Pickrr vs. Shiprocket: Prices, Features and Courier Rates Compared

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If you are an eCommerce seller and looking for a perfect courier partner for your business, there are chances you might feel confused. You might be looking for one-stop shipping solution but couldn’t zero on any one of them.

To get you a clear understanding of the two, we have done a fair analysis between Pickrr and Shiprocket. This will help you understand why Shiprocket is an ideal solution for your business.

A Detailed Comparison of the Basic Features

Shipping rates across the country (via air)

A Comparison Between the Platform Features

Why is Shiprocket an Ideal Option?

Choosing a perfect courier partner can be a daunting task; thereby it is essential that you understand the requirements of your business first. Each courier partner has their specific reach and features, but a few additional features can give an extra edge over your competitors. Here are some amazing features of Shiprocket which makes it the perfect choice for your business:

# Shiprocket’s CORE

The courier recommendation engine addresses one of the most crucial problems of eCommerce sellers, which is selecting the best courier partners as per their needs. Shiprocket helps sellers to set their courier priority such as cheapest, top rated and more. Based on several metrics such as delivery performance, RTO pickup performance, COD remittance and order pickup locations, CORE gives you a list of top carriers. It displays that list on the basis of your shipping priority. The self-learning algorithms in CORE also assist in reducing the return orders and ensure timely delivery of your orders.

# NDR and RTO Dashboard

The overall performance of your business can also be tracked using the dashboard of Shiprocket. Also, the key strategies specific to your key metrics can also be implemented. The NDR Panel provides real-time assistance to your business by tracking the non-delivered shipments. You also get these reports on your email.

The reverse pickups can also be generated easily from the RTO dashboard at 10-15% reduced rates. The labels can also be printed easily.

# Post Shipping Experience

With Shiprocket, you can amplify the post shipping experience of your customers by customizing the tracking page. You can collect your customer’s feedback on every purchase using NPS. Also, you can add menu links, marketing banners, and support numbers. These help you in marketing your products on your white label tracking page and increase your sales.

# Unmatched Customer Experience

Customer interaction and customer experience are the two main pillars of any eCommerce business. It is important to analyze the requirements of the customers and then plan the deliverable.

At Shiprocket, customer interaction is superior and is backed by a highly experienced team. The support team provides resolution to seller issues like weight discrepancy, lost orders and more with quick turnaround time.

We hope this fair comparison of prices and features will help you decide the best logistics partner. Moreover, with Shiprocket you get additional benefits such as reducing the shipping expenses, enhancing the customer experience and more. Hopefully, we have given you ample reasons to make an informed decision.

Happy Shipping!

Shiprocket : ecommerce shipping and logistics platform

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) 

Which is better – Shiprocket or Pickrr?

Both platforms have numerous features and benefits on offer. With the detailed comparison above, you can make an informed decision that best suits your business.

Can I get early COD remittance with Shiprocket?

Yes, you can get COD remittance within 2 days of order delivery with Shiprocket.

Can I integrate my sales channel with Shiprocket?

Yes, you can integrate all major channels like Amazon, Shopify, and Magento with Shiprocket and process your orders faster.

How can I calculate shipping rates?

You can calculate shipping rates with our Free Shipping Rate Calculator in an instant.

Calculate Your Shipping Costs Now

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  1. sarfaraz Reply


    we are into essential oil business, so do you ship this thru Air and also confirm about the pricing

    • Srishti Arora Reply

      Hi Sarfaraz,

      Unfortunately, we do not ship essential oils through air mode. However, you can ship them via surface more. To know more about rates and shipping, you can sign up on our platform and learn more using the rate calculator – http://bit.ly/2uaHa28

      Hope this helps!

      Thanks and regards,
      Srishti Arora

  2. Ritika Reply

    We are into IT, we want to deliver packages to the employees residents within the city.May i know the rates and thw details.

    • Srishti Arora Reply

      Hi Ritika,

      Please share the city and we can help you out with hyperlocal deliveries if we ship in the area.

  3. Amit Ghengare Reply

    Looking for business partners for health care products delivery

    • Srishti Arora Reply

      Hi Amit,

      Sure! You can get started with Shiprocket to start shipping healthcare products seamlessly. Get started here – https://bit.ly/39ivZFt.

  4. Pramod Reply


    We are a startup company looking for warehouse and inventory management alongwith courier service. Please get in touch with me for further action

    • Rashmi Sharma Reply

      Hi Pramod,

      Thank you for your interest in Shiprocket. We provide eCommerce shipping across 29000+ pincodes in India. You can easily get started here – https://bit.ly/3p1ZTWq

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