform. These are:

Documents Needed for Seller Registration

For the seller registration process, businesses must have: 

  • A PAN card
  • TIN registration
  • A bank account in the name of the applicant or the business’s name

Paperwork for GST Registration 

The government agency issuing the GST completes the registration of businesses/proprietors if and when they comply with certain documentation. These include: 

  • Proof of constitution of business
  • Photo of stakeholders
  • Photo of authorised signatory
  • Proof of appointment of authorised signatory (For this you need to attach a copy of the resolution passed by the managing committee and an acceptance letter)
  • Proof of principal place of business
  • Proof of additional place of business 
  • Supporting documents, for clarification

Online Seller Registration: Sequential Procedure

It begins with registering at the portal, filling out a form, verifying your email and phone number and uploading KYC documents, bank details and creating product listings for your business. Let us look at these simple steps in greater detail to get you started on the way to business growth.

To become a seller on Snapdeal, you have to: 

  • Prepare the required documents
  • Decide on the products you want to sell and list them
  • Get a catalogue of all the products
  • Go to sellers.snapdeal.com
  • Fill out the “Register Now” form
  • Once the registration is completed, Click the “Sell Now” button to get started

How You Can Benefit From Being a Snapdeal Seller?

Businesses that want to become eCommerce sellers have a lot of options in this day and time. However, Snapdeal offers immediate benefits and some of the best opportunities in the following ways:  

  • Free registration: Businesses have the immediate advantage of ‘Sell Now’ since Snapdeal does not have a registration fee, giving you a headstart. 
  • Wider reach: Given its wider market reach, Snapdeal sellers can promote their products to a larger geographical area, in comparison to peer platforms.  
  • Reduced costs: Snapdeal has pre-loaded features for sellers to run a business. This helps beginners and well-established companies to better manage logistical problems, which can reduce selling costs.
  • Product diversification: The automated features of the Snapdeal platform give sellers more time and resources to develop products and offer a more diverse range.
  • Professional product photography: Providing end-to-end eCommerce processes, Snapdeal connects sellers with certified photographers for audience-baiting images and professional product shots.
  • Access to seller tools and services: The self-service tools and services that Snapdeal offers ease the access of businesses to newer processes, improving efficiencies. Snapdeal’s services help with better sales and fast shipments. The opportunity for sales campaigns throughout the year is higher. With targeted ads and discounts to attract customers, sellers have far greater opportunities on Snapdeal than most competitive platforms. 

Snapdeal sellers have the advantage of no initial investment and low platform commission and hence have higher profit margins amongst peer marketplaces. Progressive, seller-friendly policies on setting costs are value-added advantages for Snapdeal sellers. It has an ecosystem to support businesses and help them grow without collateral or guarantors. Taking a business online is one of the most profitable methods to grow a business. Snapdeal provides a platform to do so seamlessly to reach a better audience. 

Where other eCommerce marketplaces are concerned, Snapdeal stands ahead even with its limited product listing and shipping. But the advantage here on Snapdeal is its lengthier options. It supports multiple courier partners for shipping.  Snapdeal is a registered business and operates via its online shopping app. It offers a 15-day refund and exchange policy and is more affordable than other channels. 

Read Full Blog: Check How to Register on Snapdeal as seller

Why should you register as a Snapdeal Seller?

Here are some other things that are good about Snapdeal:

  • Quicker deliveries to remote corners of the country
  • Lightning deals, exclusive offers and discounts encourage better customer engagement
  • Offers product lineup from across industries and with varying prices.
  • Personalised interface that allows sellers to engage in their language.  
  • Snapdeal boasts a smart positioning and execution process leading to 77% of its business seeing repeat customers. 
  • Snapdeal’s user-friendly app is quick and enables shoppers to buy products easily.


Snapdeal offers some of the best business ecosystems for online commerce at the least cost. Its no-registration fee encourages sellers to start with confidence, even with the least investment. The platform gives sellers the opportunity to reach millions of buyers across India since it covers 3,000 cities and towns. Its technology supports a 24/7 store facility that allows sellers to receive orders at any time.

More importantly, they do not have to invest additionally in inventory storage and packing, since Snapdeal handles all the fulfillment needs. Sellers also receive training to understand the workings of the platform and the self-service tools for better management of their products, listings and sales. This has been the key differentiator for most sellers as they tap the accuracy and ease of technology to do effective sales.  Snapdeals’ secure payment gateway keeps sellers worry-free as they do not have to handle payment processes individually or invest additionally in such financial technologies.

Can sellers operate without a GST number on Snapdeal?

Although the 48th GST Council Meeting has proposed conditional operations without GST, Snapdeal accepts registrations only if the seller has a GSTIN.

Should a Seller have an office to obtain a GST Registration?

Yes, the GST issuing agency expects a seller to have an office address to obtain a GST registration number.

How is Snapdeal Credits useful?

Snapdeal Credits is a gift card issued by the company in place of cash-on-delivery replacements. The gift card is used to make further purchases on the Snapdeal site/app.

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