What Went On At Shiprocket : February 2019 [Part 1]

We at Shiprocket welcomed the new year with many innovations and additions to our platform. To make things easier for you, we researched deeper and worked on improving the overall Shiprocket experience to make sure you receive a seamless and efficient shipping experience. Here are the changes that took place on the platform!

1) Add Customized Order Statuses

You can add your customized channel or website status on Shiprocket’s default channel statuses. It applies to the following:

i) Pull Order Status

Using this feature, you can add statuses (Channel Status name) that you want to fetch in your Shiprocket App.

The pulled orders will be mapped to processing/unmapped/out of stock order statuses in the Shiprocket App.

For example, if you are adding Woocommerce as a sales channel on Shiprocket, you can change the pull order status by selecting the sync option and then typing out your desired status.

Pull order status

If you don’t want to add any pull order status, you may deselect the sync option, and the default Shiprocket pull order settings will be applied. 

ii) Push Order Status

You can now create a fresh status, to push onto the channel for processed orders for the below Shiprocket order statuses

  1. Invoiced
  2. Ready to Ship
  3. Pickup Scheduled
  4. Canceled
  5. Shipped
  6. Delivered
  7. RTO Delivered

To add your statuses, select the ‘Enable’ option under ‘push order statuses’ and begin editing.

If you don’t wish you add your statuses, you can deselect the reset to default button, and use the e default Shiprocket statuses will be used for mapping your orders.

To know more, Refer to the following article https://support.shiprocket.in/support/solutions/articles/43000467706-what-is-a-push-order-status-mapper-

2) Add Customized Payment Statuses

We understand you make use of various payment gateways to collect payment from your buyers. Thus, to avoid any confusion, we have introduced a feature wherein you can map your payment gateway name against COD and Prepaid.

Map Payment Statuses

For example, if you use Paytm, Freecharge as your payment gateways, you can mention that against Prepaid and these orders will be fetched against prepaid orders.

To know more on how to add these payment statuses you can refer to the following article :


3) Buyer Actions for Undelivered Orders

We previously launched an improved NDR panel with automated functions to reduce delays in processing NDR orders.  

To make this process even more seamless, we have introduced a buyer action where we contact the buyer in case of an undelivered order. A form will be sent out to capture the buyer’s choice for re-delivery of undelivered orders and change some details like delivery date, phone number, delivery address etc.

The buyer will be contacted through the following methods.

1) IVR: An IVR call is initiated when a shipment is marked as undelivered. The IVR asks the buyer whether they want to reattempt/cancel the delivery of their order. Maximum of 3 IVR calls will be done for each attempt.

2) SMS/E-Mail: Form concerning an undelivered order is also sent to the buyer via SMS and email, and they can add their response for an undelivered order.

To activate this feature, you need to enable the buyer flow from your NDR screen. Once you activate the buyer flow, we will activate IVR calls for your undelivered orders.

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